My Filofax Story

I always thought about myself as an organized person – I even did a separate blogpost about it here. I’m fond of making list and ticking off things I’ve done. But once I got my first Filofax I understood the quote – there is always some room for improvement. Now I need to master the whole ‘decorate your Filofax as much as you can till it doesn’t even look like an agenda’ thing. Don’t think I’ll get it though.


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+1 To Red Family

A girl can never have enough red nail polishes, right? Whenever I don’t know which polish to wear I always go for red. It instantly makes me feel more secure and more chic. I don’t know what it about… it’s so sexy and elegant on the nails and it matches every outfit.

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My First Jo Malone

Jo Malone colognes are probably the most recognizable and the most desired (apart from Tom Ford maybe?) selective perfumes out there. They have unusual scents, you can layer them for give extra dimension and to open up different notes in each scent. They also do candles, body lotion, hand creams… So if you have a birthday coming soon – this is a perfect place to splurge either for a family / fries or just for lovely you. Like I did…


When you enter the shop you instantly know – you want to have something from Jo Malone. You understand it’s expensive, but everything just attracts you no matter how hard you try to resist. I’ve tried a bunch of scents, I didn’t know exact;y what I was looking for, I’ve just ask for a assistant to help me out. And if you ever get to buy a JM perfume I beg you to ask for a help. They really know what they are selling. They will find exactly what suits you and something you’ll definitely wear. I’ve ask for something fresh and light, but nothing too fruity and florally – I’m so sick and tired of those scents, for me they are too intense and overwhelming.

When I gave a BlackBerry&Bay – online here –  a sniff I knew this is the one. There was another scent I liked but it was more wintery and spicy one , but I will come back for you later. Back to blackberry. It’s fresh, it’s easy wear but still sophisticated and interesting scent. You won’t instantly recognize the notes, you just keep exhaling it and enjoy. It has some woody herbal background but with light sweetness of blackberry – it’s both feminine and masculine, sweet and spicy – the perfect mix.


I’ve decided to go for a small bottle just for convenience and try-out purpose. I want to carry it around and I’m sure I will use up this bottle and it won’t be collection dust on my vanity. I love the scent for sure. I don’t regret splurging. I think the pleasure and excitement of using it worth every spent penny.

Do you have a Jo Malone perfume? What’s your favorite scent?


YSL Treasure

If you aren’t a newby to my blog you’d probably that I’m not a big lipstick wearer – like not at all… I own one nude lipstick a.k.a MAC ‘Patisserie’ and one red a.k.a. Rimmel by Kate Moss in 10. Not a huge collection, right? Not that I don’t like a lipstick I just don’t like a fuss – for me the lipgloss or a tinted balm is far more easier. But recently those charming shine lipstick bullets has attracted me like never before… And I’ve splurged…


I thought if I don’t spend a lot on lipsticks I deserve to treat myself to a nice one – Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Sheer Candy Lipstick – available here for £25.00. I’ve gone for subtle, not too shimmery shade – 02 ‘Dewy Papaya’ which is pale orange wash of color. 


The formula is sheer but very hydrating, it doesn’t attach to dry patches, just glides over and leaving your lips moisturizer, slightly tinted and shiny. As for staining power like normal lipgloss – nothing major. The packaging… will it speaks for itself – it feels luxurious, it’s heavy, the logo, the gold embellishment…gorgeous.

Will I be picking some more shades? I’m absolutely sure.

Have you tried other YSL lipsticks? Is there something I’m missing?

Silver Sun by MAC

When I first saw risers for MAC’s Summer 2014 Collection – Alluring Aquatic I was blown away. Just how gorgeous is the packaging… It’s worth picking something up just for the sake of those compacts. I knew I don’t need anything in particular, but being an eyeshadow lover I knew where to start. 

At first I wanted to buy the shade Lorelei, but swatching them with All That Glitters side to side in the store I’ve noticed they are quite similar, so I went for something more interesting and unique – a.k.a Silver Sun – available here (hopefully) – £16.50.


All eyeshadows in the collection are extra-dimension ones, so they are softer and very buttery. The color in incredible – it’s mossy green, it’s grey, it’s teal, it’s turquoise – a bit of everything. I did played around with it already and it looks equally beautiful as full on smokey eye – with MAC ‘Club’ – and with simple one-coat-mascara-&-sculpted-face makeup. 


Here I’ve swatted it with a primer and with no primer – the former has slightly more pay-off, but nothing too dramatic. 


Would I recommend this shade? Definitely – if you can still get your hands on that – I highly suggest doing that. I know it’s been out for a while, but maybe you are lucky enough to grab it. 

Have you picked anything from Alluring Aquatic collection? Tell me in the comments below!



Feelunique Haul

Well, I’ve been shopping and there is no surprise that there been some they-made-me-buy-it purchases. I’ve used some of my skincare and haircare products and was looking for some new staff to try out. Here is what I’ve came up with.


  • John Frieda Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. Since Amelia has been raving about them A LOT and none minds a bit of extra volume in there hair I’ve decided to give it a go. Plus they are super affordable. Available here.
  • Since I just couldn’t buy ONE thing that Amelia is recommending, I also picked up the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Shine Shock Perfecting Glosser. After I’ve seen before and after pics I’ve decided to try it out and see for myself. I’ll keep you posted on that one – may be it will pop up in my monthly/weekly favorites!
  • I ran out of my beloved Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (mentioned here) and decided to try something else. Similar oil based serum type of thing. I came across REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil 30ml – available here (and be careful, it seems to be out of stock pretty frequently) – seems to be quite a nice product and I do like REN range, so today planning a quick facial using it. Review will be coming – either good or … Hope it will be a good one. I have high hopes on them product.
  • Dry cuticle is my all-time problem. No matter how frequently and heavily I’m moisturizing them it’s no enough. Whyyyy….? That’s why I’ve picked this Badger Balm Mini Cuticle Care from Seems to be a miracle worker. Fingers crossed.

