It’s been a while since my last WEEK HEROES, so here is a fresh one for you. It’s kind of collective loves and wants – from books to nails, from video to beauty cravings. wk19

Must-see: Anna and Lily posted new Beauty Chat video – full of hilarious and interesting questions, funny and useful answers, packed with jokes and laugh that made me laugh – so catching. I love those beauty chats, they are cozier and warmer then the usual ones, like you are talking to a friend. They reveal more personality and more real emotions, if I can say so, then their ordinary videos!

Must-buy: Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita quad – availablehere. Let’s just have a moment to appreciate this baby! I’ve heard so much about those quads – they are very buttery, smooth, blendable, pigmented – the best quality you just expect from an eyeshadow. And the shades… this brick burgundy shade and the pop gold glitter… OMG. It’s damn pricey, but i think it’s worth every penny.

Must-read: The Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier. Those series are about teenage boy and girl that can travel through time. They have a certain mission to complete but the normal life with love, school, jealousy, homework, family scandals doesn’t go away – they just have to deal with both. I read book after book and even it’s more of a teen book I still enjoyed reading it – it’s one of those easy reads with jokes, awkward situations and some sad moments.

Must-wear: I know it’s summer and black shade doesn’t scream very sunny and bright. But I was rocking Essie in Licorice the whole week and actually was sad to remove it – it looks very sleek and polished on the nails, very sophisticated. I instantly make your hands more delicate and eye-catching. I don’t know how to describe it but if you never tried black on your nails – you definitely should! You won’t regret, I promise!

Must-have: It first I was a but skeptical about those relatively new Clinique Chubby Stick For Eyes – there are so many of those on the market, I was very very happy with my KIKO eyeshadow sticks so I thought I won’t even bother. But when I so the shades, the especially that purple-ish grey-ish shade a.k.a Lavish Lilac I began dreaming about it. When swatches on the store I knew right away I need this – they are very creamy and blend able, but once the set they set. They won’t budge.at.all. And this shade looks very flattering on the eye – who knew…

What do you think about above mentioned things? Have your tried something of that? What were you stand outs for last weeks?






Well, I guess it’s time for another week heroes, I’m changing the formal slightly here, but nothing majorly, just expanding the variety – not just beauty products… something more spicy… think Viviannadoesmakeup Saturday post… adore those by the way!


  1. I’ve rediscovered for the quad I own my all time favorite MAC eyeshadow, which is Patina. It’s browny-goldy shade, sheer but buildable at the dame time – so appropriate for daytime and can be smoked out for evening. And… especially good grunging up the look – Olsen sisters kind of look with heavy smoked lower lash line.
  2. Claire and Estee made me do this – two-shade manicure. I didn’t ave doubts with color like Claire did, I just wanted to pull off this kind of look – so I went with lilac-periwinkle theme. I LOVE IT. Since the colors are so different it doesn’t shows off massively but you still can see the difference.
  3. A must-watch video? Sure. Tamira’s video about contouring and highlighting. Loved your product selection, her honest opinion on whole KimK sculpting and etc. Easy yet interesting watch! Go see it see here!
  4. Let’s don’t forget about skincare, shall we? I’ve been obsessed with REN’s Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil. I’ve picked it up recently (see my Feelunique Haul) and I’m already loving it. It’s very liquidy oil packed my beneficial ingredients – omega 3, rose hip oil, camellia oil, bisabolol and vitamin E. Sometimes I mis it with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair or use it on its own. The next day my skin looks fresher and well-rested. Love it. 
  5. Reading. I got back on that track. I ordered myself to read at least a chapter before bed. Don’t force yourself too much, just a little bit, but you will notice that the more you read the more you want to read. Currently I’m reading Saphirblau (Edelstein Trilogie, #2) by Kerstin Gier and if you want too see more of my book head here

What have you been loving lately? Did something from this post catch your attention?



Time to bring those bad boys back, don’t you agree? I wan’t post them every week, maybe once every other week or even once a month just not to bore with some products over and over again and not just post for the sake of posting, that’s just not fair, right?


