TOP 5 For Autumn

Those kind of posts keep popping up here and there and it got me thinking – if I need to pick top 5 what would they be?

Autumn is a hard time for skin in general – it’s hard to get used to colder weather and not to forget to use more heavy duty staff. The fluids should be substituted by rich creams, some tinted moisturizers by more covering bases to get more protection from cold and pollution. Hands and nails also start lacking some moisture. So what I pull out during fall?


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And the award goes to …

Being a  nail polish junkie I’m always trying out new brands and color and want to use the puurfect match for each color category. The flattering green, the bright cobalt, the pastel-est pink, the pure black or the perfect burgundy shade. This time I think I found the nicest blue-jeans color. I think I will use it a lot this fall, especially that this color is pretty trendy this season. So the award for ‘sweetbounty best fall pick‘ goes to Zoya ‘Natty’.


This is my first Zoya nail polish and I quite like it, honestly. I’m not sure whether it’s only this color or the while range, but I found that the consistency is more liquid-ish than any other nail polish I have – and it’s a cream formula, not a jelly one – bare that in mind. I didn’t have any application troubles what so ever. The drying time again average. Moreover the Zoya’s benefit is toxic-free composition: toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). So if you worry about the ingredients and want to use only safe products – this should  be something to give a go. Now the price? 8$ on official web-site. Not bad, huh?

I bought mine offline, but I really want to know where I get hold of them online. If you have any ideas, please-please let me know!


Hello October

It’s officially cold. Boots and sweaters, worm tights and wool socks, gloves and hats are on the menu. Let’s get ready cause the forecasts predict the fall and winter to be cold, like really cold.

The make up and skincare are not an exception and should also be rounded-up. What I’m gonna wear more these days? Let’s see.

ImageThe 1st category is my favs – nails! Of course, didn’t anyone even doubt? I can wear brights neons all year round, but darks are only allowed in cold seasons. I’ve picked OPI ‘Everymonth is Octoberfest’ – dark red with purple-blue-ish undertones with a shimmer – stunning. Another welcomed option is berry – Butter London ‘Queen Vic’ and of course say hello to the pure black – Essie ‘Licorice’.

Next category – makeup. Bronzers are the best friends during the cold season. My choice is Body Shop Honey Bronzer ’01’. For the blush I went for berry option – surprise-suprise. TheBalm ‘The Cabana Boy’ – the new addition and already in-love and already smashed – damn….The eyes – the most exciting part for me. This season the olive and burnished gold is very trendy – so I went for my Inglot shade – greenish gold – niiice. Also I’m pulled out my Mac ‘Club’ and Paint Pot ‘Eclair’ (the limited addition, unfortunately)…Mac knows the eyes!

Skincare time! The heavy oils and multi-purpose ones are lined up and ready to be splashed on the face/body/hair. Face-wise:Trilogy Rosehip oil, Argan Oil 100% – both moisturize and hydrate the skin. Hair-wise – Moroccanoil the original one. Multi-purpose one – NUXE Huile Prodigieuse – face, body, hair – wherever you wish. In the summer I don’t bother using masks or some facials – guilty, I know.I feel like during the summer my skin is behaves pretty good and only during the transitions it’s acting out, but there is a solution – AesopParsley Seed Mask (the full review’s coming soon, stay tuned). As far as my hands are concerned they get super dry during fall and winter and I always carry something in bag to keep them company – Kiehls’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve or Loccitane one (20% Karite) – both great the seal the deal perfectly. Lips-wise – Korres Lip balm in Jasmine – the smell…the taste…the results…!

Get cosy and feel the fall

Lately I was browsing the internet attempting to go online shopping and came across some beautiful parkas/coats however you wanna call them. Back in the days I wasn’t a huge (not a little) fan of that particular style – I simply wasn’t attracted by them, but as we now tastes change…

I thought i would post some of my favorite ones and may be some of you will change their opinions on that matter as well.

The obvious choice to look for a nice coat is ASOS. (adore this site – the jewelry is the next buy-away-section).

Изображение 1 из Парка Alpha Industries ExplorerИзображение 1 из Парка с меховым капюшоном и съемной подкладкой ASOSИзображение 1 из Парка с меховым капюшоном и съемной подкладкой ASOSИзображение 1 из Парка-кокон с отороченным мехом oversize-капюшоном ASOSИзображение 1 из Парка с меховым капюшоном и съемной подкладкой ASOSИзображение 1 из River Island Borg Linged Parka With Detachable HoodИзображение 1 из Парка с отделкой из искусственного меха на капюшоне Alpha IndustriesИзображение 1 из Парка с контрастным капюшоном Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren

The thing I like the fall for is wearing cosy warm clothes – coats, boots, socks, scarfs (the next post on the blog will be this part of wardrobe and guess the 1st site I will be exploring?)… aww just love it.

The cozier the better! Right?

What is your favorite thing about fall?