The Plumy baby

It’s been awhile since I’m chasing Mavala nail polishes. Their packaging is just exquisite – very different from other nail polish bottles. The bottle is small so you are more likely to finish one and this metal lid – it sits in the hand so nicely.


Before I haven’t found a shade that I don’t own or something unique and that day came when I can across this one. Mavala nail polish in Amethyst. I’ve already mentioned it slightly in my yesterday’s post. I been wearing this polish for a week and I can’t get enough. It looks very polished and rich. That plum shade really compliments my skin tone and my nails length. I love everything about it.

As for staying power it also does a great job. With all this cooking and cleaning during the festives it stayed put I’d say 4-5 days (and then was repainted).

The brush is good. Not too thick not too thin. Nice one – easy to work with in other words.

Definitely gonna spy some more shades and seems like they recently (well in my country a least) launched some sort of liquid sands or however you wanna call this texture. Yes babies, get ready, mommy wants to adopt more of you.


Well hello guys!

Firstly I wanna state right away – I hate rainy weather. Now where I live it’s constantly raining and you now that heavily, but that tinny tiny crapy one, the one that it so annoying and freezing. oh…even now I feel angry :)

Done with weather issue – moving to more pleasant topic – beauty.


My first love is Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The most hyped up skincare products out there in the beauty community I suppose. It’s a toner / miss packed with essential oils. I use it in the morning as a toner and during the day when I feel the skin tightens. You know that feeling, like someone’s pulling you skin in a different direction. Yes, I know – I’m a weird person with strange feelings. As I said because of the crapy weather my skin feels less hydrated and need a boost – this is the bit to go for!

Makeup wise – Maybelline Diamond Glow quad in Coral Drama. Love from 1st sight. I love all the colors, the texture, the versatility – everything about it. Stay tuned for in-depth review with swatch tomorrow morning. For now you can just trust me – it’s a good one!

Ultimate care staff – jojoba oil. I’ve already spoken about it in my Monday post and yes, I feel like it should do it once again. It’s just an amazing oil, good for hair, face, body, nails. All-rounder. Travel-friendly. Money-saver. Just read the Monday post, I listed all concerns it can cope with.

Tangle Teezer. This is perfect brush – it make the brushing process miracle – knots detangler, scalp massager, hand sizer, color admiration. You can use on both wet and dry hair. I love spreading hair serums / oils / treatments with this, it makes it evenly and no greasy hands. Dah!

Another exciting announcement made my week. Have you heard? Do you know the one I’m talking about? MAC Disney Maleficent Collection (spring 2014). I haven’t seen any of the products yet, nothing, but I knew then and there – the packing should be amazing, I have to have something just for the sake of the packaging. We all are fond of cool packaging / embellishments / signs. Please, tell me I’m not the only one!

Do you have any recommendation for me to try out? What have you been loving lately?


Winter armor

The holiday season is approaching, and isn’t it the best part of colds – get cosy, warm and snuggle in huge and infinity, literally, scarfs and wear funny hats.

I’ve browsed few sites and found really good bits and bobs.

First on the menu – scarfs.


Esprit Fancy Yarn Snood – $33.82 – Lovely, cosy, warm / Zadig & Voltaire Bahamas Leopard Print Scarf – $265.19 – Probably not the warmest option, but the print – awesome / Monki Ragnhild Animal Print Scarf – $21.36 – Again the print to die for… / Monki Macy Super Chunky Knit Scarf – $35.60 – The one you want to put on and never take off! / ASOS Angora Mix Space Dye Snood – $49.83 – Is it only me or do you also feel how soft it is..? / ASOS Multi Knit Snood – $35.60 – The colors are just screaming – fall……. / Barts Jerry Multicoloured Snood – $76.51 – That combo of berry and turquoise – who doesn’t love that? / ASOS Check Snood – $32.04 – I just fell in love with checks – simple but sophisticated at the same time

Next up – gloves!


ASOS Reindeer Convertor Gloves – $17.80 – How adorable is that? So Christmasyyy / Orla Kiely Print Arm Warmers – $153.06 – Not the cheapest ones, but those definitely will keep you warm and safe. / Barts Chani Mittens – $35.58 – I can never get tired of coral. Never. / Whistles Tuck Stitch Mittens – $44.50 – Do you see how perfectly knitted they are? Totally worth the price tag! Love. / Johnstons Cashmere Gloves -$39.16 – Cashmere is immortal. You just have to have something, Why not invest in gloves?

Beanies time!


