One Shade Does It All

Well, it’s cold here in Russia and it’s an only intro to the post I can think of. You won’t be able to see me without a take-away coffee anymore – I need to keep me warm and cosy every time and every where. But today we are talking eye shadows. Quick twist from weather – this is how my mind works – r-a-n-d-o-m-l-y.

I never skip eyeshadow – this is probably what you already know if you read my blog for some time. I always want more and more eyeshadows and who cares that I will never ever finish them all.


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The Love For Lilac

I’m a huge fan of easy makeup – 2in1 products, multi-purpose oils, chubby sticks… you know the deal, right? And recently I’ve been obsessed with eyeshadow sticks – they are so easy to work with – apply from the bullet, smudge with finger and you are done!


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Silver Sun by MAC

When I first saw risers for MAC’s Summer 2014 Collection – Alluring Aquatic I was blown away. Just how gorgeous is the packaging… It’s worth picking something up just for the sake of those compacts. I knew I don’t need anything in particular, but being an eyeshadow lover I knew where to start. 

At first I wanted to buy the shade Lorelei, but swatching them with All That Glitters side to side in the store I’ve noticed they are quite similar, so I went for something more interesting and unique – a.k.a Silver Sun – available here (hopefully) – £16.50.


All eyeshadows in the collection are extra-dimension ones, so they are softer and very buttery. The color in incredible – it’s mossy green, it’s grey, it’s teal, it’s turquoise – a bit of everything. I did played around with it already and it looks equally beautiful as full on smokey eye – with MAC ‘Club’ – and with simple one-coat-mascara-&-sculpted-face makeup. 


Here I’ve swatted it with a primer and with no primer – the former has slightly more pay-off, but nothing too dramatic. 


Would I recommend this shade? Definitely – if you can still get your hands on that – I highly suggest doing that. I know it’s been out for a while, but maybe you are lucky enough to grab it. 

Have you picked anything from Alluring Aquatic collection? Tell me in the comments below!



If You Don’t Have …

Getting read in the morning – especially early mornings – can be hard. You are half sleepy and half hungry and yet you have to pack you iPhone charger, pen, money, gum, makeup and etc. And it’s possible you forget something – if you have a have a long busy day – it’s a problem. Today I’d like to help you with the forgotten makeup part.

 So If You Don’t Have …


an eyeshadow – use a lipstick. And no, I’m not talking about those bright oranges or fuchsias. You can easily replace an eyeshadow with a long-lasting lipstick. Just pick some taupe-ish, bronze-ish shades – either matte or shimmery – both will do. And you don’t need a brush, it’s it a bonus? Applied straight from the bullet, smudges with a finger and you are good to go.

a blush – again use a lipstick. And here you can go with any color – coral, orange, pink, even nude one, why not? If you have a crazy smokey eye going on this is actually what will look more flattering and subtle enough. In order not to go overboard, take a little bit on the your finger, take off the excess on the back of you hand and after that tap it gently and lightly on your cheeks. Take you time – it’s better to layer a product for intensity than trying to get it off.

a lipgloss – use either light cream eyeshadow or a cream highlighter. You can apply it over the lipstick for a little sheen or on the bare lips for more natural look. The shade palette is pretty wide – whites, pinks, barely there browns, nudes, depending on what you are going for.

a sculpting product – darker foundation. This is more of a at home based trick, but still. We all have either mismatched foundations or ‘summer’ foundation, so grab those, apply them under the cheekbone and blend it upwards wither with your fingers or with a brush depending on you preference.

time – pretty frequent. Apply you base – foundation/tinted moisturizer – on the forehead, nose and chin and blend it outwards to avoid any harsh lines. For lips just effortlessly tap a bit of your favorite lipstick in Alexa Chung style and you are good to go.

Hope that was interesting for you and you learnt something new for you. Cause I’m certainly starting to incorporate some of those techniques into my ordinary makeup routine.

Which is your favorite ‘substitution’ mentioned? I’d be glad to hear them!




Time to bring those bad boys back, don’t you agree? I wan’t post them every week, maybe once every other week or even once a month just not to bore with some products over and over again and not just post for the sake of posting, that’s just not fair, right?


The first on the menu is my beloved Naked palette – the original baby. It’s actually the only Naked I own, still deciding on Naked3. Love the shades, love the texture, the pigmentation. This month I was obsessing over Sin shade – shimmery pale pink – dust it all over the eyelid with a fluffy brush, a bit of mascara and you’re done.

Diptyque Baies Candle – my teeny tine candle from Space NK set I’ve talked about here (similar available here and here). The description says ‘bouquet of roses and blackcurrent leaves’ and it’s definitely has that fruity scent but not overpowering at all – sweet but fresh.