The first on the menu is my beloved Naked palette – the original baby. It’s actually the only Naked I own, still deciding on Naked3. Love the shades, love the texture, the pigmentation. This month I was obsessing over Sin shade – shimmery pale pink – dust it all over the eyelid with a fluffy brush, a bit of mascara and you’re done.

Diptyque Baies Candle – my teeny tine candle from Space NK set I’ve talked about here (similar available here and here). The description says ‘bouquet of roses and blackcurrent leaves’ and it’s definitely has that fruity scent but not overpowering at all – sweet but fresh.

Erborian CC Cream HD – full review here – the perfect light-weight correcting base for summer and it has SPF of 45, nothing more to expect and desire. Nothing else to say really apart from that I love it so much that after using it up I will purchase the full size.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go – lately I’ve out more than I stay at home, so I threw this oil in my bag that I can always have something to moisturize my cuticles throughout the day. The oil  absorbs pretty quickly (hate those greasy hands) and make the cuticle look neat and tidy. Travel friendly size makes it even more loved – can be fitted even into the smallest purse.

Random favorite? Why not. TV show obsession time – GLEE. I don’t’ know where I’ve been before but now I’m hooked. I’m been watching it for a several weeks and I’m on season 5 already. Shocker. There are so many good old-school songs and of course I’ve downloaded all soundtracks – as you can see obsession level is VERY high.

Do you have any stand out products this week? Have you tried any of those products?



Again end of weekends and time for my weekly favorites. This week I made myself use some forgot beauty bits, the ones that were collecting dust at the back of my drawers. I think it’s interesting and necessary to change up the routine. Get out the comfort zone.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in #51. This was bought back in May or something (Estee was raving about it even then and it made into her 2013 favs – big deal!) This is light to medium coverage, feels weightless on the skin, looks natural. Back them I didn’t like that – I thought they emphasized dry patches on my skin (apparently I had dehydrated skin then), but this week I’ve decided to give it another go and … I’m in love. It glides on smoothly – obviously my skin got better, yay!

Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera – full review here – this isn’t really ‘dusty’ thing, but I couldn’t NOT use it. Cream blushes are so great for winter – they sink into the skin and look very natural, glow from inside, like you spend whole day outside in the countryside playing / walking / having fun.

Essie nailpolish in Sand Tropez – you know m passion about Essie nail polishes. This is a stunning shade. It doesn’t look mannequin-ish, like some shades can do, it just adds chic look. Easy-to-wear shade. Compliments every outfit. This week I wore it non-stop.

KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in #05 Rosy Brown. Such a gorgeous shade, just like a name suggests – not too brown, not too purple – something in between (more colors and swatches here). You can sheer them out for sparkly veil or you can build them up for intense color. They are creamy, build-able, blend-able – all positive –ables! And very affordable.

Aura Cacia Restoring Rosehip Oil with Vitamin E – I’ve picked it up on iHerb months ago and kind go forgot about it, been using other oils and treatments. Recently pulled that out and started using and it is SO good. It really hydrates the skin, makes it smoother, works great on some blemishes or small break outs – overnight no signs. Will go on using and repurchasing!



Do you have any products you’ve enjoyed using this week? Let’s share!



Another week another favorites. I think with out further do I’ll just jump into products and random staff. 

My Inglot palette was feeling lonely so I’ve decided to get more use out of it. This week’s shade is shimmery brown one – Inglot #423P. Such a nice do-it-all shade. Good all over the lid shade – provides a nice wash of color, appropriate for day’n’night, subtle but yet noticeable shine. 

Since summer is way behind and I’m a fan of alive a.k.a. dewy skin this guy was pretty handy this week. KIKO Glow. I’ve been applying it underneath the foundation to have to glow from beneath. Mission accomplished, my skin looked better and fresher. 

Tyrone Wells. I use Shazam app on a daily basis and this artist appeared several times there so I thought I must of love his songs. They are relaxing / calming / the words are incredible. My favorite ones are ‘Time of Our Lives‘ and ‘This is Beautiful‘.


TV Show? Vampire Dairies. I’ve been hooked on this show a long time ago but then the summer started – no computer, no wifi and all that staff… But this week I got on track back and rewatched the whole 3 seasons. The better is yet to come. 

