One Shade Does It All

Well, it’s cold here in Russia and it’s an only intro to the post I can think of. You won’t be able to see me without a take-away coffee anymore – I need to keep me warm and cosy every time and every where. But today we are talking eye shadows. Quick twist from weather – this is how my mind works – r-a-n-d-o-m-l-y.

I never skip eyeshadow – this is probably what you already know if you read my blog for some time. I always want more and more eyeshadows and who cares that I will never ever finish them all.


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If You Don’t Have …

Getting read in the morning – especially early mornings – can be hard. You are half sleepy and half hungry and yet you have to pack you iPhone charger, pen, money, gum, makeup and etc. And it’s possible you forget something – if you have a have a long busy day – it’s a problem. Today I’d like to help you with the forgotten makeup part.

 So If You Don’t Have …


an eyeshadow – use a lipstick. And no, I’m not talking about those bright oranges or fuchsias. You can easily replace an eyeshadow with a long-lasting lipstick. Just pick some taupe-ish, bronze-ish shades – either matte or shimmery – both will do. And you don’t need a brush, it’s it a bonus? Applied straight from the bullet, smudges with a finger and you are good to go.

a blush – again use a lipstick. And here you can go with any color – coral, orange, pink, even nude one, why not? If you have a crazy smokey eye going on this is actually what will look more flattering and subtle enough. In order not to go overboard, take a little bit on the your finger, take off the excess on the back of you hand and after that tap it gently and lightly on your cheeks. Take you time – it’s better to layer a product for intensity than trying to get it off.

a lipgloss – use either light cream eyeshadow or a cream highlighter. You can apply it over the lipstick for a little sheen or on the bare lips for more natural look. The shade palette is pretty wide – whites, pinks, barely there browns, nudes, depending on what you are going for.

a sculpting product – darker foundation. This is more of a at home based trick, but still. We all have either mismatched foundations or ‘summer’ foundation, so grab those, apply them under the cheekbone and blend it upwards wither with your fingers or with a brush depending on you preference.

time – pretty frequent. Apply you base – foundation/tinted moisturizer – on the forehead, nose and chin and blend it outwards to avoid any harsh lines. For lips just effortlessly tap a bit of your favorite lipstick in Alexa Chung style and you are good to go.

Hope that was interesting for you and you learnt something new for you. Cause I’m certainly starting to incorporate some of those techniques into my ordinary makeup routine.

Which is your favorite ‘substitution’ mentioned? I’d be glad to hear them!



Light packing – tips and tricks

Third post of my ‘Travel With Me’ series! Hope you enjoy them, cause I have so much fun planning those posts and I put a real effort writing them and snapping interesting pictures.


Being a constant overpacked it is really a challenge for me to pack only necessary things – the ones I actually going to use and not just bring on holidays and then bring back home without even touching them. So I’ve accumulated several tips and trick for healthy beauty packing.

  1. Depotting and decanning. Don’t pack massive bottles of foundations / primers / moisturizers / face masks. Little pots are you best friends during holidays. Roughly estimate the amount of each you may need and leave those heavy bulky bottles at home (especially glass ones – heavy and impractical)
  2. Mutli-purpose items. Try to find things that can do several jobs – lip and cheek tints, cream eyeshadows for lids and highlighting purposes, oils good for face, hands and body, brushes that allows you to do your whole face makeup – foundation / blush / bronzer
  3. Palettes. if you have palettes with eye colors / blushes / eye pencils / bronzers – this is what you have to take. Don’t pack a full amount of individual bits – you are not going to use them anyway (we all been there, right?). Even if it does an eye palette it’s better then single eyeshadow for different looks, eyeshadows for brows and inner conner highlight, I’m I right? Hope so. Oh simple use some sort of Z-palettes or Unii-palettes.
  4. Skip some steps. For example some fancy hair treatments / masks – can you just live one week with out them? Probably you can with out even noticing it. Give youself a break. No heating tools -> no heat protectants. You see? The luggage is getting smaller and lighter. 
  5. And finally – samples. You know those shopping days when you got a lot of samples and you never end up even looking through them? Well anyway I do that. I have a small box where I store ALL my samples, so when I go on holidays this comes really handy. I have everything I need there – night creams, some serums, shampoos, conditioners, nail polish removing pads, masks…All you will ever need. Just give it a good=deep dig. This is also brings the topic of travel-sized beauty. Pretty much self-explanatory, right?


