HOW TO: At Home Manicure

I do go to the salon from time to time when I need a quick fix before an important event or meeting when I don’t have time to paint my nails myself. Of course it feels luxury and far more comfortable, but I cannot justify going to the salon every week or so and pay money for something I can do myself.

Usually I do an at home manicure one a week probably though I repaint my nails 2-3 times a week. I know it’s should be can be too much for the majority of people.


I start by removing an old nail polish my favorite and a forever-repurchase nail polish remover Zoya 3-in-1 Remove+ using a regular cotton disc. Then I take my Leighton Denny Crystal nail file to shape the nails. I prefer my nails to be pretty short and soft squared. But you choose whatever shape you like and what suits you.

TIP: ALWAYS file dry nail, never do it when they are wet cause it damage the nails and increase possibility of chipping and pealing.

After that I use a cuticle remover – I’ve been fond of Sally Hansen’s remover – the one in a blue tube, currently I’m using Eveline’s remover – so far so good. I do one hand at a time – apply a blob on each cuticle for couple of minutes and then with an orange stick I push the cuticle back and try to get rid of any dead skin to make sure the nail looks polishes and renewed – pretty to look at. Once I’m done with both hands I make sure I wash my hands and nails with a soap and wash off the remover cause it’s a pretty intense thing..all of them..and you don’t want to leave it for long.


After that I either a hand cream / cuticle oil (or any other oil for that matter) if I’m not going to paint my nails straight away or if I want to color them that moment I start by applying a base coat – my option now is Essie’s Help Me Grow (more options here). I recommend you never skip this step – the base coat helps your polish stay longer, prevent nails from staining and helps your nails grow faster and stronger. Then I apply a color – I use a 3 stroke technique – starting at the cuticle in the middle then going left and upwards, same with right side and then from the middle covering the rest of the nail. Hard to explain but there are tons of pics demonstrating it. Google.

Now it’s time for top coat – again don’t skip – it adds shine, gloss, staying power and quick dry. My favorite one is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri which dries polish in seconds, my polish lasts way better and it doesn’t shrink the nail polish which Seche Vite can do sometimes. Other top coats I own here.

The last step is to get the moisture back to the cuticle and nails – I ave tons of oil and butters for cuticle – I’ve talked about all of them here. I just pick one of them and slapper it on.

What do you do to make your nails look well-conditions? Am I missing something?



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