My Purples

If you ask me – purple is my favorite color and whenever I see something of that color I instantly want to buy that. No matter how much I have. And when it comes to nail polishes this is where two of my passions meet. I love wearing purple – in summer I prefer brights and during the colder months I go for darker and deeper shades. I’ve prepared a nice variety for you – let’s have a look.


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Saturday day-in

I do like to go out sometime, but mainly for a chitty-chat with friends and of course not staying I’m late – not a fan. Those clubbing days are far behind – I more prefer a day in with some cup of coffee, good movie, some skincare or beauty staff and perhaps a company to share food and mood.

Today is the inside day. A bit of pampering can never hurt. On today’s menu we have:


For starters – face mask. I love me a good mask. During the week I tend to use something light and easy, not too fussy, but on the weekends – the whole other story. Today’s option is Aesop Parsley Seed Masque. I know I know…Everyone talks about it, but it’s damn good one. Do-it-all mask. The skin feels so refreshed, clean and smooth after. More here.


For main course – a new mani. I miss my pastels during cold times. Cannot help myself. I did some digging through my collection and pulled this buddy out – Essie in Lilacism. Such a warm lilac color. Since I just can’t go plain – I’ve done some triangle nail art several nails with a pure purple. Looks kinda cool.

For dessert there is an actual desert. The pampering isn’t complete with out some food. I love apples. It’s probably my favorite fruit (except exotic ones of course!) – I love any apples as long as they are crunchy. My fav one are Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Fuji. The best. I love them bare sliced / with cinnamon / baked. Today I’ve went for simple. But the recipe for delicious baked ones  is coming soon! Stay tuned for that!

*Oh gosh, I can write the whole post just about apples – sick*


For extras there is a new Allure issue – January 2014! What can be more calming than flipping pages full of beauty junk? So fascinating… And how gorgeous is that eye makeup on the cover. Cannot stop staring at it. 


Hope you guys have a good Saturday!



Again this time of the week when I share my favorites with you. I haven’t noticed that week, seriously. The time flies so fast that I’m scared a bit – seems like I’m missing so much, that I there are so many opportunities and I’m not using those chances. But I’m working on that, I’m pushing myself to some action, cause just thinking and planning doesn’t help, it doesn’t give any results.

Wow, this is some deep thoughts on Sunday morning, haha. Back to beauty, shall we?


MAC ‘Frankly Scarlet’ blush. This is probably the scariest blush shade I’ve ever seen yet the most beautiful color on cheeks. You need the tiniest amount and with light-handed application you get nice flush. You know those cheeks after a walk one cold morning and you end up with rosy cheeks? Well this is it.

Kerastase Ultimate Elixir. I’ve already mention this product couple of times already, but it’s worth mentioning it one more time. I use 1-2 pumps on dump hair and my frizzy and hard hair transforms into silky smooth, flowing hair. Even my mom noticed that the one day and asked me what is that I’m using. Isn’t it a sign of quality? For me, defiantly.

Silver cat necklace. This necklace / pendant was gifted to my when I was 15-ish and I still love it and still wear it in my 20s. I find it so adorable and yet feminine – it compliments pretty much any outfit. I also get do many question like where I get it? when can I buy it? etc… I honestly don’t know, if I did I’d share for sure.

A bit of food fav? Yes please. Alpro Almond Milk. I’m sure you all noticed that now people are becoming more and more concerned about their eating habits and try to eat as healthy as then can. Me too. Honestly I gave up eating meat couple of years ago and I’m feeling much better. Now I’m trying to cut down some diary – I found that I cannot stand the scent of regular milk (sorry if some of you love milk) and I’ve noticed Io’m getting little break-outs whenever I drink it. The decision was obvious – give up milk. Now I’m in love with this staffIt sweet, I tastes great, nice with both tea and coffee. Cannot complain.

China Glaze ‘Purr-fect plum’. Such a nice shade, the winter appropriate and flattering. The brush it great, long and thin. With Seche Vite stay chip-less for a goof 4-5 days. It also reminds me of Essie ‘Recessionista’ – in care you are looking for a good cheaper alternative.

Hope you guys are having a good day. I’ll see you tomorrow!


Hello December

The ultimate month of the year? Whaaaat? I cannot believe that another year is passing. Actual I’m very excited, I cannot wait till Christmas and New Year – the family dinner, holidays, presents. What can be better? I don’t know. It’s probably the most cosy and cuddling time of the year.

