One Shade Does It All

Well, it’s cold here in Russia and it’s an only intro to the post I can think of. You won’t be able to see me without a take-away coffee anymore – I need to keep me warm and cosy every time and every where. But today we are talking eye shadows. Quick twist from weather – this is how my mind works – r-a-n-d-o-m-l-y.

I never skip eyeshadow – this is probably what you already know if you read my blog for some time. I always want more and more eyeshadows and who cares that I will never ever finish them all.


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Top Summer Picks

When Bella and I decided to do a collar post we knew we wanted it to be a summer inspired and what can be more summery than some product recommendations? After done with reading my post go over to Bella’s blog.


As far as makeup goes is pretty obvious, right? Self-taner, bright eyeliner and tinted lip balm. This summer purple is in trend right now which I couldn’t been more pumped about since it’s my favorite color. For that I can rely on my new-ish MAC Designer Purple eyeliner – full review here. Bright, sparkling purple goddess. Nothing else to say. Summer is time for minis  – shorts, skirts and for glowy healthy wash of color I love to use Caudalie Divine Legs – it bronzy shimmery lotion that you apply onto you legs (and arms as I do) and you forget about pale veiny skin for the day. In the evening you just rinse it off and you are pale again – sad.. but tomorrow is the the day, right? *wink-wink*. And to protect your lips but still give a slight tint – love my little pot – Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine. It nourishes the lips, gives them the wet finish with pink hue (in a good way of course).


The more interesting part – nails. Here things are getting more interesting and experimenting. Liquid sand, neon and trend color. As for liquid sand I go for OPI – Can’t Let Go shade was part of the Mariah Carey collection. It dries very quickly, lasts on the nails pretty long and sparkles on the sunshine. As for neon I love Orly Glowstick shade – it’s very acid yellow, the brightest you can imagine. I’d recommend using a white polish base to make it more opaque and easier to apply (neons can be tricky). For trend color I’ve chose blue shade. Bright cobalt aqua blue – Essie in Strut Your Staff nail polish. It’s part of the new summer collection and I could not not pick it up.

I loved doing this collar – if some of you have any other ideas for my posts or you want to do a collar with me, I’d be happy to participate!


We’ll Always Have MAC

Whenever I pop into Mac I experience some nostalgic feelings… First expensive makeup. Nowadays, yes, we have tons of brands that keep bringing something new and extraordinary bits onto the market. And MAC keeps doing what they are used to. Summer Collections, some collaborations… the Simpsons’ one is the most exciting to hit the shelves in Autumn…

After watching Tanya Burr’s tutorial where she used this exact eyeliner I rushed to MAC the next day to purchase cause it looked damn incredible.



Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Designer Purple – available here for £15.00 – it’s an iridescent violent color. Bright. Shimmery. Glittery in a good way (with tiny pink silver-ish particles). It is just perfect for summer, for that pop of color. I’ve been wearing it on my waterline and smudged over lower lash line pairing it with bronzy lids and subtle face makeup – a bit of contour, nude blush (something like Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour in Exposed) and nude lips as well. 


This look in very versatile – nothing too crazy for day time, but with the right intensity can be brought up to evening goddess.

Do you have any favorite MAC eye pencils I need to try?


Silver Sun by MAC

When I first saw risers for MAC’s Summer 2014 Collection – Alluring Aquatic I was blown away. Just how gorgeous is the packaging… It’s worth picking something up just for the sake of those compacts. I knew I don’t need anything in particular, but being an eyeshadow lover I knew where to start. 

At first I wanted to buy the shade Lorelei, but swatching them with All That Glitters side to side in the store I’ve noticed they are quite similar, so I went for something more interesting and unique – a.k.a Silver Sun – available here (hopefully) – £16.50.


All eyeshadows in the collection are extra-dimension ones, so they are softer and very buttery. The color in incredible – it’s mossy green, it’s grey, it’s teal, it’s turquoise – a bit of everything. I did played around with it already and it looks equally beautiful as full on smokey eye – with MAC ‘Club’ – and with simple one-coat-mascara-&-sculpted-face makeup. 


Here I’ve swatted it with a primer and with no primer – the former has slightly more pay-off, but nothing too dramatic. 


