Treat For Cuticles

The best thing you can do for your manicure to look nice (even without a nail polish) is moisturize your cuticle. And there is nothing bad than the look of untidy nails – I don’t know about you but I also pay attentions on peoples’ nails whether it is male or female.

I’m obsessed with moisturizing my nails cause I have a crazy cuticle – it grows very fast, it gets dry very fast (even if I apply oil 24/7) and I constantly have to message something into the cuticle. So I’ve accumulated a ridiculous small amount of care products. Let’s see what I have… (from top moving clockwise)


Badger Cuticle Care – the think butter consistence oil. Once you work it into the cuticle it melts into oil and instantly moisturize the cuticle. Its main ingredient is shea butter which is know to the the most hydrating one. The butter itself has a long-term effect which a big plus. My score is 10/10.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream – that was my ultimate product that did the job perfectly before I’ve discovered the Badger. This one is still great – same concept a.k.a. cream melts into oil and you again notice a difference after a consistence use.

El Corazon Honey Cuti-clean – straight liquid oil with honey and propolis extracts.  This one is more practical for outdoor use than 2 previous ones. It has a  brush which ease the whole process. This one is okay. Nothing bad to say and no miracles. The smell is divine – that’s for sure.

El Corazon Bali Spa Oil – this is the thickest liquid oil I’ve ever tried. It’s like an agave syrup if you know its consistency. So I would advise you to use it only at night to make sure it absorbs properly. And the morning after you won’t be disappointed. It defiantly does that job done. The cuticle is very nourished.

DIY Oil in Nubar bottle. I’ve spoken about my DIY cuticle and nail oil a lot – still making it still loving it. I don’t think there is a point to talk about it even more. Just popping the recipe link here.

Belweder Cire – this is again a hard oil with a wax base. I’ve bought in a local pharmacy and mail nail bloggers rave about it. It has a fancy sliding packaging with makes it easier to use on the go. Again – nothing particularly good or bad to say, but I’m not wowed. I’d say I’ve expected more.

L’occitane 100% Shea Butter – this is multi purpose pot. I use it not only for my cuticles but as a hand cream or any dry patch on my body for that matter. There is noticeable hydration and little pot makes it super handy to travel with and have in your purse for any dry emergencies.

Orly Cuticle Oil – again pretty loved product among nail bloggers. For me it did nothing. I’ve tried to use it consistently to use the effect but nada. There is instant effect for sure, but once it completely absorbs the effect disappears. I am going to finish it up any one, cause it’s a good one to take nail polish swatches – the cuticle looks neat and tidy a.k.a. just what you need for a photo.

I’m sure that aren’t my last buys in a couple of weeks I’m going to adopt some more nail care products… Well that’s just how my life goes.

What are you favorite nail care creams and oil? Maybe I’m missing out something substantial?



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