Light packing – tips and tricks

Third post of my ‘Travel With Me’ series! Hope you enjoy them, cause I have so much fun planning those posts and I put a real effort writing them and snapping interesting pictures.


Being a constant overpacked it is really a challenge for me to pack only necessary things – the ones I actually going to use and not just bring on holidays and then bring back home without even touching them. So I’ve accumulated several tips and trick for healthy beauty packing.

  1. Depotting and decanning. Don’t pack massive bottles of foundations / primers / moisturizers / face masks. Little pots are you best friends during holidays. Roughly estimate the amount of each you may need and leave those heavy bulky bottles at home (especially glass ones – heavy and impractical)
  2. Mutli-purpose items. Try to find things that can do several jobs – lip and cheek tints, cream eyeshadows for lids and highlighting purposes, oils good for face, hands and body, brushes that allows you to do your whole face makeup – foundation / blush / bronzer
  3. Palettes. if you have palettes with eye colors / blushes / eye pencils / bronzers – this is what you have to take. Don’t pack a full amount of individual bits – you are not going to use them anyway (we all been there, right?). Even if it does an eye palette it’s better then single eyeshadow for different looks, eyeshadows for brows and inner conner highlight, I’m I right? Hope so. Oh simple use some sort of Z-palettes or Unii-palettes.
  4. Skip some steps. For example some fancy hair treatments / masks – can you just live one week with out them? Probably you can with out even noticing it. Give youself a break. No heating tools -> no heat protectants. You see? The luggage is getting smaller and lighter. 
  5. And finally – samples. You know those shopping days when you got a lot of samples and you never end up even looking through them? Well anyway I do that. I have a small box where I store ALL my samples, so when I go on holidays this comes really handy. I have everything I need there – night creams, some serums, shampoos, conditioners, nail polish removing pads, masks…All you will ever need. Just give it a good=deep dig. This is also brings the topic of travel-sized beauty. Pretty much self-explanatory, right?


Some product recommendations: Coconut Oil for hands, feet, face, hair, cuticle. MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study as eyeshadow base, highlighter, eyeshadow, inner corner pop. NARS duo in Laguna / Orgasm – 2 in 1. MAC palette – eyelid colors + brow shade. Empty pots from Essence, KIKO, Body Shop. Real Techniques Multi-task brush – blush / bronzer / powder buddy.


What are your tips on easy and light packing? Help me out even more! If you have any questions – do not hesitate asking them, I’d love some feedback!


Sweebounty Is Going On Vacation

February is going to start for me very pleasantly. I’m going away to Andorra with my friends snowboarding and skiing. I haven’t been abroad during winter for a long time so I’m very very excited. From Monday till Saturday there will be travel related posts  a.k.a ‘Travel With Me’ installment – that’s gonna help me pack and you in future – tips and trick are making an appearance for sure!

First post on the menu is MAKEUP BAG COLLECTION. How more related to traveling can it be? I cannot resist buying them – some of them are more practical than others, some looks nicer, some have cool pattern or signs on them, some are just easy to wash – you know – some many options… :)


KIKO Beauty Twin Set – available here – £8.90. The set comes with two different-sized pouches. Being colorful (available also in black, lime and magenta) they are still transparent enough to be able to recognize the bits inside. I use small for makeup brushes and some beauty tools (eyelash curlers, cotton pads, tweezers) and bigger one for actual makeup. Matching cases look so interesting and sleek and my red option makes it vibrant a.k.a easy-spotted in the suitcase among other staff.

Victoria’s Secret Small Cosmetic Bag – that classic VS pattern – iconic bright and baby pink stripes. Though it looks pretty small it’s actually very roomy. It’s possible to fit quite a lot of products. I also use it on a regular basis – most of my handbags will fit it.

Allure ‘Give Me a Kiss’ Makeup Bag – present with purchase. This came with Allure magazine (cannot remember the issue #) and it is so eye-catching. The kisses are different colors which makes it so adorable. It’s again roomy enough to pack it with beauty bits so travel friendly again.

Victoria’s Secret Travel Hanging Cosmetic Bag – long-distance cosmetics bag. It has 4 zip compartments and one attachable zip pouch. So comfortable to organize makeup, skincare, brushes. Transparent compartments make it easy to look for things, easy to clean in case of spilling drama. Holds a lot of things, don’t worry, anything will fit.


How do you travel: light or overpacking (me!) ? What makeup case is your favorite?



As I promised the ‘Baked Apples’ recipe is going live.

The perfect dessert – easy to make, to serve, to spice up, to eat and the most important thing – you stay healthy since there are no additional sugar, no extra fat, all natural and low in calories. Am I dreaming? Low-calory sweet treat.


You will need:

  • apples (as many as you like)
  • raisins
  • nuts
  • honey
  • dry fruit of your choice

There are tons of variations as far as filling is concerned. You may put only nuts or only raisins, you can even leave then ‘naked’ (as on the picture)


Preheat your oven to 170 degrees. Cut out the cores with a knife or a special cutter – I’ve used knife,  there is not point in being fancy with this recipe – it is that easy as it can be. Place your apples into any the baking tin they’ll fit in. Then be creative – chop some nuts (hazelnuts and almonds taste incredible together) and some dry fruits (raisins and some prunes) and cover the holes in the apples with that mixture. On the top pour about a tablespoon of honey and for spices I love to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg on top and into the oven for 20-30 minutes or until they ‘get wrinkles’.

TIP: If it an adult treat you may add a bit of rum there to spice it up a bit.

You may serve them plain if you filled them already or if you have ‘naked’ ones or you have guests that are fond of ice-cream you can place a little scoop of vanilla ice-cream by the apple side. Those flavors compliment each other so nicely – just so yummy!

Hope you try this recipe and happy friday everyone!


Red Replaced the Nude

Welcome again to my ‘Friday Mess’ posts! I try save some interesting or non-beauty post for this days just to spice things a lil bit here and simple entertain both you and me. Just like a little party before weekends. Why not, right?

And how festive and pre-weekend is a red lip? More than enough, I suppose.


I’m not a huge lipstick wearer as you may noticed – they aren’t popping up frequently on my blog. But with upcoming holidays I just couldn’t resist…I was in such a need for a red lipstick, even if I won’t wear it, just to have it at hand in case of emergency, you know…

I’ve decided not to splurge this time and at first get used to a bold lip look. What if I won’t like it? What it I look ridiculous? What if I never wear it? Those question crowded in my head.


I went up for an affordable option and one that seems to be very loved among bloggers – Rimmel Lipstick by Kate Moss #10. The shade is gorgeous – cool toned based red. I’m not that confident in it just yet, but I’m working on that. We’ll get there, I promise. The pigmentation is incredible – slight dab on the lips and they are red, literally bright red. Application – I would suggest applying it with a brush (I’ve used my Real Techinques Detailer brush) just to have more control and draw precise lines. But you have go ahead right from the bullet – no crime here!

It looks incredible paired with winged eyeliner – very festive. I also find it very sexy and complimentary just pairing it with very minimal makeup look – subtle blush, no eyeshadow, skipped highlighting / contouring – just heavy mascara and red lips. Cosy outfit and you will draw attention, in a good way of course.

TIP #1: moisturize you lips heavily before doing you even you foundation, so that when you come to lips they are silky smooth and the lipstick won’t emphasis any dry patches

TIP #2: after applying the color onto the lips, put your finger in your mouth, purse lips around it, then slowly pull it out to remove excess pigment

Are you a fan of red lipsticks? What is your favorite red option?