HOW TO: At Home Manicure

I do go to the salon from time to time when I need a quick fix before an important event or meeting when I don’t have time to paint my nails myself. Of course it feels luxury and far more comfortable, but I cannot justify going to the salon every week or so and pay money for something I can do myself.

Usually I do an at home manicure one a week probably though I repaint my nails 2-3 times a week. I know it’s should be can be too much for the majority of people.


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HOW TO: Ombre Nails

I know the ombre nail trend isn’t a new one, but I just love it and if it isn’t ‘in season’ anymore I don’t care. This nail art or design is very very versatile, cause depending on the season you can easily switch the colors and make it appropriate for any time.


I’ve been meaning to do this post all summer and never got to it – either had other things to blog about or forgot about that particular idea – that’s why I have a picture with summer neon theme, but as I said you can use whatever color you wish. So how to make this ombre effect on you nails?

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HOW TO: being organized

Sometimes it’s hard to be productive – we’ve all been there when you either don’t know where to start or how to make the most out of your day. Luckily I was taught since childhood how important to be organized and not to waste your treasured time since you can never get it back. Growing up I’ve accumulated several golden rules that help me survive. Today I’ve decided to help those you struggle with that problem or those you want just to learn something new – you are all welcomed.


  1. Keep track of everything you need to do and the deadlines. Thus you can plan when the certain thing needs to be done and can easily prioritize you tasks – something is more urgent and some things can wait for a next week or so
  2. Diary. Keep notes of every appointment, every meeting, every important date (either exam, either birthday or simply important assignment)
  3. Wear watch. Just to be aware of the time spent, the time left and so on
  4. Give yourself a rest. If you feel you aren’t doing your best try have a 10-15 minute break – we aren’t robots, we are human beings and we can get tired, it’s a normal thing. Go grab a healthy snack or listen a couple of you fav songs, read several pages of the book you’re currently enjoying or simply watch a YouTube video, but don’t get TOO distracted
  5. Keep you working place clean. My mind is always lost whether my desk is cluttered. I don’t even have a desire to sit their and do staff – even pleasant one. Mind refuses to work. Try to leave there only useful and needed things, put away all the cr*p
  6. Fresh air. If you can work outside. If don’t (like the majority of people) provide yourself with fresh air. In the summer I have a window 24/7 open and during colder time I make sure that during my break (#3) I let some fresh air in at least for 10 min
  7. Prepare outfits and bag essential ahead. This might seem weird, but trust me it’s equally important. We are noticing how much time we spend in the mornings picking out what to wear and what to pack out bags with – this or that lipstick, where are those socks, do I need a laptop today, where is my charger, amply pack of tissues…what,  where are those socks, this tee is dirty, I need a fresh one… I’m sure one of those question popped out your mouth sometimes. Am I right?

Hope those recommendation will help you and if you have something to share – please do, I’ll really appreciate that.

P.S. I always keep a hand cream near me, why not moisturize you hands, do you agree?


Light packing – tips and tricks

Third post of my ‘Travel With Me’ series! Hope you enjoy them, cause I have so much fun planning those posts and I put a real effort writing them and snapping interesting pictures.


Being a constant overpacked it is really a challenge for me to pack only necessary things – the ones I actually going to use and not just bring on holidays and then bring back home without even touching them. So I’ve accumulated several tips and trick for healthy beauty packing.

  1. Depotting and decanning. Don’t pack massive bottles of foundations / primers / moisturizers / face masks. Little pots are you best friends during holidays. Roughly estimate the amount of each you may need and leave those heavy bulky bottles at home (especially glass ones – heavy and impractical)
  2. Mutli-purpose items. Try to find things that can do several jobs – lip and cheek tints, cream eyeshadows for lids and highlighting purposes, oils good for face, hands and body, brushes that allows you to do your whole face makeup – foundation / blush / bronzer
  3. Palettes. if you have palettes with eye colors / blushes / eye pencils / bronzers – this is what you have to take. Don’t pack a full amount of individual bits – you are not going to use them anyway (we all been there, right?). Even if it does an eye palette it’s better then single eyeshadow for different looks, eyeshadows for brows and inner conner highlight, I’m I right? Hope so. Oh simple use some sort of Z-palettes or Unii-palettes.
  4. Skip some steps. For example some fancy hair treatments / masks – can you just live one week with out them? Probably you can with out even noticing it. Give youself a break. No heating tools -> no heat protectants. You see? The luggage is getting smaller and lighter. 
  5. And finally – samples. You know those shopping days when you got a lot of samples and you never end up even looking through them? Well anyway I do that. I have a small box where I store ALL my samples, so when I go on holidays this comes really handy. I have everything I need there – night creams, some serums, shampoos, conditioners, nail polish removing pads, masks…All you will ever need. Just give it a good=deep dig. This is also brings the topic of travel-sized beauty. Pretty much self-explanatory, right?


