Let’s talk skincare.

Today I want to make a quick review I’ve meaning to do for a while. I’ve picked that up several months now and I’ve been using it a lot on and off BUT I’m nearly finished and what’s a better time to review a skincare item then once you can see a bottom?

IMG_2755So… REN Vita Mineral Omega 3 Optimum Skin Oil – it’s very often out of stock on FeelUnique site and for me it’s a good sign. The product must be good if people are emptying the stock, right?

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REVIEW: Zoeva Luxe Prime Set

There are some many beauty bloggers talking about Zoeva brushes and so many raves about how awesome those brushes are. Everyone said they are soft, they made nicely and they are affordable. New brushes always attract me so I couldn’t mis the hype and didn’t buy them. I caved…


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REVIEW: Urban Decay Naked Flushed

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post of mine you know that my life is very full of staff right now. I have so much staff to do and to plan – it’s just insane. But I do have meetings and situations when I have to look presentable, but I don’t have much time to get ready or I simply son’t want to spend my valuable time.


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Nars Isolde

I have never tried Nars eyeshadows before and always thought the best way to try them out is to buy a palette, but they are all limited edition ones and every time I was about to purchase one they were out of stock. I’ve decided that was enough for me and it’s time to take some actions. 

When I went to the store I was overwhelmed with the shade selection – neutrals, brights, purples, shimmers, green, monos, duos… oh my. Choice problems. I thought a while and decided NOT to step out of the comfort zone cause what’s the better way to test something out than to use it on a daily basis? 


I’m a big fan of eye makeup and I’m not afraid to go out in daytime wear gin something dark and bright, so I’ve decided to stay in the middle of the spectrum – opaque but subtle. And then NARS Isolde Duo came…

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It isn’t always a case that a nail polish gets a separate post, but today’s hero deserve it. Amazing color, drugstore price, long-lasting formula, comfy brush – your hands and toes are just begging you in the store to take this baby home.


So… today’s hero is KIKO #278 (bought here) – it’s a pure galaxy – black passed violet with micro glitter of every possible color: blue, red, orange, silver, green… I don’t know, my eyes betray me here. I nothing nothing, but the sparking party.

I have nothing like this is my collection, this is so unique and beautiful and I’m glad I’ve picked this up.

To remove I used an ordinary nail polish remover, it did require more effort than removing cream nail polish, but still nothing too major (just an extra 5 minute song and few more cotton rounds).

I kept on looking at my nails the whole time and I got so many compliments and question about this polish like where what shade – you know the deal.

Have you tried some polishes from KIKO? Do you have some color suggestions I have to buy? Pop them in the comments!



123 Wrap!

When it comes to nail art I’m not very capable – yes, I can pull of some easy-peasy design, but nothing crazy or damn original – and I wish I could. I find it looks so interesting and sophisticated having on your nails something patterned. So those nail wraps come so handy. I know I’m late for this party, but better late then never, right?


Incoco nail wraps – available here – for $8.99 per pack. They have tons of patterns and color, even french manicure tips, some pedicure wraps – amazing. I went for Mood Swing – hot pink with black splatter.


The application is easy – no need for base coat or top coat, you just remove the clear cover, remover the nail polish strip, pick an end and size to suit you nail bed and apply on the nail stretching it a little bit (not too much, cause you might break it). Then the only thing left to do is file off the excess and you are good to go. No mass no fuss.

Make sure you press them firmly on the edges, cause if not they may stick out and it’s not an attractive look (trust me, I’ve been there…). As for staying power they are very very promising. The company claims for 14 days, haven’t checked that, but good 7 days…yes! This is a perfect option for holidays, where you won’t have time repainting your nails or no intension.

As for removal – just simple nail polish remover will do just fine, no super harsh rubbing is involved.

Are you fond of nail wraps? Do you have a favorite brand, cause I think I do now!



We’ll Always Have MAC

Whenever I pop into Mac I experience some nostalgic feelings… First expensive makeup. Nowadays, yes, we have tons of brands that keep bringing something new and extraordinary bits onto the market. And MAC keeps doing what they are used to. Summer Collections, some collaborations… the Simpsons’ one is the most exciting to hit the shelves in Autumn…

After watching Tanya Burr’s tutorial where she used this exact eyeliner I rushed to MAC the next day to purchase cause it looked damn incredible.



Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Designer Purple – available here for £15.00 – it’s an iridescent violent color. Bright. Shimmery. Glittery in a good way (with tiny pink silver-ish particles). It is just perfect for summer, for that pop of color. I’ve been wearing it on my waterline and smudged over lower lash line pairing it with bronzy lids and subtle face makeup – a bit of contour, nude blush (something like Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour in Exposed) and nude lips as well. 


This look in very versatile – nothing too crazy for day time, but with the right intensity can be brought up to evening goddess.

Do you have any favorite MAC eye pencils I need to try?


REVIEW: Jouer ‘Sunswept’

My dear ladies, the summer has landed and it’s time to dig out our bronzers! I won’t say I have a huge amount of bronzer but definitely a fan of those.


Today I want to talk about my recent addition – Mattifying Powder Bronzer in Sunswept by Jouer – available here. Jouer came from nowhere for me and the brand stole my heart – the packaging is sleek and compact, the range is wide as well, plus you can build up you own palette by stacking or sliding blushes, bronzers, powders, eyeshadows and even lip glosses (which seems to be phenomenal as well). 

It has more warmer tone, so it’s more of a bronzer than a contour shade, BUT with that being said I found that it’s possibly to get away with both. It gives you that glowy and fresh look and at the same time does structure those cheekbones. It’s very pigmented but very blendable. I’ve also found it to be pretty long-lasting and waterproof-ish. And it has a mirror – always nice, isn’t it?


For applying it I tend to grab my either Real Techniques Blush brush (here) or Duo-Fibre Face brush (here). They both give me control over application intensity – the blush brush is pointed, so you pick a small amount onto the tip and blend it. And with duo-fibre you again pick up small amount on longer bristles and blend with shorter ones. Few swipes – under the cheekbones, temples, hairline, jaw line and down the neck – and you are back from long beach vacations. And I promise – it doesn’t look orange!

Have you tried some products from Jouer? Do you have any favorites?


REVIEW: Daniel Sandler’s ‘Cherub’

Blushes… We saw powders, we saw creams, but liquids…? Seems a little strange, doesn’t it? But here me out on that since I know what I’m talking about and Daniel Sandler knows what he is doing.


Watercolor Fluid Blusher by above mentioned Daniel Sandler – available here – £14.50 – I have the shade ‘Cherub’ which seems to be quite popular. Actually this is the reason why I went for ‘safe’ option – I saw it on people, I saw tones of swatches and I’ve decided – I can pull it off as well.

The ‘Cherub’ is pinky shimmery shade that gives such a youthful flush, just glow from within. Once it applied and blended out it won’t budge. Works as those lip stains – if it’s on it’s on, long-lasting waterproof formula. And… It’s very very pigmented – you literally need on drop per cheek. I usually apply it with my Stippling Brush by Real Techinques, though there is a special Daniel Sandler’s brush for those watercolors a.k.a. Waterblush – as seen here


Overall the product is great. So great that I’m planing on extending my collection and the next on my wish list is Trip – hot tangerine color. 

Have you tried those blushes? What are you thoughts on them?