Would I recommend this shade? Definitely – if you can still get your hands on that – I highly suggest doing that. I know it’s been out for a while, but maybe you are lucky enough to grab it. 

Have you picked anything from Alluring Aquatic collection? Tell me in the comments below!




Well, I guess it’s time for another week heroes, I’m changing the formal slightly here, but nothing majorly, just expanding the variety – not just beauty products… something more spicy… think Viviannadoesmakeup Saturday post… adore those by the way!


  1. I’ve rediscovered for the quad I own my all time favorite MAC eyeshadow, which is Patina. It’s browny-goldy shade, sheer but buildable at the dame time – so appropriate for daytime and can be smoked out for evening. And… especially good grunging up the look – Olsen sisters kind of look with heavy smoked lower lash line.
  2. Claire and Estee made me do this – two-shade manicure. I didn’t ave doubts with color like Claire did, I just wanted to pull off this kind of look – so I went with lilac-periwinkle theme. I LOVE IT. Since the colors are so different it doesn’t shows off massively but you still can see the difference.
  3. A must-watch video? Sure. Tamira’s video about contouring and highlighting. Loved your product selection, her honest opinion on whole KimK sculpting and etc. Easy yet interesting watch! Go see it see here!
  4. Let’s don’t forget about skincare, shall we? I’ve been obsessed with REN’s Omega 3 Optimum Skin Serum Oil. I’ve picked it up recently (see my Feelunique Haul) and I’m already loving it. It’s very liquidy oil packed my beneficial ingredients – omega 3, rose hip oil, camellia oil, bisabolol and vitamin E. Sometimes I mis it with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair or use it on its own. The next day my skin looks fresher and well-rested. Love it. 
  5. Reading. I got back on that track. I ordered myself to read at least a chapter before bed. Don’t force yourself too much, just a little bit, but you will notice that the more you read the more you want to read. Currently I’m reading Saphirblau (Edelstein Trilogie, #2) by Kerstin Gier and if you want too see more of my book head here

What have you been loving lately? Did something from this post catch your attention?


The Highlighter Story

Several year ago my makeup routine only consisted of applying a foundation with my hands – I didn’t even own a brush – and applying some mascara. But now … whole other stories. New products and techniques keep popping up, my interest and excitement keep growing. 

One of those techniques is highlighting. Highlighting became a must for me. Why? 1. I have dry skin, so any way to make my face look fresher, healthier and more dewy gets a thumbs up. 2. I have a chubby face – highlighting can make a face appear slimmer, yes, I’m for it.


So I’m a junkie for highlighters – the products you barely need, but ones I have enough to serve a lifetime. The product that started my love affair is very very famous MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft&Gentle – available here. I did review it separately here so have a look – it’s a goooood one.

The highlighters collection isn’t complete without a cream product – MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study – available here. This is lighter the MSF, it’s more white based, more metallic-ish, if I can say so. I love to travel with it, cause i can be also used as an eyeshadow primer or an eyeshadow. Very multipurpose and bag friendly. 

Another non-powdery highlighter is KIKO Skin Glow light effect day cream – available here. Best used under your foundation taped on the high points of your face, look incredibly natural, very subtle, but at the same time makes your face so awake and glowy without adding another layer of product.

Another KIKO product is KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 07 – champaigny goldy shimmery shade – available here. The only highlighting I use it for is inner corners. It place just the right amount of product, it blends easily and stays put through goof amount of time. Of course it can be used as a cheekbone highlight – thin stripe and blend blend blend. No fuss. 

The star on the post is theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer – available at feelunique. The gorgeous gorgeous product – so finely milled, has insane color pay off – definitely pigmented, so be careful with that and use light-handed. It does look natural and gives an eye-catching reflection on your face. It’s buttery, not chalky at all.


If I’m running late always I never skip highlighter, cause for me it does that difference that allow me look and feel (!) more alive and happy.

As for the brushes I like to use – both Real Techniques and both contour brushes: one is ‘normal’ and the other is duo-fiber. They blend the product seamlessly and you won’t look like a disco ball for sure.

Where to apply highlighter? Cheekbones, inner corners, cupid’s bow, forehead, under the brow bone (just make sure it’s not too glittery)…

Are you a fan of healthy sheen? What are your favorite highlighters then?