For December cuddling I have to things to show and talk about. Let’s get down to business, shall we?


Can I start with nail polishes, please? Essie ‘Leading Lady’. Can a nail polish be more festive? It’s from Winter collection’12 and it’s a berry red full on glitter. Works great either for an ascent nail or all over 10 nails. Next up is China Glaze ‘Lorelei’s tiara’ – on my. Opaque glitter in 2 coats – silver with blue sparkles a.k.a. winter.

Following up the beauty trend – highlighting. Personally I love a bit of a glow on my face and being a person with normal-dry skin (especially in winter – super dry) this is just what doctor ordered. During the winter I go for something creamier since it looks for natural and doesn’t emphasis dry skin – MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. I never use it as an eyeshadow base, but as a cheek bone treatment – wow – stays put all day, subtle shimmer and a healthy glow. I also pull out my eyeliners. The waterline is just asking for them – the darker the edgier and I kinda like it – Lancome Le Crayon Khol in grey.

Don’t forget about haircare. Kérastase Elixir Ultime. The new addition to my stash, but I’ve already kinda like it. Planning to do a separate post on my haircare.

What can be cozier than worm fuzzy socks? I love those ones – they keep me warm all day and night. Good book, hot coffee – perfect evening.

Diptyque diptyque diptyque… – tobacco & spice.

The spice I love all year round but especially during colder months: its taste makes drinks more sophisticated, its scent – home warmer and dessert more spicy – cinnamon.

Online shopping – the solution to Christmas shopping. Amazing deal, great sales and extra points to spend later, Plus some sites offer either reduced shipping or even free one with certain purchases. I’m hooked. Spotted the Space NK card? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

Good Christmas movie. Me likey a good movie. And probably my favorite one, no, I cannot pick one. So it’s either Polar Express or How Grinch Stole Christmas.

For more cosiness you cannot go wrong with candles. I love to burn some scented ones or even unscented ones during the dinner – purely romantic atmosphere in the apartment. I prefer more musky / woody  scents, I got so tired and exhausted of those floral and sweet scent, so those ones are good substitutions. And I may of order a new Diptyque Candle Set. Ooops.

What do you do to get into a festive mood?


Gold mine

Since the holidays are approaching – shop windows are all decorated, web-sites are having a make-overs with their gift sets and people me on a hunt for sweaters with deers.

Nails also need some fiesta. Holiday season is probably the most appropriate time to wear gold nails. I love a good gold nail polish, and here I’m talking about pure gold, opaque-in-2 coats, not-sheer-top-coat shade.


Let’s see what I have here for you.


The-affordableSally Hansen ‘Golden-i’. The shade that appears in people’s mind when the hear the word gold. No hint of yellow, no hint of copper. Not too shimmery, not hard to remove – the perfect drugstore option.

The-texture-buddy – China Glaze ‘Goldie but Goodie’. This is a glittery shimmer – has both small and bigger bits. It’s bright, it’s opaque, it’s gorgeous! The formula is great as well, just a pleasure to apply.

The-glitter-packageButter London ‘Bit Faker’. The caramelized version of gold. This is more coppery version, full-on glitter. This screams holidays. Probably painful to remove, but with a foil trick it comes of pretty easy.

The-comboEssie ‘Ballet Slippers’ + China Glaze ‘Cleopatra’. This is probably cheating, but this is damn good pair. ‘Cleopatra’ is a sheer gold-ish topcoat with blue/purple/turquoise particles. It’s time consuming (2-3 coats of each polish), but totally worth it!

The-cheaterChina Glaze ‘Glitter All the Way’. How could I NOT include that one? It’s just holidays in the bottle – pack of green / purple / red / gold glitter. I usually use this one as an accent shade (too much glitter for 10 tips) – but 2-4 nails just what doctor ordered.

How do you feel about gold on your nails?


Stroke to stroke

Well, it’s time for another nail art post. Since my last one turned up to be very popular, I’ve decided to did one more. This one again very simple, doesn’t require any skills, trust me even I (a girl with two left hands) did pretty good, me likey! 


