Appreciate the World Around

Recently I was thinking a lot about life, graduation, my family, relationships… practically everything in small portions. I was in a kinda philosophy mood and I was evaluating how I got to where I am and why. And there are certain things I would like to share.

If you aren’t happy with your job or whatever you are doing try your best at changing that. Sometimes it’s possible and it’s still not the end of the world – find a hobby! Find something you are passioned about, something that brings you joy and happiness. if you can make money from that – just a pleasant bonus.

Be grateful. For everything. My mom taught me that – don’t be shy to thank people for whatever they did to you. Answer for a simple question or a ride home or something serous – be grateful. People love to hear that you appreciate their work and efforts. For some people to makes their day – a simple ‘thank you’.

Enlarge your knowledge – if there is particular things you are interested it e.g. history or particular animal and a personality – find out more about him/her/it. Let it be the topic you are good at, something you can share with others and even maybe impress people and it would benefit you too.

Have you found you passion in life? What is it?



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