A bit of makeup at the end. Mascara. Maybelline the Rocket one. I recently bought it and forgot how much I loved it. I just incredible. Make my lashes long an curved and full of volume. Just what I need. 

What was your favorite things this week? Please leave a comment below.



I’m so excited – this is the latest Sunday before Christmas and one more Sunday till New Year. The Christmas tree is set and decorated, the presents are bought / wrapped and place under the tree. I cannot wait till holiday dinners, presents exchange, festive mood.

This week was pretty intense – that menu planning, last-minute shopping, wrapping business – I barely had time and mood to wear makeup, but I still managed to throw some beauty bobs and bits.


MAC eyeshadow in Patina – browny goldfish – (swatch here). You can apply it light-handed and have pretty gold wash of color or you may go heavier and pile it on you get that brown, grey-ish tone to show up. Wore both ways, love both ways.

Seche Vite top coat. I’m sure you all heard about that legendary topcoat. It dries your nails super fast, leaves them with unbelievable shine and makes the nail polish last longer. I’ve used it a lot in the past but didn’t end up repurchasing. Recently saw one in the store and felt back in love. It’s just incredible and I can forgive its strong scent and it has some super strong one, trust me…

Korres lip butter in Jasmine. Slightly tinted lip balm that not only revives you lips and helps with chapped lips and it also gives a pink-ish shine. You can wear it as a lip gloss with smokey eyes or just on a no-makeup makeup days and you don’t have to worry about moisturizing lips constantly. The only down side is pot packaging – not the most convenient and hygienic staff to use on the go.

Desperate Housewives – my all-time favorite TV show ( they are battling with Sex and the City for the 1st place). I’ve watched it already several times. It also comes so handy while wrapping the presents – episode after episode and the pile of presents is getting smaller. Pleasant + effective! Me likey.

Last but not least – song favorite. The Christmas season isn’t complete without a festive song, right? Beautiful Christmas by Big Time Rush. I have that on repeat everyone – on my computer, in  my car, in the speakers…I just keeps me going and energies me – like batteries (or coffee a.k.a my weakness)

How prepared are you guys for Christmas? Hope you are all doing great – happy Sunday!



Again this time of the week when I share my favorites with you. I haven’t noticed that week, seriously. The time flies so fast that I’m scared a bit – seems like I’m missing so much, that I there are so many opportunities and I’m not using those chances. But I’m working on that, I’m pushing myself to some action, cause just thinking and planning doesn’t help, it doesn’t give any results.

Wow, this is some deep thoughts on Sunday morning, haha. Back to beauty, shall we?


MAC ‘Frankly Scarlet’ blush. This is probably the scariest blush shade I’ve ever seen yet the most beautiful color on cheeks. You need the tiniest amount and with light-handed application you get nice flush. You know those cheeks after a walk one cold morning and you end up with rosy cheeks? Well this is it.

Kerastase Ultimate Elixir. I’ve already mention this product couple of times already, but it’s worth mentioning it one more time. I use 1-2 pumps on dump hair and my frizzy and hard hair transforms into silky smooth, flowing hair. Even my mom noticed that the one day and asked me what is that I’m using. Isn’t it a sign of quality? For me, defiantly.

Silver cat necklace. This necklace / pendant was gifted to my when I was 15-ish and I still love it and still wear it in my 20s. I find it so adorable and yet feminine – it compliments pretty much any outfit. I also get do many question like where I get it? when can I buy it? etc… I honestly don’t know, if I did I’d share for sure.

A bit of food fav? Yes please. Alpro Almond Milk. I’m sure you all noticed that now people are becoming more and more concerned about their eating habits and try to eat as healthy as then can. Me too. Honestly I gave up eating meat couple of years ago and I’m feeling much better. Now I’m trying to cut down some diary – I found that I cannot stand the scent of regular milk (sorry if some of you love milk) and I’ve noticed Io’m getting little break-outs whenever I drink it. The decision was obvious – give up milk. Now I’m in love with this staffIt sweet, I tastes great, nice with both tea and coffee. Cannot complain.

