TOP 5 For Autumn

Those kind of posts keep popping up here and there and it got me thinking – if I need to pick top 5 what would they be?

Autumn is a hard time for skin in general – it’s hard to get used to colder weather and not to forget to use more heavy duty staff. The fluids should be substituted by rich creams, some tinted moisturizers by more covering bases to get more protection from cold and pollution. Hands and nails also start lacking some moisture. So what I pull out during fall?


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What’s In My Bag #1

What’s in my bag – are my favorite posts or videos to watch – I don’t know what it is about… But I love to see what people are carrying around with them, have a look at their bags and purses, beautiful makeup bags and wallets, key holders… Oh my… The emotion level is high!

Let’s see what’s in my bag, shall we?


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Hello June

Those are my favorite posts to write. Honestly. I dig through my stash with such an excitement – trying to pick the perfect products.

And I cannot believe is already June. Damn, the time flies so fast.

This month is slightly different – instead of just selecting certain products, I’ve decided to go with certain color theme. Who doesn’t love a good pinky-coral orange type of shade, right?


Complexion: I do love a good blush and I rarely skip it in my everyday routine, so this month my picks are the following – MAC MineralizedSkinFinish in Stereo Rose – the recent repromoted product. When I first saw that MAC was bringing it back for a season I made a promise to finally pick it up. I’m glad I did. I love it – highlighting blush is the best. It saves time, it gives glow and it brightens the face. Another option is my all time favorite Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in the shade Tipsy. It’s long lasting – definitely the quality you’re looking for in the summer. And it gives such a healthy glow like you are literally blushing. LOVE IT.

Eyes: I have a lot to talk about here. Let’s start from the budget bits? Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. The perfect shade of pink for eyes. It doesn’t make you look ill, but still gives a nice wash of color over the lids. Also love apply a bit of it as a blush – look incredibly flattering. MAC Eyeshadow in All That Glitters – everybody’s love – is there anything else to say? Perfect pinky champaigny shade. Another option is INGLOT‘s eyeshadow in 361M – it’s way more orange than the MAC one, but too brightly, I’d say it lies more in the pastel-ish family.

Nails: Zoya nail polish in Charisma – the brightest magenta I’ve ever seen – may be doesn’t apply perfectly to the pinky-coral category, but I just cannot NOT mention it. So bright, so beautiful and so unique. Essie in Cute As a Button – the perfect shade for summer – make your look tanner and looks more sophisticated then usual pink or orange. And last but not least are my oranges – the red orange one and the peach pastel – Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra in Hip Hop (let’s just have some time to appreciate the name, shall we?) and KIKO in 359 (this one looks incredibly on the toes as well and even better with some tan).

Lips: Let’s be honest here – I’m not a lip product girl, like AT ALL. I barely use my few lipsticks, I don’t have a lip liner, not even one, so the only products I use on my lips are either lip balms or lip glosses. But I do have a favorite ones. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 – probably the most talked about lip product in the blogging community and there is a reason reasons for that. Non-stickey, hydrating, squeeze tube, foam applicator, not shimmery. I can go on and on. The next ones are Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip glosses – the recent launch of everyone’s favorite YouTuber Tanya. I went for non-shimmery ones and more neutral ones – Afternoon Tea and Chic. I have to say, I’m really tempted to try the bright red one and bright fuchsia one.

What are you pinky orange picks for the June?


TravelWithMe: Makeup&Skincare

Last post (unfortunately) in my TravelWithMe series – what I actually gonna take with. You think: yes, yes, it’s easy to speak about light packing, but when it comes to real business – this is where you get stuck! I also struggle with that, you are not alone, don’t panic.

Wanna see what I take to keep me company makeup and skincare wise? Let’s see.


I’ve deppotted a bit of MAC Face and Body foundation to KIKO container, for under eye circles – Maybelline Lumi Touch Highlightning Pen in Light and for some blemishes space-saving Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

For complexion job I packed Clarins Instant Light Complexion Corrector in 03 Rose (it’s quite small and sleek tube), my Nars Duo with Laguna and Orgasm (bronzer and blush – check) and for actual highlighter my new obsession – theBalm Lou-manizer (the review is coming soon!).

For eyes I’m taking my Urban Decay mini Primer Portion to prevent creasing and for actual fun part a.k.a colors I’m taking my MAC palette (Coquette for brows, Club, All that Glitters and …) and some eye crayons – KIKO in 04 and 05. Hope that’s enough! And mascara of course – Maybelline the Rocket, of course.

For lips I’m taking only my NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm and Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 Apricot Shimmer. I think I’m picking some more in DutyFree.  I just love them. 


For makeup removing I’m taking my mini bottle of Bioderma. Good staff. For actual cleansing I’m taking my newest addition – Elemental Herbology Purify & Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm. Should I do a separate review on that? For toning I’m taking my Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile (just need to find a smaller bottle for that) for serum – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and for moisturizer – Jojoba oil, which is also my body lotion, hand cream and cuticle treatment… oh and a hair treatment.


