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When I was on holidays I barely wore makeup (as I intended to) so I barely packed any skincare. The air isn’t that polluted like in the big cities, the food is light is mostly fruits, the SPF is applied, so I don’t need to do heavy duty routine. And everything was fine – my skin never look, minimum redness, no breakouts, no dry patches. My skin was happy and I was even happier.

But once I’ve returned to big city and that time of the month came I’ve stared to notice the difference in my skin and not the good one. The area that gets most effected during that time is my forehead.I don’t know what does that mean and I don’t’ believe all those online charts, I think everything is individual. Wow, I’m getting distracted here. Back to the topic.

What I’ve been loving at the moment?


I went back to my favorite Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate…(available here).  I forgot how much I love it. It’s something in between the serum and an oil. I’ve already reviewed it on my blog here and my option hasn’t changed. I love it. I won’t say it’s a miracle product and the next morning your wake up with a new skin, but you can definitely see some improvements. The overall skin condition is better. The forehead for sure looks better.

Other bad skin best friend is Pure Tea Tree Oil – I bought mine in a simple pharmacy even asked for the cheapest one, cause they are all the same basically. One can be picked up from FeelUnique here. The tea tree is a natural antiseptic, it contains natural antibacterial properties so dries out any pimples and nasty breakouts. I soak a cotton bud into the oil and apply directly onto the spot overnight. The next morning the pimple is smaller, less red and depends on the size it gets smaller. I’m happy.

And for healing dry random patches on the face and hands and legs (you know when the tan comes off what you get…? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about) I’ve been using Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (available here) – the magical cream everyone’s taking about. There are people who hate the smell (too medical and herbally for them) but actually really really enjoy it, am I crazy? I like when skincare smells like nature and isn’t overloaded with perfume and artificial scents. It’s a very thick cream that contains lanolin, vitamin E, salicylic asid, castor seed oil and many others. It soothers the skin, protects it and even gently exfoliate the skin.

Do you have any post-holiday skincare big-guns? Pop them in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “Currently: Skincare

  1. All these looks like great things for the face. I, too, love anything that smells of ‘nature’ in a bottle. I love the smell of tea tree oil too, but my friends think am crazy haha be it that :)

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