Bite Obsession

Every year probably every other person in his new year resolutions says that he/she will eat healthier, drink more water and so on.

I’m actually good at my ‘diet’ – I don’t eat junk food, I hate soda and I love my veggies. I’m not saying it  to brag or say ‘look at me I eat healthy’ I’m saying it to inspire other people cause you definitely feel different when you eat better. I’m fond of snacking – there are so many healthy options – veggies, dips, dried foods and energy bars…my favs. They are easy and fast on the go. If you don’t have time for a proper meal it doesn’t mean to cannot eat healthy.


I’m obsessed with those 100% natural Bite bars. They are made purely of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and some additional flavor depending on a bar. There are so many to choose from and they differ depending on a purpose – detox, mint, weight lose, energy, brain strength. They are all INCREDIBLE! they taste super yummy – always have one in my bag.


Since its a Russian brand and you cannot get particularly those ones I have a DIY recipe for you! It’s a natural sweet spread incredibly easy to make and store.

Grap you favorite dried fruits and nuts into a food processor, add some honey, maybe some vanilla extract, some spices depending on you reference and blend blend blend. Once you get a smooth paste, put it in glass jar and store in the fridge. 

Cannot show you the finished result – we emptied our jar. love eating it with a spoon with my coffee or with some toast or even dipping some apples in eat – go creative here.

Hope you enjoy that recipe and tell me about you favorite snacks!



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