Tangle Teezer Original, some random tweezers (neon yellow – yay!), Real Techinques Buffing Brush and Multi-Task one, MAC 217, 239 and 219 and Clare’s pinky angled for eyebrows.

And I’m done!

Hope those series were very helpful and did help you about a bit. If so, I’m very happy – I’m doing something important :)

By the time the nest post do up I’ll be on holidays! xoxo


Running-late Makeup

We all have those days when we either running late or we had to get up early and didn’t want to spend 30mins to get ready. This is when my staple products came very very handy. Only 5 products. Like a 5 product face challenge. Well… I’ve passed that one.


FACE: when it comes to those days I want a foundation that will cover all imperfections, even the skin tone and cover the dark circles enough not to use concealer. Soluction? MAC Face&Body in C2. I love this one and this is my 1st serious foundation I’ve bought. Apply it my hands (another benefit for those days, right?), dab extra amount where necessary. Full rambling about it here (and other my face bases). Contouring / highlighting / blushing? Clarins Face and Blush palette. All in one – bronzer / blusher / bag friendly compact. I’m so glad I’ve picked this one, sorry guys, limited edition one. But Clarins comes out every season with something similar like this, no worries.

EYES: I think that brows are crucial part of makeup – they form the face, make you look more put together and seems like you spent more time and effort on getting ready that you actually did. Wins everywhere. My easy tool is Bobby Brown Brow Natural Brow Shaper. Tinted gel locks brows in place for the whole day. Easy-peasy. Eyeshadow? Another easy-peasy bit – Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. One sweep all over the lid and your are done. You can layer it for more intense look and sheer out just to sparkling veil. Mascara choice is obvious – Maybelline the Rocket one. This is one of my favorite ones – long / curled / voluminous lashes. One coat you are good to go.

This is literally takes 5 minutes to pile on and you are left with pretty face that looks sophisticated, finished and sparkly. Just what we are going for. And no tools required, how cool is that?

What are your savers during mornings in a rush?





Well, congratulation guys – we made to the 10th post in the series! I cannot believe, that the next HEROES will be in December. 

I’m literally confused – no snow, the temperature is above 0, but it’s almost December. Everywhere is Christmas decorations, gift guides (by the way – I’m gonna have a full week dedicated to Christmas – gift guides for HER / HIM, stocking fillers, home decorations, festive nail art and of course makeup look for party – so stay tuned for that, I’m so excited to start those posts!) 

Okay, enough for blabbing, let’s move on to products!



Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque – I’ve already talked about it my Mask Round-up post, it’s a good do it all mask. It clarifies, it smoothes, it renewals. Whenever I feel ‘fallen-apart’ this comes very handy and helpful. You put it on 10-15 min on a cleansed face and then just rinse out with water and you are done!

I love YouTube, I love watching beauty videos / hauls / favorites videos – everything. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Claire Ashley. She has YouTube channel and I spent the whole evening watching her videos! She is adorable, you make up is always flawless and the isn’t afraid to experiment. You should definable check her out! I insist :) 

MAC MSF in Soft n Gentle – I love that stuff, I even have a full review on it on my blog here. I’ve been pretty lazy with make this week, so I’ve used it both as an eyeshadow and as an actual highlighter. 

Music time. I had this song on repeat for daysMilton – I Can See It In Your Eyes. I don’t know it’s so catching – you just cannot stand still – you have to dance and sing and do everything! I can see it in your eyes, can see it in your smile…

What have you been loving lately? Hope you had a great weekend!



Wow – it’s been six weeks since I’ve started this type of posts – I cannot believe that. And we are moving further and further – new time and new products. Let’s see what this week brought in terms of beauty.

This week appeared to be more makeup-packed one and that’s not bad in any why, that’s why we all gathered here after all, right?


Mac ‘Well dressed’ blush. The pink blush with blue undertones which also have a bit of a shimmer shine so you can probably even skip the highlighter. This blush isn’t suitable for all skin types, unfortunately, if you are tan that probably may not show up on you. Even on me! I have a special technique to apply it. See below.

Real Techinques Stippling Brush. This is the only brush that is able to place upper-mentioned blush. This brush allows to blend the color at the dame time providing nice flash of color. This brush is also great to applying liquid/cream foundation seamlessly and very smoothly.

A bit of skincare throw-in. Clarins Lotion Tonique with camomile (for normal/dry skin). I have a yes-no relationships with tonics. Even in the web there hot discussions whether you need to use it or not. Now I know, I do! My skin really behaviors differently when I use a toner, it’s a like a small bit that my skincare puzzle was missing. If you aren’t sure, try the Clarins ones – there are high quality and accessible as well. 

Maybelline ‘The Rocket’ mascara. I adore Maybelline mascaras, I cannot go wrong with them. I’m almost finished that one, and the 3 month period is also right up the corner, but I love it. And I’m sure I will repurchase this one not even twice I’m sure.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper. I do love to fill on my brown, a lot. But sometimes I don’t have time and brush them through, them go with a powder then with a gel to set it. Sometimes you just have time for one product and this is the one. This is a tinted brow gel/fixer. It does the job – the brows are shaped and uniform the whole day, they don’t move and you aren’t left with crispy brows either, that’s a plus, isn’t it?

