Best Leopard Flats

I’ve been looking for a perfect pair of flats for a while – I wanted them to be they-suit-everything kind of pair and plus I didn’t want them to be black – such a dilemma. Than I thought about leopard. It is just like a patterned black, right?

I don’t like to spend much money on flats – I’d better spend less and have more pairs or change them up every season.

So I came across Heel’s site… and my mind been blown. There are so many styles and colors and brands to choose from so you just cannot leave with out buying something!


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Hello August

I love August. Though it’s the last month of summer but you still have it – the whole month of sunshine, dresses, beach, sunglasses, cold cocktails and perhaps a vacation. And who won’t enjoy it? This month selection is very self-explanatory: beach essential, a makeup trend, a good old nail art and some randoms per usual. Let’s get nosey?


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When new season comes we are always up for changes – clothes, jobs, places and of course makeup. There are so many new launches and oldy-but-goody things I have yet to try, so I think it’s more than appropriate time for another ‘WISHLIST’ post. Maybe some of you have already tried something I want, some of you can take a little inspiration for upcoming Bdays or any other special occasion. So what do I have here…?


The new-launch: Shu Uemura Fall 2014 Vision of Beauty rocks. When I first saw this picture on BritishBeautyBlogger I was wowed. The colors, the packaging and especially that eyeshadow palette..divine. There are actually 2 upcoming palettes – head over to BBB to see the rest. 

The fashion: When summer comes I’m always on a hunt for a new cross body mini bag. I’ve seen a lot of pastel blue popping out here and there and I’ve decided I want something of that color. Then I’ve spotted this Bleecker Triple Zip Crossbody by Coach – available here – $178. It’s not cheap, but I now I will get a lot of use out of this and it will last m a long time. BUT they aren’t shipping to my country, so I need to find a way to get it.

The tools: Zoeva is another thing that keep getting more and more popular among beautybloggers and fashionbloggers. They seem to be good quality and they are affordable. The have a lot of sets to choose from or you can order them individually. I’ve fallen in love with this Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set for 58.00 EUR – not bad for 8 piece set, huh?

The skincare: It’s never a wish list with skincare bit in it, right? Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster – available here – for $31.50 – Caroline inspired obviously.  I always want more and more skincare. This serum seems to be dreamy – or as they say miracle worker. Few drops before night cream and the next morning you have young glowy fresh skin. Who doesn’t want that?

What is in your wish list? Is there anything I have to improve in my wish list? Waiting for suggestions.



‘Aloha’ by Sweetbounty

We girls always wanna look pretty and sparkly, don’t we? And I’m a huge fan – recent post about rings, long-time one dedicated to necklaces and now it’s a bracelet time.

I’m found that website through Instagram (follow me on Instagram btw if aren’t already) and I’ve instantly fell in love with all their pieces – some further buys are definitely happening.

Aloha Gaia ‘Leto’ bracelet is made of sterling silver 925 (though the white plated is also available) with amethyst and is available here for $29.00 – $58.00. I’ve never came across something like this – it is so unique and sophisticated yet girly and delicate. Their have to many options to choose from – peridot, aquamarine, quart… everything you soul may wish. AND they have recently launched their new summer collection – I’m starting to feeling spendy.


The packaging is another bonus – beautiful labeled cotton bag, colorful handmade card, everything wrapped so thoughtfully –  I’m A sucker for those things. I’ve also saw people stacking those bracelets – this looks just divine.

The price range is also reasonable – I find it very affordable for quality you are paying. This makes an incredible gift for friends or even a little treat for yourself.

Do you know any interesting handmade jewelry I can check out? Pop them in the comments below.



Recent Loves

Taking into consideration my long absence I think it’s inevitable to talk about things I’ve been loving lately and I’m not just talking about beauty. Shall we start?

