Blue mood

I have a ton of nail polishes and blue shade seems to make quite an appearance though it isn’t even my favorite color, how possible is that? 

Summer is waving a goodbye but I’m not ready to let it go yet, I’m planning to extend that summer vibe for as long as I can. How does blue nail polish on tan hands scream summer? For me it’s 100% summer. 

I have more blues than that, but for today’s selection this is enough.

Starting from the left… IMG_2326

Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in Bleu Fabuleux – amazing bright 2-coat-opaque drugstore nail polish. The formula is creamy, the brush is wide, oldie but goodie. 

OPI in Gargantuan Green Grape – that shade had a lot of transformations through years (it used to be pistachio green) and my edition is pastel blue. How does that happened is a secret but the shade is divine. Pale off-white blue. Looks incredible with a tan. 

You cannot have a selection with out a DL glitter… you just can’t. Deborah Lippmann in Va Va Voom. OMG. I cannot describe how beautiful that shade is. Pain in the a$$ to remove but I can deal with that. It’s part of the Fall’13 Jewel Heist collection and it literally looks like jewels on the nails. And how much does it sparkle in the sun… oh my.

Essie just rocked this summer – their whole Summer’14 collection was amazing. I was so tempted to pick up more shades but since my collection is way too big (and I didn’t even need that one) I allowed myself to only buy one shade for the range and it’s Essie’s Strut Your Staff. Very bright, very summery and very easy to apply. 

Last but not less loved is OPI’s No More Room For Blues – that might seem that it’s very similar to Essie’s one, but in person they look a bit different – the OPI nail polish is less brighter, kind of faded blue. But if you cannot get your hands on Essie one, definitely check this one out. I love it cause in winter with my very pale hands I can get away with it and don’t look ill… you know what I mean.

Do you have any favorite blue nail polish? What was you summer shade this summer?




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