China Glaze ‘Purr-fect plum’. Such a nice shade, the winter appropriate and flattering. The brush it great, long and thin. With Seche Vite stay chip-less for a goof 4-5 days. It also reminds me of Essie ‘Recessionista’ – in care you are looking for a good cheaper alternative.

Hope you guys are having a good day. I’ll see you tomorrow!



If you can tell, there is a Christmas week on my blog – gift ideas, some festive recipes, holiday nail art and there something yet to come. I though that I don’t want to break the blog’s pattern and skip my weekly favorites. It’s kind of a tradition already for me, plus there is some staff I want to share with you.

I’m gonna start with some random bits, well…because I want to.


Wrapping paper from IKEA. How cute and adorable are those gold Santas? I belong to that type of people who prefer wrapping the presents to jus putting them in a festive bag. I get so much pleasure and joy from spending time on picking out paper, ribbons, bows and some other decorating goodies. And have you seen that post from Nouvelle?  I’m in love. Gonna lay back on throwing away those old newspapers.

Body Shop Body Butter. I love Body Shop body butters – they really hydrate the skin, they don’t leave a greasy feeling and they smell divine. My current one is throw-back-summer scent – raspberries. I love using it during colder months since they make me feel summery again, like it’s not snowing outside.

Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer in Cool Sand.  This is a really hyped product in the whole blogging-youtubing community and yes I was caught as well. Firstly I didn’t like it. At all. I found it creases on me, it looked a bit cake-ish and unnatural. May be it was the summer weather to blame and not enough moisturized eye area, I don’t know, but back then it was just waste of money. But now…whole other story. I love it, it covers great, it stays put and doesn’t cake up, it blends easily. Dream product. Who knew?

Music favorite this week. I’ve been obsessed with this song lately (and the band in general actually). I have this song on repeat and actually now I’m listening to it, while typing out this post. Ready? Del AmitriRoll to me…The right time to roll to me…Roll to me…

Back to beauty staff? Sure. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H in Ultra Violet. Saying I’m a newby to wing eyeliner is an exaggeration. I’m the worst. Neither I’m used to wear it (I feel felt uncomfortable) nor I’m good at drawing. But this week I’ve rocked this look – and it does suit me. The secret? I’m using a purple one and far less harsh than a black one and suits my eyes. Apparently gonna stock up on some more gel eyeliners…oopsy.

Do you have some favorites to share with me? Hope you do!



Yay, yay. Happy December everyone. It’s cold, it’s snowy – welcome to winter.

Apparently I was a fan of beauty bits during this week – there is a lot and some of them are first-timers. Interesting? Let’s dig in.


MAC blush in Eversun. I’m so sorry, but it’s a limited addition – it’s peachy brown shade, very warm, there is a slight shimmer going on, but it doesn’t transfer on the skin at all. I use as blushing bronzer – 2 in 1 product – brings warmth to the face and structure the face with one swipe. Pretty pigmented so be careful. I may of went a bit crazy once twice.

No nail polish this time, but more skincare. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. I use it as my day moisturizer. During the summer I found it to be too heavy, but now it’s just perfect. Plus makes it easier to remover the makeup at night. All the girls want after busy day.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. I love to use it on its own pre night moisturizer to mixing up with some oil for more intense hydration and plumping. I really see the difference after using this own, my skin does look and feel fresher and renewed the morning after. Plus I’ve picked this up on sale after the Synchronised Recovery Complex II launch. Pleasant bonus.

Can I speak even more about it? Diptyque ‘Volutes’. I’ve wrote the whole review, but I cannot help myself. I adore this perfume, never had something alike before and seems that it’s a long-term relationship.

Enough beauty, let’s move to randoms. My DIY notebook. The post that went live yesterday, this looks so sleek on my table and so unique. It makes me wanna use it more and since it’s a spanish vocabulary I makes eduction process muuuuch easier.

Want more DIYs, well those bracelets are also made by me. I bought some beads onine, some charms, elastics and here you are. I’ve made that long time ago but recently pulled them out the drawer and been enjoying using them since then. Stackable, sparkling, colorful, bring summer spirits. Thumbs up!

Do you enjoy those post or should I make a little break with them? Please comment below.