Some product recommendations: Coconut Oil for hands, feet, face, hair, cuticle. MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study as eyeshadow base, highlighter, eyeshadow, inner corner pop. NARS duo in Laguna / Orgasm – 2 in 1. MAC palette – eyelid colors + brow shade. Empty pots from Essence, KIKO, Body Shop. Real Techniques Multi-task brush – blush / bronzer / powder buddy.


What are your tips on easy and light packing? Help me out even more! If you have any questions – do not hesitate asking them, I’d love some feedback!


5 Nail Art to Try

Nails are my weakness and sometimes I fancy a bit of nail art – easy one, no mass no fuss. I even have a whole folder on my computer with some nail designs I want to try in future. Today I want to share some most interesting one I came across so far.

The Pshiiit blog. Oh my… Paradise for nail obsessed people a.k.a. me. Brilliant swatches, easy tutorials – I’m hooked in other words. There are some many I want to try but for this post I’ve chose this – simple white + color blocking. How cool is that? Pretty much.

photo 1

OneNailToRuleThemAll – more creative designs. How cute are those flowers? And those gold beads? I can’t help myself – I have to recreate that.

photo 2


U_NONA. Random find on Instagram but such a lucky one. Not just an inspiration but an instruction in the same package. Bonus!

photo 3

WahNails. Designs impossible to recreate but incredible pleasure to look at. This is a bit of cheating with recreation but I promise whenever I’m in London I’m gonna do my nails there. It’s a must.

photo 4

Cutepolish– Youtube videos I love to watch and that design just blew my mind. Those colors and the way she makes every design look so easy… Again, the recreation should be done.

photo 5

Do you have any back-up ideas on trying later? Pop some links below if you have. I’d love to add more.


Red Replaced the Nude

Welcome again to my ‘Friday Mess’ posts! I try save some interesting or non-beauty post for this days just to spice things a lil bit here and simple entertain both you and me. Just like a little party before weekends. Why not, right?

And how festive and pre-weekend is a red lip? More than enough, I suppose.


I’m not a huge lipstick wearer as you may noticed – they aren’t popping up frequently on my blog. But with upcoming holidays I just couldn’t resist…I was in such a need for a red lipstick, even if I won’t wear it, just to have it at hand in case of emergency, you know…

I’ve decided not to splurge this time and at first get used to a bold lip look. What if I won’t like it? What it I look ridiculous? What if I never wear it? Those question crowded in my head.


I went up for an affordable option and one that seems to be very loved among bloggers – Rimmel Lipstick by Kate Moss #10. The shade is gorgeous – cool toned based red. I’m not that confident in it just yet, but I’m working on that. We’ll get there, I promise. The pigmentation is incredible – slight dab on the lips and they are red, literally bright red. Application – I would suggest applying it with a brush (I’ve used my Real Techinques Detailer brush) just to have more control and draw precise lines. But you have go ahead right from the bullet – no crime here!

It looks incredible paired with winged eyeliner – very festive. I also find it very sexy and complimentary just pairing it with very minimal makeup look – subtle blush, no eyeshadow, skipped highlighting / contouring – just heavy mascara and red lips. Cosy outfit and you will draw attention, in a good way of course.

TIP #1: moisturize you lips heavily before doing you even you foundation, so that when you come to lips they are silky smooth and the lipstick won’t emphasis any dry patches

TIP #2: after applying the color onto the lips, put your finger in your mouth, purse lips around it, then slowly pull it out to remove excess pigment

Are you a fan of red lipsticks? What is your favorite red option?

