Sweebounty Is Going On Vacation

February is going to start for me very pleasantly. I’m going away to Andorra with my friends snowboarding and skiing. I haven’t been abroad during winter for a long time so I’m very very excited. From Monday till Saturday there will be travel related posts  a.k.a ‘Travel With Me’ installment – that’s gonna help me pack and you in future – tips and trick are making an appearance for sure!

First post on the menu is MAKEUP BAG COLLECTION. How more related to traveling can it be? I cannot resist buying them – some of them are more practical than others, some looks nicer, some have cool pattern or signs on them, some are just easy to wash – you know – some many options… :)


KIKO Beauty Twin Set – available here – £8.90. The set comes with two different-sized pouches. Being colorful (available also in black, lime and magenta) they are still transparent enough to be able to recognize the bits inside. I use small for makeup brushes and some beauty tools (eyelash curlers, cotton pads, tweezers) and bigger one for actual makeup. Matching cases look so interesting and sleek and my red option makes it vibrant a.k.a easy-spotted in the suitcase among other staff.

Victoria’s Secret Small Cosmetic Bag – that classic VS pattern – iconic bright and baby pink stripes. Though it looks pretty small it’s actually very roomy. It’s possible to fit quite a lot of products. I also use it on a regular basis – most of my handbags will fit it.

Allure ‘Give Me a Kiss’ Makeup Bag – present with purchase. This came with Allure magazine (cannot remember the issue #) and it is so eye-catching. The kisses are different colors which makes it so adorable. It’s again roomy enough to pack it with beauty bits so travel friendly again.

Victoria’s Secret Travel Hanging Cosmetic Bag – long-distance cosmetics bag. It has 4 zip compartments and one attachable zip pouch. So comfortable to organize makeup, skincare, brushes. Transparent compartments make it easy to look for things, easy to clean in case of spilling drama. Holds a lot of things, don’t worry, anything will fit.


How do you travel: light or overpacking (me!) ? What makeup case is your favorite?


Allure love affair

I think that pretty much everyone who have at least small interest in beauty know about the Allure magazine. It popped up around quite recently but won love instantly. This magazine is very informative, gives a lot of selections concerning every aspect whether it’s skincare, haircare, nail care or makeup. A lot of swatches, pictures, comparisons, reviews and dupes. Beauty paradise in other words. This magazine isn’t available worldwide, but I was lucky enough to live in a country with an Allure magazine on the shelves. I bought a subscription and now every 20th dates of the month I’m religiously checking the mail.

ImageThis month Allure issued the special edition. Best of beauty edition. Almost 10 pages of best beauty bobs and bits to study – nail polishes, concealers, powders, perfumes, candles, hair treatments – ooooooh!


Another thing that warmed my heart – makeup-bag friendly retractable brush. It’s red and ‘Allure-d’. What is more there to ask for? Nothing. It’s soft, multi-task one – powder/blush/bronzer sized – perfection.

If you are really into beauty, but you cannot get your hands on Allure magazine there is always a site for you with all those beauty advices and new beauty launches! Just be careful – it’s addicting and veeeery time consuming.

Do you have any beloved beauty magazines or beauty sites to browse? I’m always glad to here something out!