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I have on and off relationships with music. I either listen to it non-stop, song after song every time and every where or I don’t even know where my headphones are.

This summer was again that moment – I fell in love with music. I’ve discovered so many interesting artists and songs this year that I cannot be silent any more – I should share.


Don’t by Ed Sheeran – I just love him in general. I’m listening to his full album in the car and I’m not even close to being bored. It’s fresh, it’s easy to listen and you can find the song that suits your current mood – uplifting or calming.

Pretty Hurts by Beyonce. Queen B is a Queen B. The lyrics are just incredible – so damn true. It even makes me feel sad. The world is just crazy around us and we shouldn’t forget about initial good and bad.

Antenna by Fuse ODG – this is just pure summer for me. When I was on holidays it was a very very popular song there and many Zumba lessons involved it and now it’s in my memory for good.

Beggin For Thread by Banks – this is one of the discoveries I’ve talking about. When I first listen to this song and didn’t like it and never thought I would. Now I’m obsessed. I don’t know what makes it so special and unique for me. Just promise you’ll give this one a go.

And other this summer classic is Lovers on the Sun by David Guetta (feat. Sam Martin) – you just have to love this one. The beat is just awesome. I cannot stand still – whether I heat this song I need to dance.

What songs have you been loving lately? Do we match in something?



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