My Purples

If you ask me – purple is my favorite color and whenever I see something of that color I instantly want to buy that. No matter how much I have. And when it comes to nail polishes this is where two of my passions meet. I love wearing purple – in summer I prefer brights and during the colder months I go for darker and deeper shades. I’ve prepared a nice variety for you – let’s have a look.


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Orange Is The New Black

All orange-lovers out there, our time has come – seems like orange is coming back. I’ve started to notice orange popping up here and there – clothes, makeup, bags, nails…фSo went through my collection and apparently I’m all set for this season – no need to spend extra money – yay.

So, nails… today’s selection is shade and brand varied – from pale to dark, from very cheap to higher priced.


The true orangeOPI in Atomic Orange. The most typical orange color – tangerine one. It looks pretty simple in the bottle, but once you put it on you see the trick. Every time I force myself to paint my nails with it, but I never regret at the end. Opaque, incredibly flattering, relatively fast drying, long wearing-ish (4-5 days).

The pastel peachKIKO nail lacquer #359. I’ve mention this one already in my ‘Hello June’ post but I cannot pass on that one when it comes to orange shades. It’s a perfect pastel pale peach – no hint of pink, no hint of yellow, just perfection. Looks incredible on both pale and tan skin.

The coralEssie from Resort 2013 Collection in Come here! May be not the most appropriate orange but my heart screams to feather it and my camera begs me to take picture of it. I have a mini bottle (from their mini cube) and actually this Resort collection was one of the best so far. This is a good all rounder coral – a hint of neon so very eye catching.

The brightestEssence Colour&Go in #145 Flashy Pumpkin – the most bright and out there color of the bunch. It literally screams. As for the color it’s as a name suggests warm pumpkin shade. And it’s very very affordable.

The red-ishRimmel Salon Pro in Hip Hop – is it red? is it orange? Hybrid. The beautiful Anna first wore it on the nails and it look incredible. And every time in the video when she wore it, it made me repaint me nails with it – even now typing out this post I’m honestly wearing that polish. It dries very glossy and very fast. And the name… HipHop.


Here on that picture you can clearly see the shade difference. What is your favorite orange/coral nail shade?



The Base Coats

And I’m back…

Thanks to quick and relatively chip service and my MacBook is finally alive. That means that I can blog again. I’ve noticed that I really missed blogging and that whole process of writing a post, taking pictures, organizing every bit. Okay, let’s move on to contents, shall we?


I’ve already made a post about the top coats I have on rotation at the moment (it’s here in case you’ve missed it) and since that post was a popular one I pulled out my base coats… This is what I end up with…

I don’t have that many base coats just because in order to get it you have to feel it… and you cannot understand if you like a base coat until you use it enough and I don’t like when my beauty bits are collecting dust.


OPI Nail Envy Original – available here – £15.80. This is a very hyped up staff in beauty community so I just couldn’t resist buying it and see for my self its miracle work. Actually this is my second bottle, I’ve used one up already (some shipping issues) but this is a good base coat – no nail staining, the nail polish lasts pretty decent amount of time – no complains what so ever. As for treatment it actually did okay. It made my nails hard, seems like they split less but I’m not wowed. Others raved so much, but me… I’d say it is overpriced for its benefits.

Essie First Base – available here – £8.26. This is a slightly recent addition to my collection but so far so good. It seems to be working especially great with Essie colors – 5 days with no chips. It dries quickly and seems to be acting like a sticker – me likey. It adheres the nail polish and makes them stay chip-free for longer. And it’s cheeper, but no additional treatments and I don’t care as I get what I want.

Renunail Nail Strengthener – available here – £17.85. This is more of a treatment than just an ordinary base coat. It suppose to harden your nails, renew them, help them grow, eliminate flacking / chipping / breaking and all those things. Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? I had to give it a go. You have you use it though very consistently – a coat per day for 2 weeks. I couldn’t do it 2 weeks, but I did a week. I think…I’m afraid to tell out loud, but…I think it works. I’m planning on coding a 2-week-course, so I’ll updated you on that.

And the base coats I’m eyeing after I finish one of the above: CND Stickey Base – Kate makes me wanna buy e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and now I’m determined. I NEED THIS in my life. ASAP.

What are your favorites base coats or the ones you use now?


The Topcoats

There are so many top coats out there and since I repaint my nails pretty frequently and go through topcoats pretty quickly. I also excited when I finish a bottle cause I’m excited to try a new one – new brand, new price, the packaging…Isn’t it excited?

