Hair Care: Beach Edition

Being an owner of drier hair – even I barely use any heat on my hair (and by barely I mean 10 days out of 365) – I always struggle with nourishing my ends and up-shoulder hair. I own more oils and hair cream than lipsticks, yes, this is how I’m obsessed with taking care of my hair.


Now when I’m on holidays trying to get some tan and have a swim I need to be even more caution about my hair. I’ve generated several rules that help me right now and ones they may help you while you are away.

A little side note – I know everyone says how bad sea salt is for your hair, but for me it acts differently in certain way – my split ends disappear, the hair gets thicker and heavier in a good way. Okay, onto the list.

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Short or Long?

The yesterday’s post got me into thinking… 

Short or long hair?

Short hair requires less product, less effort. You don’t have to style it that much and that long. But at the same time you are limited in hair styles and seems like the moment your hair was cut you start missing it and start counting the days / months until it grow back. 

Long hair. It’s beautiful. Let’s be honest here… I think deep inside a girl with shorter hair at some point becomes jealous about the hair you used to have. 

But I’m so tired of long hair. I want chop-chop some. 

What are you guys think?

Long or short?


Hair Power

I’ve been meaning to do that post for a while now. I have collected several products I wanted to share with you guys, but just now came to really sit dow and describe every bit. 

If you are keeping up with my blog then you now what condition my hair is in. If you are a new here (welcome and feel yourself like home) then you should know that I have long hair, much on the dryer side and a bit of split ends. So when it comes to hair treatment I’m always choosing something nourishing, hydrating and something that gonna help condition my hair. 


Kerastase Ultimate Elixirhere + on sale! This what has changed my hair noticeably. This is an oil then can be used on dry or damp hair or even as a conditioner on wet. You don’t need much of it – one pump is even enough for my long hair – little goes a long way. 

Pure Almond Oil. I’ve read on the internet that it help with split ends. Well I don’t know about it, but it does help with overall appearance, the hair is less dry and more shiny and healthy. I usually apply it heavily overnight and in the morning just shampooing it out. Works great. 

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment – 25ml mini – here. I bought this one to try out. Everyone seems to like this product and apparently it works miracle. I haven’t noticed that much of a difference but if your hair is normal/dry this will do for you. It sinks good (nothing to say about this) and doesn’t feel greasy feeling or anything on the hair. Great for traveling either. 

Phyto 9 and Goldwell Serum – two product I’ve revved separately in more details. I think there is no point in blabbing more about them than I’ve already did. Just better you follow the links and read everything yourselves.

John Frieda Perfect Ends Sheer Mist. An affordable piece that helps with split ends. It leaves a pleasant effect – the hair does look more put together and smoother and shinier. Nothing bad to say about it really maybe just there are some better products, but for the price it’s a good one. 

Do you have any interesting and helping hair treatments? I’d love to try something new and effective.


Hello January

Well, this is it – we are officially in 2014. Cannot believe it. Seems like every year is just passing faster and faster. The only thing we can do is to set goals for ourselves and achieve them. This is how it should work. Start with smaller and easier things just to feel that feeling of accomplishment. After you know that feeling, how great it is – then you can make bigger and more significant plans. AND never let anyone feel like you cannot have something you really want.

Okay, enough spiritual thoughts. Moving on to beauty staff and some randoms of course.


Cold time is cream blush time. – Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera.  Cheeks (mine) are getting drier and powder blushes just emphasis it – not good. Those one blend into the skin, they stay put and look very natural.

Gloves – my all time favorite ones. They aren’t particularly cute or unique colored – they are just touch-screen friendly. Perfect for cold months when you don’t want to take your gloves off under any circumstances. Now you can. And they are grey a.k.a. go with any coat color. You don’t draw attention – just pure comfort.

Darker nails. My weakness. The recent addition but already very worn and very loved. Mavala nail polish in Amethyst. Just a gorgeous color – vampy purply sophisticated. And look at this small cute bottle with a metal lid. This is kind of nail polish tube I might finish. Yep.

