My Filofax Story

I always thought about myself as an organized person – I even did a separate blogpost about it here. I’m fond of making list and ticking off things I’ve done. But once I got my first Filofax I understood the quote – there is always some room for improvement. Now I need to master the whole ‘decorate your Filofax as much as you can till it doesn’t even look like an agenda’ thing. Don’t think I’ll get it though.


Without a doubt it’s far more easier and comfortable to have everything in one place – blog staff, to-do lists, calendar, expenses – your whole life basically. The thing I love the most about Filofax that I can make it work for me. I can put in and out pages I need, I can hole-panch whatever I want and need and insert it there. You can make it so personal and you don’t have to change it year after year – just substitute the inserts and you are good to go.


I’ve gone for personal size just for convience’s sake. It want fit in all of my purses but I’d rather hold it in mu hand if I need to than buy a pocket szied one and try to squeeze in my writting. Small Tiny letters that’s not how I like things. The bigger the better. I went for bright red shade – I want to spot my agenda instantly – on the shelf, in my bag, on the table and you cannot not notice a red thing, right?


As for lay-outs I’m not sure how I’m gonna organize everything – I just let it live its own life. The convenience will find its way and things will take over the perfect spot.

Being a complete stationery junkie (proof here) I’ve already picked some washy tape, some stickers, colorful pens and all that kind of jazz and ETSY is definitely a place to shop. I assure you!


What agenda are you using at the moment or which one you have your eye on?



4 thoughts on “My Filofax Story

  1. Finally, someone else that values the filofax! My boyfriend bought me a new one last year but pretty much mocked me for it as he thinks having a folifax is a bit 90s. It is to some degree but as you highlighted above, it’s everything you need in one place and I couldn’t be without mine! :)

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