Recent Loves

  • Gonna start with the recent love. But I’m obsessed, literally. The blog, the voice, the instagram. Lipstickwithsomesunshine … know what I’m talking about? I love the way Tamira talks about products, I admire you selection of products and her videos – dreamy. Her last video – the Lip Product Addict Tag – I just couldn’t help myself staring at her nails, that grey-ish blue-ish Dior nail polish … I need that in my life.
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (oil free version). I’ve always been a fan of light-weight bases, but now with +25C temperature weather it’s just a must. That’s when a good trusty TM comes really handy. Good coverage, buildable, applies wonderfully wither with a brush or using hands, sleek packaging. I’m wearing a shade Bisque, which is now OK, but with a tan will come a new tube I suppose.
  • Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Even though I have dry-ish skin, my eye leads are pretty oily. And being a huge eyeshadow wearer, this is just a must for me, especially in the summer. This staff is just awesome. Your eyeshadows will stay in place as long as you need them to. The eyeshadows will look more vibrant, they won’t budge and you need just the tiniest bit, so it’s an investment. Highly recommend.
  • Can I have a moment and talk about shoes? My New Balance sneakers. My beloved 373. I love them – thy goes with anything – shorts, jeans, even some skirts and dresses. I went for quite natural shade – blue. I won’t interfere with colorful clothes and may compliment other shades. And we all wear denim, right?
  • Book time? Of course. DIVERGENT. I’m converted. I’ve devoured both books in two days and now I’m on my third one. It’s adventurous, it’s tense and it’s addicting. The movie. YES! The book is better, but for Theo James I can forgive them everything. For sure they had to fit in the movie a LOT, they did great. Straight after the movie I’ve downloaded the soundtracks – they are actually VERY GOOD for working out. *hint hint*

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little catching-up list. And I’ve REALLY enjoyed being back and typing out that post. Good to be back.


Modest Chic

I’ve recently been obsessed with shirts, blouses and some flannel shirts. I cannot even express my full love for them. 

You can wear them up, you can dress them down. You pair it with some skirt or pants or thrown on blazer over the top to look smarter. Or you can wear it you some chunky statement necklace and make it more night-out type of thing. Cool versatile piece – party look or lazy days option. 

Here are some recently online finds.

















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Red Replaced the Nude

Welcome again to my ‘Friday Mess’ posts! I try save some interesting or non-beauty post for this days just to spice things a lil bit here and simple entertain both you and me. Just like a little party before weekends. Why not, right?

And how festive and pre-weekend is a red lip? More than enough, I suppose.


I’m not a huge lipstick wearer as you may noticed – they aren’t popping up frequently on my blog. But with upcoming holidays I just couldn’t resist…I was in such a need for a red lipstick, even if I won’t wear it, just to have it at hand in case of emergency, you know…

I’ve decided not to splurge this time and at first get used to a bold lip look. What if I won’t like it? What it I look ridiculous? What if I never wear it? Those question crowded in my head.


I went up for an affordable option and one that seems to be very loved among bloggers – Rimmel Lipstick by Kate Moss #10. The shade is gorgeous – cool toned based red. I’m not that confident in it just yet, but I’m working on that. We’ll get there, I promise. The pigmentation is incredible – slight dab on the lips and they are red, literally bright red. Application – I would suggest applying it with a brush (I’ve used my Real Techinques Detailer brush) just to have more control and draw precise lines. But you have go ahead right from the bullet – no crime here!

It looks incredible paired with winged eyeliner – very festive. I also find it very sexy and complimentary just pairing it with very minimal makeup look – subtle blush, no eyeshadow, skipped highlighting / contouring – just heavy mascara and red lips. Cosy outfit and you will draw attention, in a good way of course.

TIP #1: moisturize you lips heavily before doing you even you foundation, so that when you come to lips they are silky smooth and the lipstick won’t emphasis any dry patches

TIP #2: after applying the color onto the lips, put your finger in your mouth, purse lips around it, then slowly pull it out to remove excess pigment

Are you a fan of red lipsticks? What is your favorite red option?

Baby Panda

It’s been a while since Panda Trend – socks, printed jumpers, headphones, phone cases… Well you know the drill. I did like that stream, but never picked anything up – nothing trilled me that much. Until now of course.

My new Panda necklace. Found one here and here.


When I saw that necklace I just couldn’t resist. And the price was more than seducing – 10 bucks. I say it’s cheap the the quality and appearance you get. If I didn’t know the price I would never guess.