Hello June

Those are my favorite posts to write. Honestly. I dig through my stash with such an excitement – trying to pick the perfect products.

And I cannot believe is already June. Damn, the time flies so fast.

This month is slightly different – instead of just selecting certain products, I’ve decided to go with certain color theme. Who doesn’t love a good pinky-coral orange type of shade, right?


Complexion: I do love a good blush and I rarely skip it in my everyday routine, so this month my picks are the following – MAC MineralizedSkinFinish in Stereo Rose – the recent repromoted product. When I first saw that MAC was bringing it back for a season I made a promise to finally pick it up. I’m glad I did. I love it – highlighting blush is the best. It saves time, it gives glow and it brightens the face. Another option is my all time favorite Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in the shade Tipsy. It’s long lasting – definitely the quality you’re looking for in the summer. And it gives such a healthy glow like you are literally blushing. LOVE IT.

Eyes: I have a lot to talk about here. Let’s start from the budget bits? Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold. The perfect shade of pink for eyes. It doesn’t make you look ill, but still gives a nice wash of color over the lids. Also love apply a bit of it as a blush – look incredibly flattering. MAC Eyeshadow in All That Glitters – everybody’s love – is there anything else to say? Perfect pinky champaigny shade. Another option is INGLOT‘s eyeshadow in 361M – it’s way more orange than the MAC one, but too brightly, I’d say it lies more in the pastel-ish family.

Nails: Zoya nail polish in Charisma – the brightest magenta I’ve ever seen – may be doesn’t apply perfectly to the pinky-coral category, but I just cannot NOT mention it. So bright, so beautiful and so unique. Essie in Cute As a Button – the perfect shade for summer – make your look tanner and looks more sophisticated then usual pink or orange. And last but not least are my oranges – the red orange one and the peach pastel – Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra in Hip Hop (let’s just have some time to appreciate the name, shall we?) and KIKO in 359 (this one looks incredibly on the toes as well and even better with some tan).

Lips: Let’s be honest here – I’m not a lip product girl, like AT ALL. I barely use my few lipsticks, I don’t have a lip liner, not even one, so the only products I use on my lips are either lip balms or lip glosses. But I do have a favorite ones. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 – probably the most talked about lip product in the blogging community and there is a reason reasons for that. Non-stickey, hydrating, squeeze tube, foam applicator, not shimmery. I can go on and on. The next ones are Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip glosses – the recent launch of everyone’s favorite YouTuber Tanya. I went for non-shimmery ones and more neutral ones – Afternoon Tea and Chic. I have to say, I’m really tempted to try the bright red one and bright fuchsia one.

What are you pinky orange picks for the June?


TravelWithMe: Makeup&Skincare

Last post (unfortunately) in my TravelWithMe series – what I actually gonna take with. You think: yes, yes, it’s easy to speak about light packing, but when it comes to real business – this is where you get stuck! I also struggle with that, you are not alone, don’t panic.

Wanna see what I take to keep me company makeup and skincare wise? Let’s see.


I’ve deppotted a bit of MAC Face and Body foundation to KIKO container, for under eye circles – Maybelline Lumi Touch Highlightning Pen in Light and for some blemishes space-saving Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

For complexion job I packed Clarins Instant Light Complexion Corrector in 03 Rose (it’s quite small and sleek tube), my Nars Duo with Laguna and Orgasm (bronzer and blush – check) and for actual highlighter my new obsession – theBalm Lou-manizer (the review is coming soon!).

For eyes I’m taking my Urban Decay mini Primer Portion to prevent creasing and for actual fun part a.k.a colors I’m taking my MAC palette (Coquette for brows, Club, All that Glitters and …) and some eye crayons – KIKO in 04 and 05. Hope that’s enough! And mascara of course – Maybelline the Rocket, of course.

For lips I’m taking only my NUXE Reve de Miel lip balm and Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 Apricot Shimmer. I think I’m picking some more in DutyFree.  I just love them. 


For makeup removing I’m taking my mini bottle of Bioderma. Good staff. For actual cleansing I’m taking my newest addition – Elemental Herbology Purify & Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm. Should I do a separate review on that? For toning I’m taking my Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile (just need to find a smaller bottle for that) for serum – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and for moisturizer – Jojoba oil, which is also my body lotion, hand cream and cuticle treatment… oh and a hair treatment.