 Esprit Bobble Beanie – $33.82 – A good deep colored beanie – niiiice / Vans Happy Ollie Days Beanie – $35.60 – OMG. This is something I’m totally ordering. / ASOS Cable Pom Beanie – $17.80 – The neons are not letting go and making their way through cold seasons as well. Well done! / Barts Claire Faux Fur Bobble Beanie – $58.72 – Cute, just cute, and that fur pompom..!

Do you fancy any of those shown bits? What it you favorite bit?


China Glaze in action

The collection I cannot passed. I’m mostly cream and jelly lover, but shimmers are now happening to be ma thing! The collection I’m talking about is China Glaze Autumn Night. I’m not a bit picky with a nail polish, I want to buy something that it, something I don’t have – either color a texture wise.

There are several nail polishes, 3 to be specific, that caught my eye – the gold one, the purple and perfect rose gold for me. Image

Stay tuned for swatches since I’ve tried them all on, but from what I’ve heard and looked online I can asure you that the finish is not glittery a.k.a you don’t have to apply tones of topcoat to make your nails sleek and smooth.

The drying time is also promising. As far as staying power and removing option – cannot say more – the time will fix this.

But I’m in love with the shades anyways, so I’m not bothered, I can pass through problems!

Have you tried something from the collection? Something you want to het your hands on?


The grey, the nude, the metallic.

Fall, fall…And what’s the best way to feel the season that paint your nails a different color. We all aware that now everyone goes crazy over blue, my there are some trends that are ‘in’ all the time. And also there are some people what are not brave to experiment with wild colors or just OK with their own path.

Today I’ve pick several shades, that are pretty much neutrals, the ones do you don’t have to worry about matching the outfit. So let’s see what is on the menu.


Essie ‘Sand Tropez’. The nudest nude. This is my all-time fav one, cause it leaves your hands still alive and not dead the way some nude can. Also this is a good color in terms of work/school/college appropriate if you have some strict conditions there.

KIKO. This is one is a straight-up metallic. I find that it’s a good with/without topcoat color. If you not keen on metallics, don’t worry, there is a prescription for you too – glossy top. That color remains the same, shine appears and everyone is happy.

Chanel Particuliere. The only Chanel nail polish I have use. Remember those days (several season ago) when the browns just poppe-up..? Well, that was insane. Every brans tried to copy the shade, cause it’s was wow. I yes, I couldn’t resist either. I bought this one with a gift card (of course, who wants to pay a fortune on a nail polish?) and this a chic color for sure.

Essie ‘Merino Cool’. The purpe-ish grey. Whenever I wear it, people always ask me what is on my nails. Isn’t it a sigh that this one is damn good? I thinks it is. This one looks so goof on us, pale not-tanned guurls. This shade my mom likes a lot, which again BIG deal.

Essie ‘Smokin Hot’. This a darker, grayer version of ‘Merino Cool’, but still gorgeous. This is the shade for those who cannot wear black (for any reason), but still want something dark on the nails. Wanna look polished? This is your option.

Do you have any fav in this color category? I would love to hear them.


My MAC palette

When it comes to eyeshadows MAC is the first name that comes to mind in pretty much everyone’s head, right? I do love a good eyeshadow – the smooth texture, unique shade and chance to build a palette.

IMG_9947I have an old quad which content I rotate on a regular basis. Since I’m buying MAC eyeshadow in refiles – much cheaper and easier to store – that’s not a problem to combine current faves in one place.

The shades that get my most love this days are:

All That Glitters: I think this is the most talked about shade. Pinky peach shimmery shade that look flattering on every skin-tone and is a go-to eyeshadow for no-makeup makeup days.

Coquette. This is the shade I’m using for my brows. I know everyone is taking about Omega, Charcoal Brown, Espresso, but I found one that works for me, nay be I will try another shade on the further, but now I cannot justify buying another brow eyeshadow.

Patina. Gold-ish brown shade. I usually apply this all over the lid – sometimes leave it on its own or place something darker on the crease and under the eye a bit for a more defined look.

Club. This shade I would call the most recognized shade. The color that is okay, let’s say it strange. In the pot it’s brown, but as soon as you blend it you get a gorgeous brown with moss green metallic flex, it’s one of those do-it-all shades. If you are near the MAC counter, just swatch it, promise me!

IMG_0017 2


Do you have any MAC favs that didn’t make an appearance – I’m looking forward to your recommends ;)


And the award goes to …

Being a  nail polish junkie I’m always trying out new brands and color and want to use the puurfect match for each color category. The flattering green, the bright cobalt, the pastel-est pink, the pure black or the perfect burgundy shade. This time I think I found the nicest blue-jeans color. I think I will use it a lot this fall, especially that this color is pretty trendy this season. So the award for ‘sweetbounty best fall pick‘ goes to Zoya ‘Natty’.


