Orange Is The New Black

All orange-lovers out there, our time has come – seems like orange is coming back. I’ve started to notice orange popping up here and there – clothes, makeup, bags, nails…фSo went through my collection and apparently I’m all set for this season – no need to spend extra money – yay.

So, nails… today’s selection is shade and brand varied – from pale to dark, from very cheap to higher priced.


The true orangeOPI in Atomic Orange. The most typical orange color – tangerine one. It looks pretty simple in the bottle, but once you put it on you see the trick. Every time I force myself to paint my nails with it, but I never regret at the end. Opaque, incredibly flattering, relatively fast drying, long wearing-ish (4-5 days).

The pastel peachKIKO nail lacquer #359. I’ve mention this one already in my ‘Hello June’ post but I cannot pass on that one when it comes to orange shades. It’s a perfect pastel pale peach – no hint of pink, no hint of yellow, just perfection. Looks incredible on both pale and tan skin.

The coralEssie from Resort 2013 Collection in Come here! May be not the most appropriate orange but my heart screams to feather it and my camera begs me to take picture of it. I have a mini bottle (from their mini cube) and actually this Resort collection was one of the best so far. This is a good all rounder coral – a hint of neon so very eye catching.

The brightestEssence Colour&Go in #145 Flashy Pumpkin – the most bright and out there color of the bunch. It literally screams. As for the color it’s as a name suggests warm pumpkin shade. And it’s very very affordable.

The red-ishRimmel Salon Pro in Hip Hop – is it red? is it orange? Hybrid. The beautiful Anna first wore it on the nails and it look incredible. And every time in the video when she wore it, it made me repaint me nails with it – even now typing out this post I’m honestly wearing that polish. It dries very glossy and very fast. And the name… HipHop.


Here on that picture you can clearly see the shade difference. What is your favorite orange/coral nail shade?



Hello June

Those are my favorite posts to write. Honestly. I dig through my stash with such an excitement – trying to pick the perfect products.

And I cannot believe is already June. Damn, the time flies so fast.

This month is slightly different – instead of just selecting certain products, I’ve decided to go with certain color theme. Who doesn’t love a good pinky-coral orange type of shade, right?


Complexion: I do love a good blush and I rarely skip it in my everyday routine, so this month my picks are the following – MAC MineralizedSkinFinish in Stereo Rose – the recent repromoted product. When I first saw that MAC was bringing it back for a season I made a promise to finally pick it up. I’m glad I did. I love it – highlighting blush is the best. It saves time, it gives glow and it brightens the face. Another option is my all time favorite Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in the shade Tipsy. It’s long lasting – definitely the quality you’re looking for in the summer. And it gives such a healthy glow like you are literally blushing. LOVE IT.

Eyes: I have a lot to talk about here. Let’s start from the budget bits? Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. The perfect shade of pink for eyes. It doesn’t make you look ill, but still gives a nice wash of color over the lids. Also love apply a bit of it as a blush – look incredibly flattering. MAC Eyeshadow in All That Glitters – everybody’s love – is there anything else to say? Perfect pinky champaigny shade. Another option is INGLOT‘s eyeshadow in 361M – it’s way more orange than the MAC one, but too brightly, I’d say it lies more in the pastel-ish family.

Nails: Zoya nail polish in Charisma – the brightest magenta I’ve ever seen – may be doesn’t apply perfectly to the pinky-coral category, but I just cannot NOT mention it. So bright, so beautiful and so unique. Essie in Cute As a Button – the perfect shade for summer – make your look tanner and looks more sophisticated then usual pink or orange. And last but not least are my oranges – the red orange one and the peach pastel – Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra in Hip Hop (let’s just have some time to appreciate the name, shall we?) and KIKO in 359 (this one looks incredibly on the toes as well and even better with some tan).