Erborian CC Cream HD – full review here – the perfect light-weight correcting base for summer and it has SPF of 45, nothing more to expect and desire. Nothing else to say really apart from that I love it so much that after using it up I will purchase the full size.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go – lately I’ve out more than I stay at home, so I threw this oil in my bag that I can always have something to moisturize my cuticles throughout the day. The oil  absorbs pretty quickly (hate those greasy hands) and make the cuticle look neat and tidy. Travel friendly size makes it even more loved – can be fitted even into the smallest purse.

Random favorite? Why not. TV show obsession time – GLEE. I don’t’ know where I’ve been before but now I’m hooked. I’m been watching it for a several weeks and I’m on season 5 already. Shocker. There are so many good old-school songs and of course I’ve downloaded all soundtracks – as you can see obsession level is VERY high.

Do you have any stand out products this week? Have you tried any of those products?


Shopping therapy

What can be more uplifting than a new beauty bits to play with? I love new things. Unpacking / swatting / taking pictures / trying different combinations… you know the jazz, right?

So recently I’ve been naughty and went shopping and bought quite a few things – eyeshadow, some skincare staff and nails (I just couldn’t pass that category, could I?)



Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer – I’ve hearing that most people adore that one, and even compare it to Smashbox ones which quite a deal… So when I’ve spotted that last (!) one in the store I thought it was faith. I just have to take it back home with me. Haven’t tried that one in action yet, but in the store I did test it out and liked the texture and feeling after applying it. We shall wait until a night out to test a primer, right?

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Hand Cream – I was on a hunt for a new hand cream and Body Shop had a huge sale on all their bits and I couldn’t say NO. It hydrates the skin, absorb fast and easily, doesn’t leave greasy feeling – nothing, smells divine and… handbag friendly size. Some blind but lucky purchase.

Nails. For sure. Misa nail polish in Throw Me Something Purple Please – gorgeous shade. Pure periwinkle. Not too purple not too blue, just perfect shade. Looks very flattering and adds some sophisticated touch to the hands, it looks sleek and expensive, if you know what I mean…

100% Coconut Oil – this is becoming very-loved product among beauty bloggers. How and where to use is coming live soon, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s pretty affordable and can be used so differently. And since it is in a form of hard oil (it melts of your hands heat) it is travel friendly – no spills, no liquid in a bag and nice pot to carry around.

MAC eyeshadow in Cranberry – classic MAC’s shade. The one I always swatted but was hesitating to buy – common on, it’s pinky burgundy shade that you suppose to use on your eyelids. How cute is that? You know it is actually very beautiful. I didn’t have a lot of time playing with it, but I already love that shade. Great in the middle of eyelid over the browns for pop of color or all over the lid with heavy bronze-ish matte (!) crease blending. Planning to do a blog post on ‘How to use MAC’s Cranberry’. Would you be interested?

Have you bought something interesting lately? Share with me, let me be sneaky.



Another week another favorites. I think with out further do I’ll just jump into products and random staff. 

My Inglot palette was feeling lonely so I’ve decided to get more use out of it. This week’s shade is shimmery brown one – Inglot #423P. Such a nice do-it-all shade. Good all over the lid shade – provides a nice wash of color, appropriate for day’n’night, subtle but yet noticeable shine. 

Since summer is way behind and I’m a fan of alive a.k.a. dewy skin this guy was pretty handy this week. KIKO Glow. I’ve been applying it underneath the foundation to have to glow from beneath. Mission accomplished, my skin looked better and fresher. 

Tyrone Wells. I use Shazam app on a daily basis and this artist appeared several times there so I thought I must of love his songs. They are relaxing / calming / the words are incredible. My favorite ones are ‘Time of Our Lives‘ and ‘This is Beautiful‘.


TV Show? Vampire Dairies. I’ve been hooked on this show a long time ago but then the summer started – no computer, no wifi and all that staff… But this week I got on track back and rewatched the whole 3 seasons. The better is yet to come. 

A bit of makeup at the end. Mascara. Maybelline the Rocket one. I recently bought it and forgot how much I loved it. I just incredible. Make my lashes long an curved and full of volume. Just what I need. 

What was your favorite things this week? Please leave a comment below.



So now when the holidays are over and all the presents are unwrapped I’ve noticed that there are still things that I won and planning on sneaking into my expenditures.

Being a complete eyeshadow lover there is one item that not just want in my life but I need. Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Seems like this one is the one to rule them all. Well, just what doctor ordered. Next time in a store … or SpaceNK sells them cheaper that stores in my country…


Some more eyeliners. Yep, go ahead – never enough. I want an emerald green one. I do have some MAC ones, some MUFE, Urban Decay ones, so I’ve decided to try something new – there is so much more out there in the beauty world, right? Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place pencil in Forest. There are Double Wear range seems to be liked by everyone, hope this one is good as well.