Candles. I’ve been really naughty and picked this Diptyque candle set from Space NK during the holidays. The all smell incredible, I cannot even pick one. I’m burning Ambre right now – spicey matured scent, with a bit of sweet something. I’m bad at describing scents apparently.

There isn’t a good relaxing evening without a bath. And what can make a bath more pleasant and calming? Right – bath oil. This Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath Oil Collection is just incredible (available here on sale!) – the packaging, the smell and results. I love them. One lid is enough to make your whole apartment smell. And the Relax ones – faves.

It wouldn’t be me without a statement necklace in a post. Zara inspired one, cause I couldn’t get my hands on a real one. But this one is still good. Love it, already wore a cr@p out of it. So interesting and feminine at the same time.

More makeup. I’m back in love with my Urban Decay Naked palette. So many gorgeous shade that compliment each other and my eye color. No matter which you use you’ll look amazing. This is the only UD palette I own and now everyone is going crazy over Naked3 – not a fan. Those pink – not my thing, sorry. I’m loyal to this baby.

A bit of hair staff. We are again reunited with my Phyto 9. Spoke about it here – not gonna ramble more. My hair just need it.


Happy to be back. Feels so nice and fresh.


Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum

It was just a matter of time when the hair treatment is going to pop up in my blog. I just recently got into haircare, but even being a newly I’ve already collected pretty big amount of staff – mask, conditioners, hair oil, some leaving treatments.

I love have some easy products at hand – the ones you can use on either wet or dry hair.


Goldwell Dualsenses Rich Repair 6 Effects Serum (100ml)* – £11.50 – from I have normal / dry hair, some split ends – the package deal I would say, so when it come to care I always go for nourishment. This guy promises to give a multiply effect – silky smooth hair, shinier and more healthier appearance in general. I haven’t used it that much, maybe a week or so but there are some changes already. Actually I don’t believe that any treatment may help with split ends – you either have them and should get rid of them, or you simply don’t have them. This treatment definitely made my hair silkier, they are softer now, I really want to touch them, you know that feeling, when every time you slipping you hand through hair and you like what you feel? Well, this is what I got while using this staff.

As for consistency it’s a serum – liquid cream as I like ti explain my mom – you need several pumps for long/medium hair then gently distribute all over damp or dry hair. Then you can proceed with styling without using any heat protectors since this serum also protects the hair from any heat tools and also act as an anti-frizz bit.

It also has a pretty strong scent but I like it, it’s something between fruity and floral. To be honest it does smell a bit artificial, but I don’t mind at all since it doesn’t interfere with my perfume or any of that jazz. So why complain? 

Overall I like that product, I’m pleased with short-term results already, We’ll see for the future, I’ll keep you posted.

Hope my review was helpful. Be sure to leave comments with you recommendation!


*PR sample


Well hello guys!

Firstly I wanna state right away – I hate rainy weather. Now where I live it’s constantly raining and you now that heavily, but that tinny tiny crapy one, the one that it so annoying and freezing. oh…even now I feel angry :)

Done with weather issue – moving to more pleasant topic – beauty.


My first love is Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The most hyped up skincare products out there in the beauty community I suppose. It’s a toner / miss packed with essential oils. I use it in the morning as a toner and during the day when I feel the skin tightens. You know that feeling, like someone’s pulling you skin in a different direction. Yes, I know – I’m a weird person with strange feelings. As I said because of the crapy weather my skin feels less hydrated and need a boost – this is the bit to go for!

Makeup wise – Maybelline Diamond Glow quad in Coral Drama. Love from 1st sight. I love all the colors, the texture, the versatility – everything about it. Stay tuned for in-depth review with swatch tomorrow morning. For now you can just trust me – it’s a good one!