Tangle Teezer Original, some random tweezers (neon yellow – yay!), Real Techinques Buffing Brush and Multi-Task one, MAC 217, 239 and 219 and Clare’s pinky angled for eyebrows.

And I’m done!

Hope those series were very helpful and did help you about a bit. If so, I’m very happy – I’m doing something important :)

By the time the nest post do up I’ll be on holidays! xoxo


Running-late Makeup

We all have those days when we either running late or we had to get up early and didn’t want to spend 30mins to get ready. This is when my staple products came very very handy. Only 5 products. Like a 5 product face challenge. Well… I’ve passed that one.


FACE: when it comes to those days I want a foundation that will cover all imperfections, even the skin tone and cover the dark circles enough not to use concealer. Soluction? MAC Face&Body in C2. I love this one and this is my 1st serious foundation I’ve bought. Apply it my hands (another benefit for those days, right?), dab extra amount where necessary. Full rambling about it here (and other my face bases). Contouring / highlighting / blushing? Clarins Face and Blush palette. All in one – bronzer / blusher / bag friendly compact. I’m so glad I’ve picked this one, sorry guys, limited edition one. But Clarins comes out every season with something similar like this, no worries.

EYES: I think that brows are crucial part of makeup – they form the face, make you look more put together and seems like you spent more time and effort on getting ready that you actually did. Wins everywhere. My easy tool is Bobby Brown Brow Natural Brow Shaper. Tinted gel locks brows in place for the whole day. Easy-peasy. Eyeshadow? Another easy-peasy bit – Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. One sweep all over the lid and your are done. You can layer it for more intense look and sheer out just to sparkling veil. Mascara choice is obvious – Maybelline the Rocket one. This is one of my favorite ones – long / curled / voluminous lashes. One coat you are good to go.

This is literally takes 5 minutes to pile on and you are left with pretty face that looks sophisticated, finished and sparkly. Just what we are going for. And no tools required, how cool is that?

What are your savers during mornings in a rush?




Shopping therapy

What can be more uplifting than a new beauty bits to play with? I love new things. Unpacking / swatting / taking pictures / trying different combinations… you know the jazz, right?

So recently I’ve been naughty and went shopping and bought quite a few things – eyeshadow, some skincare staff and nails (I just couldn’t pass that category, could I?)



Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer – I’ve hearing that most people adore that one, and even compare it to Smashbox ones which quite a deal… So when I’ve spotted that last (!) one in the store I thought it was faith. I just have to take it back home with me. Haven’t tried that one in action yet, but in the store I did test it out and liked the texture and feeling after applying it. We shall wait until a night out to test a primer, right?

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Hand Cream – I was on a hunt for a new hand cream and Body Shop had a huge sale on all their bits and I couldn’t say NO. It hydrates the skin, absorb fast and easily, doesn’t leave greasy feeling – nothing, smells divine and… handbag friendly size. Some blind but lucky purchase.

Nails. For sure. Misa nail polish in Throw Me Something Purple Please – gorgeous shade. Pure periwinkle. Not too purple not too blue, just perfect shade. Looks very flattering and adds some sophisticated touch to the hands, it looks sleek and expensive, if you know what I mean…

100% Coconut Oil – this is becoming very-loved product among beauty bloggers. How and where to use is coming live soon, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s pretty affordable and can be used so differently. And since it is in a form of hard oil (it melts of your hands heat) it is travel friendly – no spills, no liquid in a bag and nice pot to carry around.

MAC eyeshadow in Cranberry – classic MAC’s shade. The one I always swatted but was hesitating to buy – common on, it’s pinky burgundy shade that you suppose to use on your eyelids. How cute is that? You know it is actually very beautiful. I didn’t have a lot of time playing with it, but I already love that shade. Great in the middle of eyelid over the browns for pop of color or all over the lid with heavy bronze-ish matte (!) crease blending. Planning to do a blog post on ‘How to use MAC’s Cranberry’. Would you be interested?

Have you bought something interesting lately? Share with me, let me be sneaky.