Some product recommendations: Coconut Oil for hands, feet, face, hair, cuticle. MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study as eyeshadow base, highlighter, eyeshadow, inner corner pop. NARS duo in Laguna / Orgasm – 2 in 1. MAC palette – eyelid colors + brow shade. Empty pots from Essence, KIKO, Body Shop. Real Techniques Multi-task brush – blush / bronzer / powder buddy.


What are your tips on easy and light packing? Help me out even more! If you have any questions – do not hesitate asking them, I’d love some feedback!


Running-late Makeup

We all have those days when we either running late or we had to get up early and didn’t want to spend 30mins to get ready. This is when my staple products came very very handy. Only 5 products. Like a 5 product face challenge. Well… I’ve passed that one.


FACE: when it comes to those days I want a foundation that will cover all imperfections, even the skin tone and cover the dark circles enough not to use concealer. Soluction? MAC Face&Body in C2. I love this one and this is my 1st serious foundation I’ve bought. Apply it my hands (another benefit for those days, right?), dab extra amount where necessary. Full rambling about it here (and other my face bases). Contouring / highlighting / blushing? Clarins Face and Blush palette. All in one – bronzer / blusher / bag friendly compact. I’m so glad I’ve picked this one, sorry guys, limited edition one. But Clarins comes out every season with something similar like this, no worries.

EYES: I think that brows are crucial part of makeup – they form the face, make you look more put together and seems like you spent more time and effort on getting ready that you actually did. Wins everywhere. My easy tool is Bobby Brown Brow Natural Brow Shaper. Tinted gel locks brows in place for the whole day. Easy-peasy. Eyeshadow? Another easy-peasy bit – Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. One sweep all over the lid and your are done. You can layer it for more intense look and sheer out just to sparkling veil. Mascara choice is obvious – Maybelline the Rocket one. This is one of my favorite ones – long / curled / voluminous lashes. One coat you are good to go.

This is literally takes 5 minutes to pile on and you are left with pretty face that looks sophisticated, finished and sparkly. Just what we are going for. And no tools required, how cool is that?

What are your savers during mornings in a rush?




Diptyque again – Candle again.


Since I received this set I wanted to burn every single candle and see how they smell and how they act (I’ve never tried the Diptyque ones before). Well I can say – they are damn good. Damn and pricey.


Bloggers are keep raving about Figuier one. When you burn it, yes it smell fresh in the room, for sure. Something easy, breezy and the fig scent. It’s the scent you practically don’t notice it, I mean it’s not obsessive.

They burn slow. The small but I think the can last pretty long. That’s promising.

I’m already planning some DIYs I can do from those mini glass pots. They are just so cute and adorable. If you have any ideas, I’m happy to hear them.

Have you tried any Diptyque candles? What scent is you fav?



As I promised the ‘Baked Apples’ recipe is going live.

The perfect dessert – easy to make, to serve, to spice up, to eat and the most important thing – you stay healthy since there are no additional sugar, no extra fat, all natural and low in calories. Am I dreaming? Low-calory sweet treat.


You will need:

  • apples (as many as you like)
  • raisins
  • nuts
  • honey
  • dry fruit of your choice

There are tons of variations as far as filling is concerned. You may put only nuts or only raisins, you can even leave then ‘naked’ (as on the picture)


Preheat your oven to 170 degrees. Cut out the cores with a knife or a special cutter – I’ve used knife,  there is not point in being fancy with this recipe – it is that easy as it can be. Place your apples into any the baking tin they’ll fit in. Then be creative – chop some nuts (hazelnuts and almonds taste incredible together) and some dry fruits (raisins and some prunes) and cover the holes in the apples with that mixture. On the top pour about a tablespoon of honey and for spices I love to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg on top and into the oven for 20-30 minutes or until they ‘get wrinkles’.

TIP: If it an adult treat you may add a bit of rum there to spice it up a bit.

