Top Summer Picks

When Bella and I decided to do a collar post we knew we wanted it to be a summer inspired and what can be more summery than some product recommendations? After done with reading my post go over to Bella’s blog.


As far as makeup goes is pretty obvious, right? Self-taner, bright eyeliner and tinted lip balm. This summer purple is in trend right now which I couldn’t been more pumped about since it’s my favorite color. For that I can rely on my new-ish MAC Designer Purple eyeliner – full review here. Bright, sparkling purple goddess. Nothing else to say. Summer is time for minis  – shorts, skirts and for glowy healthy wash of color I love to use Caudalie Divine Legs – it bronzy shimmery lotion that you apply onto you legs (and arms as I do) and you forget about pale veiny skin for the day. In the evening you just rinse it off and you are pale again – sad.. but tomorrow is the the day, right? *wink-wink*. And to protect your lips but still give a slight tint – love my little pot – Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. It nourishes the lips, gives them the wet finish with pink hue (in a good way of course).


The more interesting part – nails. Here things are getting more interesting and experimenting. Liquid sand, neon and trend color. As for liquid sand I go for OPI – Can’t Let Go shade was part of the Mariah Carey collection. It dries very quickly, lasts on the nails pretty long and sparkles on the sunshine. As for neon I love Orly Glowstick shade – it’s very acid yellow, the brightest you can imagine. I’d recommend using a white polish base to make it more opaque and easier to apply (neons can be tricky). For trend color I’ve chose blue shade. Bright cobalt aqua blue – Essie in Strut Your Staff nail polish. It’s part of the new summer collection and I could not not pick it up.

I loved doing this collar – if some of you have any other ideas for my posts or you want to do a collar with me, I’d be happy to participate!


Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in ‘Chaos’

Hello, my name is Sonya and I’m a cobalt addict. Remember I’ve told you that cobalt blues are huge right now? I’ve already mention my love for Nail Inc ‘Baker Street’ and Butter London ‘Royal Blue’ in my WEEK HEROES. There is also was a fashion cobalt fav, remember that scarf? But for this time we gonna leave nails behind and move on to face makeup. Image Those colors are really hard to use on a daily basis, I really jealous for people who can easily put on green / red eyeshadows and look gorgeous. I even know people who can pull off purple eyeliner… I don’t know… I’m scared of those. But you should one day, right? Well, my day has come. Today’s magic tool is Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Chaos* – £14.00 – from Lookfantastic. You know my passion for their pencils – long-lasting, creamy, blendable, easy-to work-with – a m a z i n g . They also have enormous shade range.  IMG_0160 ‘Chaos’ is a bright cobalt blue – no shimmer, mattest matt. This shade got me really thinking about how to use it to still feel confident in it. I went for coppery browny lids and this pencil on my lower lash line and on the waterline. I want to be honest – I really enjoyed the way it turned out. Honestly. I got so many compliments and surely gonna wear this look even more than once!
The pencil gets huge thumbs up from me, cannot recommend this enough, as well as other Urban Decay shade – you cannot go wrong with any of them. And don’t be afraid of colors – experiment. Be bright and listen to others. If you love your blue / green / purple eyeliners (like I do now) – rock them! -S

*PR sample

The TOPSHOP recreation.

The Fashion Week just couldn’t pass by and didn’t leave a sign at least one time at a blog. I’ve look through many make-up looks, but just one stole my heart and soul. The TOPSHOP Unique, you did it well. Image

I don’t have any TOPSHOP beauty products, but I dug through my stash and found some options and it’s a recreation after all, right?


I’ve decided to start with the eyes in order to avoid any fall-out if any. All over the lid I went with warm orange-osh brown shade. Since I don’t have an eyeshadow that color, I used NYC bronzer in Sunny – perfect browny orangy shade.  Little tip for you here – if you don’t have a certain eyeshadow don’t rush buying it, just look through your make-up and you may find this shade in other beauty bits – you just never though of using them aside their real purpose! You may wing an eyeshadow slightly depending on your eye shape – I’m gonna wing towards  my temple. Then I’m taking a black khol – I’ve chosen my one and only black eye pencil Chanel Le Crayon Khol Intense Eye Pencil in Noir (but any black will do, just make sure it’s creamy) and put it all over the waterline and you don’t have to be very neat – the messier the better! Also drag a bit along the upper lash line and smudge everything – top and bottom. Then take shimmer silver or shimmer turquoise-ish shade – my option is Inglot one and place in the inner conner pretty heavily and drag up and down to blend with the black liner. One coat of mascara – Maybelline the Rocket, brushed brows with a clear gel. Now the base – I’ve decided to go with Rimmel Wake me up foundation (the one I’ve raved about here), since it gives nice coverage and also provides healthy glow. To shape the face a bit I used the Clarins Expression Face and Blush Powder Palette (yep, I got my hands on it and it’s gorgeous. review?). I went with brown shades to warm up the face and for blush I swirled all over the compact to get that peachy pink glow. For the lips I’ve patted a bit of lipbalm or you can use peachy lipstick – just dab a bit – almost invisible hint.


And now you’re done! Do you like that make-up look? Should I do more of those recreations? Comment below – I’d love you hear from you.


P.S. The model pictures are taken from the official web-site.