I’ve already spoke about my favorite necklaces here and I generally believe that they can totally change up the outfit. You may wear plain T-shirt / jeans with bold sparkling necklace and you look far more put-together and dressed-up. You may look like you’ve put a real effort getting ready.

This Panda baby (cannot call it something else, honestly) looks so good over knit sweater or pairing it with sort of slouchy / baggy sweater.

Another great thing about this necklace is color – black’n’white theme. It makes it very versatile – goes with everything!

One more pro? Sure. Sparkling goddess. I has smaller and bigger stones and in the sun – just speechless. It shines sooo bright!

Aaaand the most exciting part – its body is moving. It seems like my baby Panda is alive. Great!

And I’ve already order 2 more necklaces – the bold ones. Taking a little rest from pendants (if I can do it).

Are there any interesting pieces you’ve bought recently? I’d love to see them!


Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good girl this year – I’ve blogged every single day for past few months, I’m progressing with my Spanish classes, I’m developing my dreams and truly looking for my future occupation / passion. I really want to achieve a lot in the up-coming year and hope I deserve a huge little treat these holidays.

Well, if everything was that easy – you ask for it and you get it. Nein. You have to work hard to get something it your life. No one gets everything for free – there is always a price to pay. 

Okay, wanna see what I would like to get this year? Here you have it.

A little bit of everything – makeup, stationery, jewelry, DVDs, traveling staff, books, watches – every but the soul can dream about… 



1. World Atlas of Wine – who doesn’t want & wouldn’t like a good book about wine? From A to Z – if you want to get into wine (like I do) this is a nice step to start.

2. Sex and the City – full series. I don’t know a girl who hasn’t watches SATC. I’ve watched it. Couple of times.. Every season. Love every episode and every quote. Will re-watch again and again.

3. Tiffany Key. Such a staple, but I keep on dreaming about having one one day…

4. Tickets. There are so many countries and cities I wanna visit – USA, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Finland, Switzerland.

5. Bauble Bar necklace. Bauble Bar, please, please, I’m begging you, arrange international shipping and I will buy away the whole site. Literally. So many gorgeous and elegant pieces. And you get the quality you are paying for.

6. Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. I keep hearing how awesome are those eyelash curlers and that you should invest in a good pair. May be my and there time is coming? We’ll see.

7. Kate Spade Agenda. Do you know that feeling when you open a new fresh agenda? Those clean and crunchy pages? If you do know, then you do. 

8. Michael Kors watches. I’ve already own one MK watches and it’s a last year Christmas gift. I love them and I wear them every day. They totally worth the splurge. 

Hope you guys get what you want for Christmas this year.  What is in your Christmas list?


I Got Half-Mooned

The closer the Christmas time the sparklier and more festive nail polishes I tend to wear. I’ve already done a talk-through tutorials on Christmas nail art here, but today I’m going to share with you something more wearable and easier to do (and faster – yay!) – a.k.a. half-moon manicure.You can even convince you mum trying this out since it looks mature and sophisticated. Well, at least my mom found that design very interesting and tempting.


You will need: 2 nail polishes of complimenting shades, top coat and either a french manicure tapes or some reinforcement stickers.


Step 1: apply 2 coats of desired glitter / shimmer nail polish (my option is OPI ‘My Favorite Ornament’) on all of your nails and let them dry completely (at least 30 minutes) before you applying stickers cause you may ruin the whole base

Step 2: place the stickers on all of you nails mimicking the shape of the moon and press them pretty firmly to avoid any leaking underneath

Step 3: paint the top half with dark blue (I’m using INM in Dark Navy) until desired opacity or as I did – 2 coats

Step 4: after you are done with you final coat on the final nail you can start pulling of the sticker – remember to be gentle. I mean it

Step 5: apply a shiny top coat

This half-moon design is very versatile not just in terms of color combinations but in terms of texture combinations. You may stick with one shade family just one is glitter and the other is pure cream. You can even have one liquid sand and cream. You see, tons of recreations.

What color would you choose for your half-moon manicure? Need some inspiration for later on!