You will need:

  • one color for base coat
  • 4-5 for actual nail art
  • thin painting brush / thinned-out brush from old nail polish /


For the base coat I used Essie ‘Sand Tropez’ – 2 coats and done. Let them dry completely and move on to the design. Use color by color and draw random strokes from the cuticle upwards alternating the colors. For strokes I’ve used Pupa‘s dark blue, Bourjous So Laque!  ‘Bleu Fabuleux’, mini Essie ‘Come Here’ and my new addition to the golds China Glaze ‘Goldie but Goodie’. After numerous stripes you are left with complete manicure – trendy, sparkly and remarkable.

I found it best to use pastel base coat, then for strokes to use one bright/neon, two shades from one color family and one glittery polish to make your nails sparkle and more alive. 

I love this design, it’s very versatile, you can use different colors and get a complete new look every time! 

Will you give this one a go? Let me know if you like it and share some photos with me via Twitter.


White, oh white.

There is a certain chic in bold nails, for me those shades are red, black and white. I know summer isn’t coming back soon and the tan is fading, but I’m gonna hold for that as much as I can. Fortunately, I can still get away with white mani. This color is the most universal one you can wear. It will accompany the most important any nail lenght/shape, then any outfit and style you pulling off and even any makeup bits you’ve chosen.



ThIs time I went for drug store nail polish – Sally Hansen ‘White On’. It’s probably one of the best whites you have have for the price! It’s cheap, the formula is great – the color is opaque in 2 coats, it’s pretty glossy without topcoat and more over it stayed chip-free decent 3-4 days with household action. Preeeetty good, huh?

Also I can recommend some other white nail polishes, that do the job that great. Some of them can provide more gloss or more staying power, so pick something then suits you budget.

OPI ‘Alpina Snow’ / Essie ‘Blanc’ / Butter London ‘Cotton Buds’ / Sinful Colors “Snow Me White’ / Mavala ‘White’ / Nars ‘Ecume’ / Illamasqua ‘Scorch’ / China Glaze ‘White on White’

What do you think about white nails? Have you rocked it already or just planning to?


Hello November

Can you imagine that it’s the 3rd month of fall and winter is just around the corner? Quite unbelievable.

Actually I’m all over Christmas mood – gifts are almost planned, christmas sweaters are spotted. All set, yep. I also want a bit of a snow, too soon? Maybe. But that’s just the way I feel. Okay, enough blabbing, let’s move onto beauty. This month I’m packing with some new beauty and fashion goodies.


DIY Knit Infinity Scarf. Remember the time when those infinity scarfs were super trendy? Well, I’m still on that train. Bright, almost neon blue, soft and warm. What is more to ask?

China Glaze ‘Goldie but Goodie’. This is just Christmas in the bottle and I’ve already told you about the festive mood. Just a dreamy nail polish.

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (for dehydrated skin). This the probably the most review face product? Miracle oil. Should I do a separate review?

The Inimitable Jeeves by P.G.Wodehouse. If you thought english humor is non-understandable, give this one a go. This book is full of ridiculous stories and it’s so intriguing to see the way they sort out.

Essie ‘Aperitif’. The most opaque and true red I’ve come across. The great opacity? Check. The wide, do-in-one-swipe brush? Check. The gloss? Check. The 5-day-staying-power? Check. Perfection, in a word.

Kiehl’s hand cream. This is my all-tim favorite hand cream. I used to love Loccitane one (it’s still good) until I’ve tried that one – no grease residue, soft skin, moisturized cuticle. Mission accomplished.

November Music Playlist. I like to switch music on my iPhone pretty regularly – not to overload the memory and always have something perky to listen to. My favorite is Xuso Jones – Celebrating Life and The 1975 – Chocolate.

I’ve already raved about my MAC palette here – link – swatches and color are waiting for you.

What are your plans for November beauty/lifestyle/reading wise?


China Glaze in action

The collection I cannot passed. I’m mostly cream and jelly lover, but shimmers are now happening to be ma thing! The collection I’m talking about is China Glaze Autumn Night. I’m not a bit picky with a nail polish, I want to buy something that it, something I don’t have – either color a texture wise.

There are several nail polishes, 3 to be specific, that caught my eye – the gold one, the purple and perfect rose gold for me. Image

Stay tuned for swatches since I’ve tried them all on, but from what I’ve heard and looked online I can asure you that the finish is not glittery a.k.a you don’t have to apply tones of topcoat to make your nails sleek and smooth.

The drying time is also promising. As far as staying power and removing option – cannot say more – the time will fix this.

But I’m in love with the shades anyways, so I’m not bothered, I can pass through problems!

Have you tried something from the collection? Something you want to het your hands on?