So now when the holidays are over and all the presents are unwrapped I’ve noticed that there are still things that I won and planning on sneaking into my expenditures.

Being a complete eyeshadow lover there is one item that not just want in my life but I need. Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. Seems like this one is the one to rule them all. Well, just what doctor ordered. Next time in a store … or SpaceNK sells them cheaper that stores in my country…


Some more eyeliners. Yep, go ahead – never enough. I want an emerald green one. I do have some MAC ones, some MUFE, Urban Decay ones, so I’ve decided to try something new – there is so much more out there in the beauty world, right? Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place pencil in Forest. There are Double Wear range seems to be liked by everyone, hope this one is good as well.

More eyes? Why not, right? MAC Eyeshadow in Cranberry (swatch belongs to Temptalia). I’ve eyeing this shade for a while convincing myself I don’t need it, but I just can’t resist. Every time I see a burgundy tutorial on YouTube it makes me wanna it even more. I think I just have to let it go and let this purchase (dream one) happen.

Some tools. Again as with eyeshadow ,you can never have enough brushes. I still haven’t picked up the Real Techniques Duo Fibre set and I’m upset about it. I-NEED-IT. Can be picked up from FeelUnique – as soon as they are in stock. I’ll notify you :)

A bit of skincare. I’m on a hunt for a new Toner. There is nothing particular I want, so if you have something to recommend me… please do. I have normal-dry skin, nothing serious. Before I was using Clarins one. I like it, but want to try something else.

What do you have in your current wish list?



Well hello guys!

Firstly I wanna state right away – I hate rainy weather. Now where I live it’s constantly raining and you now that heavily, but that tinny tiny crapy one, the one that it so annoying and freezing. oh…even now I feel angry :)

Done with weather issue – moving to more pleasant topic – beauty.


My first love is Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The most hyped up skincare products out there in the beauty community I suppose. It’s a toner / miss packed with essential oils. I use it in the morning as a toner and during the day when I feel the skin tightens. You know that feeling, like someone’s pulling you skin in a different direction. Yes, I know – I’m a weird person with strange feelings. As I said because of the crapy weather my skin feels less hydrated and need a boost – this is the bit to go for!

Makeup wise – Maybelline Diamond Glow quad in Coral Drama. Love from 1st sight. I love all the colors, the texture, the versatility – everything about it. Stay tuned for in-depth review with swatch tomorrow morning. For now you can just trust me – it’s a good one!

Ultimate care staff – jojoba oil. I’ve already spoken about it in my Monday post and yes, I feel like it should do it once again. It’s just an amazing oil, good for hair, face, body, nails. All-rounder. Travel-friendly. Money-saver. Just read the Monday post, I listed all concerns it can cope with.

Tangle Teezer. This is perfect brush – it make the brushing process miracle – knots detangler, scalp massager, hand sizer, color admiration. You can use on both wet and dry hair. I love spreading hair serums / oils / treatments with this, it makes it evenly and no greasy hands. Dah!

Another exciting announcement made my week. Have you heard? Do you know the one I’m talking about? MAC Disney Maleficent Collection (spring 2014). I haven’t seen any of the products yet, nothing, but I knew then and there – the packing should be amazing, I have to have something just for the sake of the packaging. We all are fond of cool packaging / embellishments / signs. Please, tell me I’m not the only one!

Do you have any recommendation for me to try out? What have you been loving lately?