No particular order, just those ones I have on rotation at the moment.


Seche Vite Dry Fast  – the most hyped up topcoat and it’s for a reason. it dries your nail very fast – you don’t have to sit for an hour being unable to scratch a nose, go to the toilet (let’s be honest, we all been there), do a ponytail cause the hair is all over the place and the list is countless. This buddy is a savior. It also leaves you nails incredibly glossy – like you have either gels or shellac. Definite thumbs up!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-chip. My favorite affordable one. It does make your nails dry fast (not as Seche Vite unfortunately). It feels ‘frosty’ on the nails – remember that feeling when you drink cold water after a mint gum? Yes, that exact feeling but on your nails, like it has a minty bits in the bottle, do you Sally Hansen? Great option anyway!

INM Out the Door. There is a full selection without one crappy product. Welcome today’s bad boy. I don’t know why people rave about this topcoat. It doesn’t do anything. Even when you think your nails are dry (and the last coat is dry for sure) the whole cake (base coat + 2 coats of nail polish) are completely wet. Even overnight I still have hair lines on the nails or nails pattern. Not good, not good, at all.

OPI Top Coat. I cannot remember when and how this particular bottle landed on my desk. Suppose it was part of the set or gift with purchase. There is nothing particularly bad or good to say about it. It does provide nice shine, no fast drying powers that I’ve noticed, just the average one. Will I finish it? For sure. Will I repurchase it? Probably not.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine. Another loved drugstore staff. It does what it says. Your nails are really really glowy. I love using this one on 2-3 day manicure. It brings things to normal – like I’ve just done my nails. The shine and freshness are back – say goodbye to faded nails!

What is your favorite top coat? Need some option cause those baby bottles are running out.


I Got Half-Mooned

The closer the Christmas time the sparklier and more festive nail polishes I tend to wear. I’ve already done a talk-through tutorials on Christmas nail art here, but today I’m going to share with you something more wearable and easier to do (and faster – yay!) – a.k.a. half-moon manicure.You can even convince you mum trying this out since it looks mature and sophisticated. Well, at least my mom found that design very interesting and tempting.


You will need: 2 nail polishes of complimenting shades, top coat and either a french manicure tapes or some reinforcement stickers.


Step 1: apply 2 coats of desired glitter / shimmer nail polish (my option is OPI ‘My Favorite Ornament’) on all of your nails and let them dry completely (at least 30 minutes) before you applying stickers cause you may ruin the whole base

Step 2: place the stickers on all of you nails mimicking the shape of the moon and press them pretty firmly to avoid any leaking underneath

Step 3: paint the top half with dark blue (I’m using INM in Dark Navy) until desired opacity or as I did – 2 coats

Step 4: after you are done with you final coat on the final nail you can start pulling of the sticker – remember to be gentle. I mean it

Step 5: apply a shiny top coat

This half-moon design is very versatile not just in terms of color combinations but in terms of texture combinations. You may stick with one shade family just one is glitter and the other is pure cream. You can even have one liquid sand and cream. You see, tons of recreations.

What color would you choose for your half-moon manicure? Need some inspiration for later on!


The Reds

Is there any better season for red nails then winter? Don’t think so. Being a complete nail polish junkie I love me new bottles which results in a enormous amount and I own reds more then any other shade. So why not show you my favorite ones? I do have some pretty identical shades in different formules, but suppose there is no point in showing 5 similar reds (even I can barely see the difference, though I can justify the every purchase), so there will be a slight mix of shades.



The pure red – Essie in Aperitif – as red as the red can be. Opaque, glossy, dream to work with, wide brush – well, you know the deal with Essie nail polishes and yes, I do have a love relationship with them. My trusty buddies.

The affordable – KIKO #239 – this is a huge thumbs up from me. You get color pay off, chip-free 5 days, comfy brush, sleek tube, vast color & texture selection and did I mention the price? £3.90. Don’t know about you, but I’m head over heels in love.

The burgundyEssie in Bordeaux – I’ve already talked about it, and do you see how good it is that it deserves a separate blog post? Well, check it out yourself here.

The a-little-bit-of-everything – OPI in Malaga Wine. This is the golden middle – not too bright red not too dark. If Both Essie from above would have a baby polish – this is it – something in the middle. Yet sleek and flattering. If I want something more calming and sophisticated and mature (ha-ha) I got for this one. And compliments any outfit.