More eyes? Why not, right? MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry (swatch belongs to Temptalia). I’ve eyeing this shade for a while convincing myself I don’t need it, but I just can’t resist. Every time I see a burgundy tutorial on YouTube it makes me wanna it even more. I think I just have to let it go and let this purchase (dream one) happen.

Some tools. Again as with eyeshadow ,you can never have enough brushes. I still haven’t picked up the Real Techniques Duo Fibre set and I’m upset about it. I-NEED-IT. Can be picked up from FeelUnique – as soon as they are in stock. I’ll notify you :)

A bit of skincare. I’m on a hunt for a new Toner. There is nothing particular I want, so if you have something to recommend me… please do. I have normal-dry skin, nothing serious. Before I was using Clarins one. I like it, but want to try something else.

What do you have in your current wish list?



I’m so excited – this is the latest Sunday before Christmas and one more Sunday till New Year. The Christmas tree is set and decorated, the presents are bought / wrapped and place under the tree. I cannot wait till holiday dinners, presents exchange, festive mood.

This week was pretty intense – that menu planning, last-minute shopping, wrapping business – I barely had time and mood to wear makeup, but I still managed to throw some beauty bobs and bits.


MAC eyeshadow in Patina – browny goldfish – (swatch here). You can apply it light-handed and have pretty gold wash of color or you may go heavier and pile it on you get that brown, grey-ish tone to show up. Wore both ways, love both ways.

Seche Vite top coat. I’m sure you all heard about that legendary topcoat. It dries your nails super fast, leaves them with unbelievable shine and makes the nail polish last longer. I’ve used it a lot in the past but didn’t end up repurchasing. Recently saw one in the store and felt back in love. It’s just incredible and I can forgive its strong scent and it has some super strong one, trust me…

Korres lip butter in Jasmine. Slightly tinted lip balm that not only revives you lips and helps with chapped lips and it also gives a pink-ish shine. You can wear it as a lip gloss with smokey eyes or just on a no-makeup makeup days and you don’t have to worry about moisturizing lips constantly. The only down side is pot packaging – not the most convenient and hygienic staff to use on the go.

Desperate Housewives – my all-time favorite TV show ( they are battling with Sex and the City for the 1st place). I’ve watched it already several times. It also comes so handy while wrapping the presents – episode after episode and the pile of presents is getting smaller. Pleasant + effective! Me likey.

Last but not least – song favorite. The Christmas season isn’t complete without a festive song, right? Beautiful Christmas by Big Time Rush. I have that on repeat everyone – on my computer, in  my car, in the speakers…I just keeps me going and energies me – like batteries (or coffee a.k.a my weakness)

How prepared are you guys for Christmas? Hope you are all doing great – happy Sunday!


BellaPierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow

Being a complete eyeshadow addict I always like to try something new. I cannot leave a drugstore without picking up a shade or two (or a palette, oops). Remember that new Maybelline quad? Neither can I miss a good investment in MAC eyeshadow or a decent luxury quad/little palette – you can never treat yourself enough, right?

I’m always tempted to try loose eyeshadows, I think this is such a unique concept to eye makeup – can be used wet or dry (as a line-liner), sheer or fully layered.


BellaPierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow in Calm* – £12.99 – from Beauty Expert. Those eyeshadows are perfect for sensitive-eye girls – there are hypoallergenic, formulated with natural mica mineral & no additional additives / talc. The shade range is pretty wide – from pale highlighting to even bright green.

The shade I have is ‘Calm’ – the color itself is completely opposite to the name – nothing calming – outstanding shimmer goddess. Purply grey-ish shade with colorful glitter particles – yellow, green, turquoise, purple. Oh…pure fairy dust.


The color and shimmer itself are very hard to pick up on camera…but here is the general color


I found that it should be applied with eye primer on to ‘glue’ it and to make it last longer. I wore it with eye-primer and no creasing / falling offs / fading.

It’s a perfect shade for a night out – I packed the eyeshadow all over the lid and just soften a bit the crease with a warm brown shade. Plenty of mascara, subtle blush and you are good to go. And always make your brows with intense eye look – fill them in with either pencil or an eyeshadow.


Excuse the background, but you follow the natural light and mine happened to be in the kitchen :)


With removing the eyeshadow I also had no issues. Bioderma or even simple oil (jojoba, almond, even olive) will do the job. I’m more than happy with using those eyeshadows.

I also wanna share with you some tricks when messing playing around with loose eyeshadows:

  • fall-outs happen – make sure you either do your foundation after or place a tissue under not to ruin the base
  • flat brushes or fingers are your best friends – such eyeshadows should not be dragged over the lids, only patting motions
  • newbies can use loose eyeshadows – if you are new to make up and afraid to use those types of eyeshadow, put a matt eyeshadow all over the lid and place a pigment only to the lid center to make your eyes pop

Hope you find my post helpful and will give those eyeshadow a try – the definitely worth it.


*PR sample