You may serve them plain if you filled them already or if you have ‘naked’ ones or you have guests that are fond of ice-cream you can place a little scoop of vanilla ice-cream by the apple side. Those flavors compliment each other so nicely – just so yummy!

Hope you try this recipe and happy friday everyone!


I Got Half-Mooned

The closer the Christmas time the sparklier and more festive nail polishes I tend to wear. I’ve already done a talk-through tutorials on Christmas nail art here, but today I’m going to share with you something more wearable and easier to do (and faster – yay!) – a.k.a. half-moon manicure.You can even convince you mum trying this out since it looks mature and sophisticated. Well, at least my mom found that design very interesting and tempting.


You will need: 2 nail polishes of complimenting shades, top coat and either a french manicure tapes or some reinforcement stickers.


Step 1: apply 2 coats of desired glitter / shimmer nail polish (my option is OPI ‘My Favorite Ornament’) on all of your nails and let them dry completely (at least 30 minutes) before you applying stickers cause you may ruin the whole base

Step 2: place the stickers on all of you nails mimicking the shape of the moon and press them pretty firmly to avoid any leaking underneath

Step 3: paint the top half with dark blue (I’m using INM in Dark Navy) until desired opacity or as I did – 2 coats

Step 4: after you are done with you final coat on the final nail you can start pulling of the sticker – remember to be gentle. I mean it

Step 5: apply a shiny top coat

This half-moon design is very versatile not just in terms of color combinations but in terms of texture combinations. You may stick with one shade family just one is glitter and the other is pure cream. You can even have one liquid sand and cream. You see, tons of recreations.

What color would you choose for your half-moon manicure? Need some inspiration for later on!


Christmas Nails

Time for another Christmas post. Gosh, I getting so excited and I hope I can transfer that feeling to my posts and inspire you all. Actually, I don’t know what it is, I’ve never looked forward that much for Christmas like I do now – this year. But I’m very festy as you may notice.


Okay, back to beauty. It’s nails time today! Being a total nail polish junkie I’m always trying a way to use more than one nail polish at a time – I need to justify having that much, damn!

What can be more christmasy than having a snowman, santa, candy cane and a christmas tree?


On my pinky I went for yummies – candy cane. I’m painted Paint your nails white (I’ve applied 2 coats of Essie ‘Blanc’) and let them dry completely. Then take a scotch/sticky tape and cut out very thin stripes and place them on the nail depending on how thick you want. (A tip here! Before sticking those stripes on the nail, stick them on your hand several times to make them less harsh, so they won’t rip off the white nail polish). Them paint over red nail polish until desired opacity and remove the scotch before it dries. I went with sparkly red – Essie ‘Lady Like’ from my ‘Hello December‘.

Moving on to ring finger – snowmen. Again paint your nail white and let it dry. Then take a tooth pick dipped into a black (my option is Essie ‘Licorice’ – best black I’ve ever had) and fill 1/3 of the nail, follow it up with 2 bigger dots for eyes and 5-ish smaller ones for mount. Add a little carrot nose and you’re done!

Middle finger – the easiest. I didn’t want to overload the overall look with to many designs so I went with a plain sparkle nail. I’ve used OPI ‘My favorite Ornament’ and it a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Opaque in 2 coats. This is definite stand out for me from Mariah Carey collection (and a must-have, yes).

For the index finger I couldn’t not to paint Santa. Start by painting 1/3 of you nail red – Santa’s hat (I’ve used OPI ‘Big Red Apple’), then drag whiskers on both sides of the nail. Take a toothpick to dot the eyes and with a dotting tool (or same trusty toothpick) finish off the beard. Take a pastel pink for a nose. I’ve used OPI ‘Mod about you’ and  the actual nail polish brush for that. Yay, now you have your own Santa – make a wish!

The thumb is left with a Christmas tree. Paint you nail white and then using different shades of green (darker one – OPI ‘Jade is the New Black’ and lighter -) dot the tree. Then add some lights with red nail polish and yellow dot for a star on the top.


You don’t have to paint all of your nail that way, you may do one as an ascent finger or use one design for all of your nails – totally up to you. Have fun!

What is your favorite design of those?