Wink With a Flick

People who draw eyeliner on a daily basis or wear a bold lip with confidence really inspire me. I think they deserve an honor. And I really want to become one of those people. I’ve already mentioned the week before that I’m trying to pull off the eyeliner by using Maybelline Gel Eyeliner. But I’m not stopping – I’m moving further (since our relationships with liners are improving).

Probably not the wisest decision first try out gel eyeliners and them try pencil eyeliners, but welcome my new friend – L’oreal Super Liner Eye Liner. I was really temped to buy L’oreal’s Paris Super Blackbuster Intense,  Anna was raving about (she looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g), but in the store I changed my decision and chose thiner one.


The pigmentation is awesome. The most intense black line with barely any effort – hope this is a good sign. And that can help me master that hard science. As far as its lasting qualities – no complains either. The swatch stayed all day and really stained the hand. Gonna updated the eyelid action later. Smudging problems – have to test it for longer, but I have high expectations. Packaging wise – sleek black pen, hard clip lid, nothing else to say really.


Not sure I’m gonna have matching flicks, but I’ll try to do my best. Like people say about brows that they are not twins but sister, I’m saying it about my eyeliner and putting eye pencil to a test today. We’ll what I come up with.

Are you an eyeliner person? What are you using to perfect this routine?


How to: Festive Makeup look

We all want to look super chic and festive during the Christmas parties, right? Some of us prefer heavier eye makeup look – some intense smoky eyes or interesting wing eye liner, but of course there are some girls who are planning on rocking bold lip. I did a bit of digging through my stash and came up with two different looks so you have some option.


For smokey eyes I’ve picked some common colors. I think it’s a not a good thing to experiment on a night-out, cause you want to feel confident in your makeup look, so go for some reliable products. Eye primer is super important + you can apply some cream eyeshadow underneath to be sure. I’ve applied MAC Paint Pot in Eclair as a base and then I went for MAC eyeshadow in Club – (I’ve talked about it here) – all over the lid and up to the crease. I wanted this look to be quite eye-catching, so I applied dark burgundy shade from Maybelline quad across lower lash line. Plenty of mascara and you are done!


Being not a big fan of lip products in general I don’t own that much, but I do have one red option that I love. Rimmel Kate Moss #10. If you are planning on wearing a bold lip make sure you used a lip scrub and a lip balm before – super important. I don’t like all that fuss around lip pencils. The only tool I use is a lip brush – you want to be as neat as possible. For eyes go simple. I’ve used my Chanel eye pencil across the lash line smudged out – just for a definition and a bit on the bottom one – just because it suit my eyes, you may skip this step.

For complexion with either look go natural. Nars ‘Laguna’ for a slight contouring job, Tart Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed for neutral cheeks and a bit of MAC ‘Soft and Gentle’ for glow.

Don’t forget to use flash-friendly foundation!

Good luck :)


DIY Banana Hair Mask

I’m a huge fan of DIY projects and not all of them should be particularly beauty related (and yes, it’s a hint on my next DIY). This one is hair-care related. Have an old banana hanging around? Why not use it with benefits? 

Since banana contains potassium which is perfect for ‘fixing’ thin and damaged hair. Another pro of this mask – it’s incredibly ease to make. 

ImageWhat will you need: banana (the mushier the better), 1 tea spoon of honey, blender (yes, and be sure it’s the only tool to mix the banana), either shower cap to plastic wrap/bag and a towel to keep warmth. 


Again I want to draw your attention that it should be blender. Cause you should make sure you liquify the mixture, cause you don’t need any clumps when you will rinse the mask. It’s going to be pain in the a$$, trust me, I’ve been there. I thought it’s possible to mash the banana with a folk – not an option!

Apply the mixture to the hair, wrap you hair up, put on a towel and stay relaxed for 15-20minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual. 

I was really impressed with the results, my hair did appear thicker and nourished. I’m sure I will continue this ritual twice a month alternating it with Natura Siberica one, which I reviewed here

Will you give this DIY a go? Do you have any DIY masks that work?