This is it, hope this post was informative. Do you have smith interesting bit to share this week? Go ahead!



Well, finally I’m done with this week – that’s a been a pretty tough one. I’ve been ill for the most part of it (and I’m still ill unfortunately…) so there isn’t much make-up, I was bare-faced pretty much all days. But there are still some bobs and bits I want to talk you through.


Clarins Face and Blush Palette. This is the only make-up thing I had time to use at the beginning of the week. Again can get enough of that. The universal palette – use the middle shades to bronze up the face, to give a bit of oomph to the face and with big fluffy brush the all-over-swirl pop some color on the cheeks.

KIKO nail color. Since I had to stay in bed I was so bored, so I had to keep my hands busy and this came soo handy. This is the perfect shade, neither on the cooler nor on the warmer side, neither in the pink spectrum nor in the berry. Pure red. Very flattering. I’ve painted my nails twice within one week.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil. This is the only thing I’ve been using to moisturize my face, because of the illness my skin became dry with some really dry patches. And the overall condition was not the good – the skin feels tight and not elastic – this was/is my life-skin-saver.

Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France by Peter Mayle. This is a tasty book. Yes, yes. While reading it you want to taste everything mentioned, visit every place described and generally be there. The speciality of this book is you don’t want to read it fast – you want to pass through each and everyword.

Random favorite time! Candy Crush App. I got into it when it was just released and now again. Obsessed. I was bored and ran through my phone apps and when saw THAT icon I just couldn’t think of anything else… Even now one hand is typing and the other is playing.

Do you have any stood-out this week? Tell me in the comment section.



The TOPSHOP recreation.

The Fashion Week just couldn’t pass by and didn’t leave a sign at least one time at a blog. I’ve look through many make-up looks, but just one stole my heart and soul. The TOPSHOP Unique, you did it well. Image

I don’t have any TOPSHOP beauty products, but I dug through my stash and found some options and it’s a recreation after all, right?


I’ve decided to start with the eyes in order to avoid any fall-out if any. All over the lid I went with warm orange-osh brown shade. Since I don’t have an eyeshadow that color, I used NYC bronzer in Sunny – perfect browny orangy shade.  Little tip for you here – if you don’t have a certain eyeshadow don’t rush buying it, just look through your make-up and you may find this shade in other beauty bits – you just never though of using them aside their real purpose! You may wing an eyeshadow slightly depending on your eye shape – I’m gonna wing towards  my temple. Then I’m taking a black khol – I’ve chosen my one and only black eye pencil Chanel Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil in Noir (but any black will do, just make sure it’s creamy) and put it all over the waterline and you don’t have to be very neat – the messier the better! Also drag a bit along the upper lash line and smudge everything – top and bottom. Then take shimmer silver or shimmer turquoise-ish shade – my option is Inglot one and place in the inner conner pretty heavily and drag up and down to blend with the black liner. One coat of mascara – Maybelline the Rocket, brushed brows with a clear gel. Now the base – I’ve decided to go with Rimmel Wake me up foundation (the one I’ve raved about here), since it gives nice coverage and also provides healthy glow. To shape the face a bit I used the Clarins Expression Face and Blush Powder Palette (yep, I got my hands on it and it’s gorgeous. review?). I went with brown shades to warm up the face and for blush I swirled all over the compact to get that peachy pink glow. For the lips I’ve patted a bit of lipbalm or you can use peachy lipstick – just dab a bit – almost invisible hint.


And now you’re done! Do you like that make-up look? Should I do more of those recreations? Comment below – I’d love you hear from you.


P.S. The model pictures are taken from the official web-site.


I’ve already mentioned that I’m not a lip-rpoduct girl. I barely use any lipstick or lipgloss. I may have several lip balms in my bag, but you’d like to borrow a pop-color than you’d probably had to find a new friend. But like in every rule there is an exception – just like in my case. There is one lipgloss that I adore and one lipstick that I can wear.


The lipgloss I’m talking about in Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

There are 6 shades of them in total, each is very natural and there is one for everyone. I have the 02 shade – apricot peachy color and 06 – browny caramel one, both loved and repurchased. I’m also tempting to pick up the pink shade – either the 01 (rose shimmer) or 05 (candy shimmer). The names also do its justice, right?

The lipstick is no surprise is MAC’s. The king ot lipsticks – any texture, any finish, any color. Just to pick one – this is the tricky part. My one-and-only helpmate – Patisserie. This is you lips but better shade for me. It’s a luster finish one, so it’s a semi-sheer and provides slight glow and looks dewy and wet on the lips (of course in a good way). If I fancy something different on my lips or even something on my lips – I grab this baby. I really do want to learn how to wear bold lip, but now it’s just not for me, I guess. But I really jealous when the girls can pull that off. Teach me please!

Do you have any staples that go with you hand by hand? Leave me in the comments below – let me dive in the lipstick world haha.