The luxuryChanel in Dragon #475 – I think every girl should own at least one Chanel nail polish, not matter how crappy the formula is. Next day chips occasionally? Been there! But isn’t it just chic – think bottle with black lid and those CC on top? Fascinating. The color as usual with Chanel polishes – unique. It may sound completely silly but it really differs from other reds. Honestly.

So as you can see I love a good red. It looks cool on the nails, it perfect any outfit and of course catches men’s attention. Trust me on that one, they do pay attention on the nails, so keep them cared!

Do you have a red favorite I should try next?


5 things to do today

Sometimes my day is just splitting apart, seems like I’m just wasting a time – there is nothing to do in particularly or even if there are some dead lines, I’m just procrastinating. In those moments I’m just waiting for someone to shake me up. And make me get on a route. Have you ever been through those days?

Today I thought I would make up a little list to do if you want to spend a day effectively. Those are not just beneficial for life but also kind of treats to yourself.


  1. facemask – is there a better way to start a day? Fresh day – fresh skin. Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Masque. This gel-textured mask is easy to apply and doesn’t show up on the skin and really does the job. I feel it brings the moisture back and smoothes the skin surface. 
  2. Instagram printouts. When I had tape camera I used to print photos pretty regularly, but now… The photos are all over the place – flash cards, USB ones, computer – intangible staff, damn… Since the Instagram popped-up things got even worse – in terms of printing of course, not those cool filters. One day I said myself that this curse should be broken and here you have it – Instagram print out. So one of the things to do today is either order Instagram print outs or just go out and print some of you old photos. It’s incomparable – looking at real photos or just scrolling down through them on computer or phone.
  3. red lipstick. You haven’t got one – go out and buy. If you have one – wear it today. Consider it is a challenge for today. Why not? Make yourself feel special, that is exactly more bold lip make you fill – more confident, more festive, more special. Cheer yourself up!
  4. clean brushes. This should be done at some point, right? So why not today? If you really want to skip it that day think about those bacterias gathered there to you may think pleasantly – the method I prefer – recall that feeling of new clean brush on your skin while applying either eyeshadow or blending the foundation. So easy, so smooth, so perfect. I’m sure now you willing to do it. Good luck there ;)
  5. new textures. If you are a nail polish person, I hope so, they just go ahead and try something new to you – nail wraps or liquid sand polishes or even glitter if you a cream-kind-of-gerl. Spice your day a bit with some experiments / discoveries and who know may be they’ll become your new loves.

Are there any thing you postpone doing? Pop in the comments below.

Hope you’ll have a productive day! 


To-do: pampering edition

I love me some pamper – whether it’s a weekend thing or pick-me-up during the week. Depending on the amount of time I have I vary the program. But when it comes to Christmas pamper, well, this is the moment to go wild.

Christmas pamper

I love to start with cleansing my face, so I can then slap on a mask. I use my Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm first and then apply any of my favorites mask, which I’ve already talked about here. Here I went with Aesop Parsley Seed one – multipurpose guy.

Then there is a bath on the menu – relaxing, scented one. Plug on you favorite movie or a TV show, pour some essential oil or melt a bath ball and escape from the real world for 20 minutes. Follow up with volumizing shampoo and conditioner – Kerastase Bain Volumactive Shampoo and Kerastase Bain Volumifique Conditioner, we all want that voluminous I-just-got-my-hair-done style, right?

Time for skin- and haircare. For hair I’ve picked my newer baby – Kerastase Ultimate Elixir. On a damp hair couple of pumps, distribute evenly and brush through. With skin there is more fuss a.k.a more products. Body hydration – Body Shop Body Butter ‘ Raspberry’ (I need a bit of summer during the colds…) Toners – for exfoliating – Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner, for hydrating – Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Serum – predictable choice – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Moisturizing wise – mix of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery and Claring Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. This is a mind-blowing combo, a.k.a. fresh glowy rested skin!

Moving on to ‘meni-pedi‘… Fresh nails – it’s a key. Take a cuticle remover – Sally Hansen one for instance and a tool and push the cuticle back. The pick colors of your choice – my wining combo is red+sparkles. The cut made OPI ‘Big Red Apple’ and ‘My Favorite Ornament’ as an accent nail. For toes I went plain red. Gentle nourish the nails with some oil (Essie Apricot Oil may do or some natural oils like  jojoba oil / even olive oil) or cuticle butter – Burts Bees Lemon Butter. For toes hydration I went for Gehwol Balsam Normale Haut – hydrates, calms down, sits lightly. Thumbs up!