This is my first Zoya nail polish and I quite like it, honestly. I’m not sure whether it’s only this color or the while range, but I found that the consistency is more liquid-ish than any other nail polish I have – and it’s a cream formula, not a jelly one – bare that in mind. I didn’t have any application troubles what so ever. The drying time again average. Moreover the Zoya’s benefit is toxic-free composition: toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). So if you worry about the ingredients and want to use only safe products – this should  be something to give a go. Now the price? 8$ on official web-site. Not bad, huh?

I bought mine offline, but I really want to know where I get hold of them online. If you have any ideas, please-please let me know!


To line or not to line…?

There are so many options when it comes to eyeliners – some of them waterproof and meant for waterline, some are creamy and cut be smudged on the upper lash-line and I will sort out another category – the ones you use however you like, is it the benefit of make-up to use it the way you want?

I’ve picked up several option that I’m planning on rocking this fall/winter. There are some pretty much expected browns, some unusual purples and greys. Let’s dig in?Image

The first option is Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl Kajal in purple. I like to pair in with matt brown eyeshadow and smudging it a bit on the lower lash-line. This looks a bit edgy (the edgy-est that the daytime can handle) and green-eye girls can also use this to make their eye color pop.

Next on the menu is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Rockstar. This is a dark burgundy-purple shade, that in certain lights can look pretty dark. When I first tried UD pencils I fell in love. Seriously. If you don’t own one, please, I’m begging you, save up some money and pick one up. You won’t regret spending a penny. It’s waterproof, creamy-dreamy and stays put. Ideal. Sometimes I’m rocking the Rockstar on its own, just with a bit of mascara.

The follower is Lancome Le Crayon Khol in grey. When I was younger I was fond of lining my waterline with a dark color, but I never used black – always though (and still do) that it’s just to much – so I’m a muted dark color lover. You ca barely guess that it was a grey pencil I’ve used, but the eyes are completely different then with a black one. It’s hard to explain, just try it, okay? :)

Another waterproof version – the taupe brown Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye pencil in 19L. Pure matt pure simple. I use it with brown smoky eyes to define the lash line to make it look wider and fuller. It stay the whole day/night and does the jog great. No complains.

There is always room for blues. My pick is Sephora Nano Eyes Crayon in 18 (blue jean). Even the name makes me love this pencil. For an blue eyeliner I got a pretty good use of it – I’m left with 1/2 of it, I think. Rich blue shade with a micro shimmer that practically unnoticeable when applied. I like to dot it on my lower lash-line for a definition, gives the oomph to the eye. Liiiike that.

And of course with an odd to UD pencils I just couldn’t squeeze another one. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Pencil in Underground.  A metallic taupe shade. This is all-round winner for me. As a liner with a flick? Done. Lash-line definition? Done. Lower lash-line job? Done. Eye base for shadows? Done, done, done!

Do you have any recommendation for me? Are there any must-have shades from UD 24/7 I should give a go? Please comment below, I really like to talk to you.


The Vampiest

Every fall I get excited about my dark nail polishes. During warm months they can look a bit inappropriate (but if you are in a mood – do what you like), so when the temperature is moving down and not up I’m wiping off the dust from my beloved darks. There are a lot of options you can go for – almost-black blues or purples, chocolate shades, pure blacks and my favourite category – burgundies and vampies.

There is the one nail polish that I can never live with out during fall and I won’t exchange for any other option (even some fancy-shmancy brand-ish one, yes yes, you heard me right). My hero is Essie ‘Bordeaux’. This is a jelly type, which means you need 3 coats at least since they are thin, BUT they dry pretty fast and the polish practically glides-on and doesn’t require any hard work.

ImageAnother thing with Essies’ nail polishes is their brush – thick and wide, which covers the whole nail with one swipe – isn’t it a dream? The packaging? I don’t know that white lid just begging me to buy it everytime the spot me – so sleek and elegant and they make a perfect-for-storage bit.

If you are still not converted, see the amount I’ve used up already – this is how I love it. Still thinking? Well, there are some rumors (shhh…) that this is a Chanel’s dupe for “Rouge Noir’ if you apply like 4 coats. I thinks it’s worth it. Hope you are on my side now and I got you hocked.

Do you have ant fabs for this category? Leave a comment please… :)