One Shade Does It All

Well, it’s cold here in Russia and it’s an only intro to the post I can think of. You won’t be able to see me without a take-away coffee anymore – I need to keep me warm and cosy every time and every where. But today we are talking eye shadows. Quick twist from weather – this is how my mind works – r-a-n-d-o-m-l-y.

I never skip eyeshadow – this is probably what you already know if you read my blog for some time. I always want more and more eyeshadows and who cares that I will never ever finish them all.


There are some eyeshadows that look very sophisticated on the lids on their own – no crease or lining shade needed. You just put one shade all over the lid, a bit of blending so there is no harsh lines and you are done. They are just dimensional with out any effort at all and who won’t love that effect with any hustle?

My favorite all rounders are:

* L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Tender Caramel – purply greish taupy goddess. I love applying it with a finger cause the texture is quite buttery but loose at the same time so you might get a bit of fall-out but with finger placation you just press it on and you are good.

* MAC Paint Pot in Eclair. I’m sorry it’s a limited edition one, but Constructivist is very very similar. Very bronzed brown. Very long lasting and very easy to apply. Again with finger so you can control intensity – you can either sheer it out pretty much to nothing or you can really pack it on for very dramatic look.


* Inglot eyeshadow in 433 – this is pretty much dupe for MAC’s Sumptuous Olive – same olive golden pearl finish, incredibly beautiful duo chrome shade. When eyeshadow catches the light it gets expensive. You know what I mean, it looks like you really spent time blending and mixing tons of shades.

* MAC Cranberry – this is again one shade that is enough for the look. All over the lid, some black cat flick and you are ready to rule the world. Of course it isn’t an everyday option, but from time to time on a day offs, why not…?

What are you favorite easy shades? Am I missing something?



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