+1 To Red Family

A girl can never have enough red nail polishes, right? Whenever I don’t know which polish to wear I always go for red. It instantly makes me feel more secure and more chic. I don’t know what it about… it’s so sexy and elegant on the nails and it matches every outfit.

IMG_2944My newest addition the red family is Christina Fitzgerald in the shade Jade Bollywood Red. This is the fist CF nail polish I’ve bought and now I know – it’s definitely not the last one. The concept of her polishes is that each shade will suit EVERY skin tone – you won’t have a bottle that makes you hand a weird color. Don’t know about you but I did have those gorgeous shades that looks strange on me… that’s was painful to get rid of them  being a nail polish junkie.


The brush reminds me of OPI’s one – not too thick and not too thin.

The formula is amazing – cream, but not too watery so it messes the cuticle and not too thick so it’s impossible to draw out the cuticle line perfectly.

The opacity is again – nothing to complain about – you can get away with one thick coat!

The original glossiness is very very good – you practically don’t need a top coat maybe just to prevent chipping or for fast drying.

The staying power is 4-5 days which in pretty decent for me. Usually it’s 3-5 days no matter what I do with my nails or what top coat I use.

The bonus – the nail polish comes in pack with a bond – it’s a base coat before a base coat. It prepares the nail bed for application. It gets rid of any oil residue that me be left of the nail.

Have you tried any Christina Fizgerald’s polish? Is there a shade I should specifically be looking at?



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