Lips: Let’s be honest here – I’m not a lip product girl, like AT ALL. I barely use my few lipsticks, I don’t have a lip liner, not even one, so the only products I use on my lips are either lip balms or lip glosses. But I do have a favorite ones. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 – probably the most talked about lip product in the blogging community and there is a reason reasons for that. Non-stickey, hydrating, squeeze tube, foam applicator, not shimmery. I can go on and on. The next ones are Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip glosses – the recent launch of everyone’s favorite YouTuber Tanya. I went for non-shimmery ones and more neutral ones – Afternoon Tea and Chic. I have to say, I’m really tempted to try the bright red one and bright fuchsia one.

What are you pinky orange picks for the June?


Maybelline Diamond Glow

Well, it’s just a matter of time when the new eyeshadow land into my stash. I love MAC eyeshadows for their color range and pan-palette system, I love Urban Decay for their buttery texture and Inglot ones for availability and lower price range.


When I saw this Maybelline Diamond Glow quad in Coral Drama, I just fell in love with it. I just screams faaaaaall, don’t you think so? This it a perfect selection of colors – by using only these you have create perfect either daytime or night look. Even on the back of the packaging it gives a detailed instruction how and where to apply the colors.


The 1st shade is perfect for inner-conner highlight or under the brow bone.

The 2nd one is on the peachier side and looks incredible all over the lid during the day – or you can smoke it up with darker shade for a night out.

The next shade is soo eye-catching – pink-ish coral-ish goddess. I like to place it in the middle of the lid, to make it more vibrant, stylish and ‘something-something‘.

The last one in the palette is reddish brown shade – versatile shade – either all over the lid for dramatic look or in the crease for smokey-eye business.

The texture is not chalky at all – there are even quite buttery, soft and smooth. They are nice, like really nice. I think I’m gonna check out some other quads.

They are also pretty shimmery, like and name Diamond Glow is suggesting, so if you are more a matt girl, then you should think twice before buying it, but if you are like me, shimmer fan , then this is the one. Definitely check it out.

I been using this palette for the past week a lot. I think it’s good for traveling in terms of shades, so easy to full of any look, though the packaging leaves more to be desired – I’m afraid it’s not very practical and sturdy. But I doubt it will stop me from taking it on holidays.

Have you tried recently any good eyeshadows? I’m ready to expand my wishlist.



Well hello guys!

Firstly I wanna state right away – I hate rainy weather. Now where I live it’s constantly raining and you now that heavily, but that tinny tiny crapy one, the one that it so annoying and freezing. oh…even now I feel angry :)

Done with weather issue – moving to more pleasant topic – beauty.


My first love is Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The most hyped up skincare products out there in the beauty community I suppose. It’s a toner / miss packed with essential oils. I use it in the morning as a toner and during the day when I feel the skin tightens. You know that feeling, like someone’s pulling you skin in a different direction. Yes, I know – I’m a weird person with strange feelings. As I said because of the crapy weather my skin feels less hydrated and need a boost – this is the bit to go for!

Makeup wise – Maybelline Diamond Glow quad in Coral Drama. Love from 1st sight. I love all the colors, the texture, the versatility – everything about it. Stay tuned for in-depth review with swatch tomorrow morning. For now you can just trust me – it’s a good one!

Ultimate care staff – jojoba oil. I’ve already spoken about it in my Monday post and yes, I feel like it should do it once again. It’s just an amazing oil, good for hair, face, body, nails. All-rounder. Travel-friendly. Money-saver. Just read the Monday post, I listed all concerns it can cope with.

Tangle Teezer. This is perfect brush – it make the brushing process miracle – knots detangler, scalp massager, hand sizer, color admiration. You can use on both wet and dry hair. I love spreading hair serums / oils / treatments with this, it makes it evenly and no greasy hands. Dah!

Another exciting announcement made my week. Have you heard? Do you know the one I’m talking about? MAC Disney Maleficent Collection (spring 2014). I haven’t seen any of the products yet, nothing, but I knew then and there – the packing should be amazing, I have to have something just for the sake of the packaging. We all are fond of cool packaging / embellishments / signs. Please, tell me I’m not the only one!

Do you have any recommendation for me to try out? What have you been loving lately?