Ultimate care staff – jojoba oil. I’ve already spoken about it in my Monday post and yes, I feel like it should do it once again. It’s just an amazing oil, good for hair, face, body, nails. All-rounder. Travel-friendly. Money-saver. Just read the Monday post, I listed all concerns it can cope with.

Tangle Teezer. This is perfect brush – it make the brushing process miracle – knots detangler, scalp massager, hand sizer, color admiration. You can use on both wet and dry hair. I love spreading hair serums / oils / treatments with this, it makes it evenly and no greasy hands. Dah!

Another exciting announcement made my week. Have you heard? Do you know the one I’m talking about? MAC Disney Maleficent Collection (spring 2014). I haven’t seen any of the products yet, nothing, but I knew then and there – the packing should be amazing, I have to have something just for the sake of the packaging. We all are fond of cool packaging / embellishments / signs. Please, tell me I’m not the only one!

Do you have any recommendation for me to try out? What have you been loving lately?



It’s time to end up another week and talk about products that ‘warmed’ me during those 7 days. This week appeared to be more about care than makeup. I’ve treated myself with far more pamper days – hair treatments, hair masks, nail care.

ImageBurt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. Affordable and miracle working bit – I had to have it. Now my option – luuuvre it. This does amazing job hydrating the cuticle, it absorbs pretty quickly and not leaving greasy feeling.

Music time! Freddie Stroma ‘Knockin’. The song that I have on repeat. On the notebook while reading Bloglovin, or on iPhone on a subway – every time with me.

Leighton Deny Crystal Nail File. I’ve know for a long time that crystal nail files are less harsh for the nails, they don’t split the ends that much. But this one is a recent edition and I’m converted for life, once you try it you can never let it go. Yes.

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. Those red cups are just beckoning me. Hot spicy drink just makes the whole day taste better. Cup of this miracle drink, goof movie or YouTube and you are covered with pleasure.

Kiehl’s Suprebly Smoothing Argan Conditioner. Being a curlied girl with dry-ish hair, I’m always for extra nourishment and this one is a guuuud one. It leaves you hair silky soft, smooth and ‘touchable’. yep, I’ve been there, when you always when to check your hair and cannot believe it’s yours.

Hope you like those kind of posts, enjoy reading and share with me your favorites!


Let’s talk brows

If I was told to do my makeup in only 2 minutes, I would definitely do my brows and my blush. Blush pops some color on the cheeks by making it fresh and brows I think frame the face – make all the difference. And brows, you know, are pretty high on the list right now, right? So let’s see how to achieve those ‘Cara Delevingne’ brows.


My favorite method – powder and a brush. Current pick is MAC ‘Coquette’ eyeshadow. With an angled brush and natural brow shape as a guideline I fill in my brows to make them bigger and wider in a good way of course. It’s the most natural look, but still one to make a statement.

Travel-friendly method – brow pencil with a spoolie end. Anastasia Brow Wiz (Medium Ash). This pencil is the most thin out there on the market, it winds up and is perfect for precision brows since the strokes are hair-lile ones.

The quickest and blindfolded one. Clear gel. Mac Brow Set. This is the perfect option for newbies. If you are new to brows and not sure where to start, what and how to draw – this is for you. This gel will keep your brows in place all day long, it’s not tacky, doesn’t leave any nasty bits on the brows & don’t make them crispy as well. Sounds like a dream and that’s true.

On-the-go bit. Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper. Tinted brow gel, that not only frame the brows with color but also locked them in place. This is one is probably the least natural one, but still not that opaque that the minute you walk out the door every single person can say you did something with you brows. This is makeup bag saver and a lazy-person saver a.k.a. me!

If there are some optional hairs just tweeze them. I find that the best ones out there are Tweezermen tweezers. Yes, they are pricey, but consider this is an investment. The will really last you a long time and you won’t regret any spent penny – I promise!

Do you have any fav bobs and bits that you ‘treat’ your brows with? Comment, comment…!