REVIEW: Zoeva Luxe Prime Set

There are some many beauty bloggers talking about Zoeva brushes and so many raves about how awesome those brushes are. Everyone said they are soft, they made nicely and they are affordable. New brushes always attract me so I couldn’t mis the hype and didn’t buy them. I caved…


First of all it was so hard to decide which set or brushes to pick – you both can buy eye brush set of face brush set you can buy each of them separately. That was a struggle. Eventually I went for Zoeva Luxe Prime Set – available here for 80.00 EUR. This set contains 10 brushes both for eyes (6 brushes) and face (4 brushes) and they come in leather pouch which is pink inside and have a small zip compartment by the way.


They are as soft as everyones says. The washes nicely, they do the blending job perfectly, the apply powders/foundations/blushes/eyeshadow on the right places.

So in the pack you get:

  • 101 luxe face define
  • 102 silk finish
  • 127 luxe sheer cheek
  • 142 concealer buffer
  • 221 luxe soft crease
  • 224 luxe defined crease
  • 227 sofe definer
  • 231 petit crease
  • 234 smoky shader
  • 317 wing liner


You can definitely mix and match their purpose but they are surely worth the hype. If you are just starting out with makeup you cannot think of a better option than this. You have more than enough for everyday use.

Have you already tried Zoeva brushes? Which one is your favorite?



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