HOW TO: Ombre Nails

I know the ombre nail trend isn’t a new one, but I just love it and if it isn’t ‘in season’ anymore I don’t care. This nail art or design is very very versatile, cause depending on the season you can easily switch the colors and make it appropriate for any time.


I’ve been meaning to do this post all summer and never got to it – either had other things to blog about or forgot about that particular idea – that’s why I have a picture with summer neon theme, but as I said you can use whatever color you wish. So how to make this ombre effect on you nails?

  1. you will need: 2-4 nail polishes of you choice, makeup sponge, nail polish remover, toothpick or a q-tip
  2. pick the lightest shade of the bunch and apply it all over your nails as a base coat (for neons or pastels use a white nail polish as a base to make the colors more vibrant)
  3. late this base coat dry complete – this is the most important step!
  4. unscrew all of nail polish bottles so you won’t waste your time later on
  5. take a makeup sponge and play around with it to see how’s most comfortable way of holding and using it with nail polish on
  6. generously place nail polishes over the sponge overlapping the colors so that they naturally blend on the nails and slowly dab to over the base coat – personally I’m not a fan of rolling the sponge technique… for me it just
  7. take your time and don’t try to make an opaque ombre at the first time – you might need even the 3 coat to make it very bright and intense. Usually it’s 2 coats, but don’t get scared earlier if you might need the 3rd one
  8. once you are happy with the ombre again let it dry a bit so you don’t smudge it with a top coat
  9. when the nails are pretty much dry apply a thick layer of top coat to seal the design and to make you manicure last longer – then you can take some remover on a q-tip and clean up the cuticle area
  10. you are done!

I won’t say it’s a particularly time-consuming design at all – once you get the technique right you just snap it and move onto the next nail!

For color themes: I desperately want try white-grey-blue one, yellow-orange-pink and white-black one, oh oh and within one color theme from pale purple to bright one.

As you can see the color selection is endless – you can wear bright ombre with monochrome outfit or you can match it with the outfit – as you wish.

What is you favorite nail trend right now?



2 thoughts on “HOW TO: Ombre Nails

    • Exactly – trial and error method and I’ve figured that out and it makes all the difference!! The ombre have something to adhere to! Hope you try it and if you do please let me know! I’d love to hear!

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