Have you tried any of those products? What have you purchased recently?


The Non-Summer Nailpolish

When it comes to summer we tend to brush-off the dust from our bright / eons / pastels nail bottles. Typically I’m one of those girls. But after watching Tamira’s Lip Addict tag, I’ve mentioned that I was all over her nail color, right? It’s a Dior Junon. Right there I knew I want to try those new Dior gels, but there are not out here yet, so I had to find my way out. As usual Essie had my back.


I did a little shopping-my-stash routine and found untouched Essie Maximillian Strasse Her. It was part of Spring’13 collection and available here for £7.59. It’s not an exact dupe, no! But it’s that shade family. Is-it-grey-is-it-blue-is-it-asphalt color. It is stunning. It’s sophisticated. It’s expensive. It’s eye catching.


It isn’t you ordinary summer shade, but it still looks appropriate.  I got so many compliments wearing it. So now I think it will become a closer friend of mine.

As usually Essie wears great on me – 5 days with out chipping. When I’m repainting my nails it’s because I get bored with colors easily, but not with this one.

Have you tried that shade? Tell me about your current go-to nail color.



Shopping therapy

What can be more uplifting than a new beauty bits to play with? I love new things. Unpacking / swatting / taking pictures / trying different combinations… you know the jazz, right?

So recently I’ve been naughty and went shopping and bought quite a few things – eyeshadow, some skincare staff and nails (I just couldn’t pass that category, could I?)



Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer – I’ve hearing that most people adore that one, and even compare it to Smashbox ones which quite a deal… So when I’ve spotted that last (!) one in the store I thought it was faith. I just have to take it back home with me. Haven’t tried that one in action yet, but in the store I did test it out and liked the texture and feeling after applying it. We shall wait until a night out to test a primer, right?

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Hand Cream – I was on a hunt for a new hand cream and Body Shop had a huge sale on all their bits and I couldn’t say NO. It hydrates the skin, absorb fast and easily, doesn’t leave greasy feeling – nothing, smells divine and… handbag friendly size. Some blind but lucky purchase.

Nails. For sure. Misa nail polish in Throw Me Something Purple Please – gorgeous shade. Pure periwinkle. Not too purple not too blue, just perfect shade. Looks very flattering and adds some sophisticated touch to the hands, it looks sleek and expensive, if you know what I mean…

100% Coconut Oil – this is becoming very-loved product among beauty bloggers. How and where to use is coming live soon, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s pretty affordable and can be used so differently. And since it is in a form of hard oil (it melts of your hands heat) it is travel friendly – no spills, no liquid in a bag and nice pot to carry around.

MAC eyeshadow in Cranberry – classic MAC’s shade. The one I always swatted but was hesitating to buy – common on, it’s pinky burgundy shade that you suppose to use on your eyelids. How cute is that? You know it is actually very beautiful. I didn’t have a lot of time playing with it, but I already love that shade. Great in the middle of eyelid over the browns for pop of color or all over the lid with heavy bronze-ish matte (!) crease blending. Planning to do a blog post on ‘How to use MAC’s Cranberry’. Would you be interested?

Have you bought something interesting lately? Share with me, let me be sneaky.


The Plumy baby

It’s been awhile since I’m chasing Mavala nail polishes. Their packaging is just exquisite – very different from other nail polish bottles. The bottle is small so you are more likely to finish one and this metal lid – it sits in the hand so nicely.


Before I haven’t found a shade that I don’t own or something unique and that day came when I can across this one. Mavala nail polish in Amethyst. I’ve already mentioned it slightly in my yesterday’s post. I been wearing this polish for a week and I can’t get enough. It looks very polished and rich. That plum shade really compliments my skin tone and my nails length. I love everything about it.

As for staying power it also does a great job. With all this cooking and cleaning during the festives it stayed put I’d say 4-5 days (and then was repainted).

The brush is good. Not too thick not too thin. Nice one – easy to work with in other words.

Definitely gonna spy some more shades and seems like they recently (well in my country a least) launched some sort of liquid sands or however you wanna call this texture. Yes babies, get ready, mommy wants to adopt more of you.

Wink With a Flick

People who draw eyeliner on a daily basis or wear a bold lip with confidence really inspire me. I think they deserve an honor. And I really want to become one of those people. I’ve already mentioned the week before that I’m trying to pull off the eyeliner by using Maybelline Gel Eyeliner. But I’m not stopping – I’m moving further (since our relationships with liners are improving).

Probably not the wisest decision first try out gel eyeliners and them try pencil eyeliners, but welcome my new friend – L’oreal Super Liner Eye Liner. I was really temped to buy L’oreal’s Paris Super Blackbuster Intense,  Anna was raving about (she looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g), but in the store I changed my decision and chose thiner one.


The pigmentation is awesome. The most intense black line with barely any effort – hope this is a good sign. And that can help me master that hard science. As far as its lasting qualities – no complains either. The swatch stayed all day and really stained the hand. Gonna updated the eyelid action later. Smudging problems – have to test it for longer, but I have high expectations. Packaging wise – sleek black pen, hard clip lid, nothing else to say really.


Not sure I’m gonna have matching flicks, but I’ll try to do my best. Like people say about brows that they are not twins but sister, I’m saying it about my eyeliner and putting eye pencil to a test today. We’ll what I come up with.

Are you an eyeliner person? What are you using to perfect this routine?