Now you are ready for fussy socks and cosy pajamas. To finish of the pamper watch some Christmas movies, I think it’s just a perfect timing. Need some movie ideas? I got you sorted here. What a calming, tech-free evening? Well, my Goodread’s page is a solution. Have you seen a widget on the right side column? Yep.

What is you favorite part of pampering routine? Hope you are having a great time, guys!

Unfortunately it’s last but not least post in my Christmas series. Hope you enjoyed! I real enjoyed doing them and if you have any post request, please leave them in the comment section.


Christmas Nails

Time for another Christmas post. Gosh, I getting so excited and I hope I can transfer that feeling to my posts and inspire you all. Actually, I don’t know what it is, I’ve never looked forward that much for Christmas like I do now – this year. But I’m very festy as you may notice.


Okay, back to beauty. It’s nails time today! Being a total nail polish junkie I’m always trying a way to use more than one nail polish at a time – I need to justify having that much, damn!

What can be more christmasy than having a snowman, santa, candy cane and a christmas tree?


On my pinky I went for yummies – candy cane. I’m painted Paint your nails white (I’ve applied 2 coats of Essie ‘Blanc’) and let them dry completely. Then take a scotch/sticky tape and cut out very thin stripes and place them on the nail depending on how thick you want. (A tip here! Before sticking those stripes on the nail, stick them on your hand several times to make them less harsh, so they won’t rip off the white nail polish). Them paint over red nail polish until desired opacity and remove the scotch before it dries. I went with sparkly red – Essie ‘Lady Like’ from my ‘Hello December‘.

Moving on to ring finger – snowmen. Again paint your nail white and let it dry. Then take a tooth pick dipped into a black (my option is Essie ‘Licorice’ – best black I’ve ever had) and fill 1/3 of the nail, follow it up with 2 bigger dots for eyes and 5-ish smaller ones for mount. Add a little carrot nose and you’re done!

Middle finger – the easiest. I didn’t want to overload the overall look with to many designs so I went with a plain sparkle nail. I’ve used OPI ‘My favorite Ornament’ and it a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Opaque in 2 coats. This is definite stand out for me from Mariah Carey collection (and a must-have, yes).

For the index finger I couldn’t not to paint Santa. Start by painting 1/3 of you nail red – Santa’s hat (I’ve used OPI ‘Big Red Apple’), then drag whiskers on both sides of the nail. Take a toothpick to dot the eyes and with a dotting tool (or same trusty toothpick) finish off the beard. Take a pastel pink for a nose. I’ve used OPI ‘Mod about you’ and  the actual nail polish brush for that. Yay, now you have your own Santa – make a wish!

The thumb is left with a Christmas tree. Paint you nail white and then using different shades of green (darker one – OPI ‘Jade is the New Black’ and lighter -) dot the tree. Then add some lights with red nail polish and yellow dot for a star on the top.


You don’t have to paint all of your nail that way, you may do one as an ascent finger or use one design for all of your nails – totally up to you. Have fun!

What is your favorite design of those?


White, oh white.

There is a certain chic in bold nails, for me those shades are red, black and white. I know summer isn’t coming back soon and the tan is fading, but I’m gonna hold for that as much as I can. Fortunately, I can still get away with white mani. This color is the most universal one you can wear. It will accompany the most important any nail lenght/shape, then any outfit and style you pulling off and even any makeup bits you’ve chosen.



ThIs time I went for drug store nail polish – Sally Hansen ‘White On’. It’s probably one of the best whites you have have for the price! It’s cheap, the formula is great – the color is opaque in 2 coats, it’s pretty glossy without topcoat and more over it stayed chip-free decent 3-4 days with household action. Preeeetty good, huh?

Also I can recommend some other white nail polishes, that do the job that great. Some of them can provide more gloss or more staying power, so pick something then suits you budget.

OPI ‘Alpina Snow’ / Essie ‘Blanc’ / Butter London ‘Cotton Buds’ / Sinful Colors “Snow Me White’ / Mavala ‘White’ / Nars ‘Ecume’ / Illamasqua ‘Scorch’ / China Glaze ‘White on White’

What do you think about white nails? Have you rocked it already or just planning to?