My Filofax Story

I always thought about myself as an organized person – I even did a separate blogpost about it here. I’m fond of making list and ticking off things I’ve done. But once I got my first Filofax I understood the quote – there is always some room for improvement. Now I need to master the whole ‘decorate your Filofax as much as you can till it doesn’t even look like an agenda’ thing. Don’t think I’ll get it though.


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Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good girl this year – I’ve blogged every single day for past few months, I’m progressing with my Spanish classes, I’m developing my dreams and truly looking for my future occupation / passion. I really want to achieve a lot in the up-coming year and hope I deserve a huge little treat these holidays.

Well, if everything was that easy – you ask for it and you get it. Nein. You have to work hard to get something it your life. No one gets everything for free – there is always a price to pay. 

Okay, wanna see what I would like to get this year? Here you have it.

A little bit of everything – makeup, stationery, jewelry, DVDs, traveling staff, books, watches – every but the soul can dream about… 



1. World Atlas of Wine – who doesn’t want & wouldn’t like a good book about wine? From A to Z – if you want to get into wine (like I do) this is a nice step to start.

2. Sex and the City – full series. I don’t know a girl who hasn’t watches SATC. I’ve watched it. Couple of times.. Every season. Love every episode and every quote. Will re-watch again and again.

3. Tiffany Key. Such a staple, but I keep on dreaming about having one one day…

4. Tickets. There are so many countries and cities I wanna visit – USA, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Finland, Switzerland.

5. Bauble Bar necklace. Bauble Bar, please, please, I’m begging you, arrange international shipping and I will buy away the whole site. Literally. So many gorgeous and elegant pieces. And you get the quality you are paying for.

6. Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. I keep hearing how awesome are those eyelash curlers and that you should invest in a good pair. May be my and there time is coming? We’ll see.

7. Kate Spade Agenda. Do you know that feeling when you open a new fresh agenda? Those clean and crunchy pages? If you do know, then you do. 

8. Michael Kors watches. I’ve already own one MK watches and it’s a last year Christmas gift. I love them and I wear them every day. They totally worth the splurge. 

Hope you guys get what you want for Christmas this year.  What is in your Christmas list?