Happy Anniversary to WEEK HEROES – happy 20!

I haven’t done those posts for a while – there is either no products/things to talk about or there were some other things I wanted to talk about.

But the time came and the products were tested and approved and some other interesting pieces were found. Shall we..?


I’ve already done a review on Zoeva brush set here but I keep on using and loving this brushes. They are very soft, they sit well in hand, they do a great job of applying makeup. I particularly love the #142 concealer buffer – it applies concealer beautifully and undetectably. And another discovery is #101 luxe face define which I use for applying bronzer. It’s tapered so you pick a little and you blend it over your cheekbones easily.

Pretty Little Liars. I’m obsessed. I used to watch that show maybe last year or so and then I forgot about it and now it’s back. I’ve started form the beginning and I’m almost done with whole 2 seasons within a week. Crazy I know, but I cannot stop…

Washi tape. I decorate everything I see and have – my dashboard, Filofax, to-do lists…everything. There are so many options to choose from – Etsy is like my Mecca, people have every color, every texture and every pattern. My wallet is already crying.

I’m in a crafty mood – my old pink desk is losing its gloss and color and I’m desperate to do some DIY and repaint it with some turquoise or purple color. I know you can bored with such a statement in a room but nothing is done yet but minds are made up. Plus I’ve seen a post on ABeautifulMess about making your own stamps… I so doing those.

And a human favorite – Karima from Shamelessfripperies. Just how pretty is she? I cannot get enough. And her makeup skills? Definitely check out her YouTube channel – she is very talented and very hilarious.

What have you been loving lately? Please share with me with some new material – I’d love a fresh watch or read or try.



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